Weight Loss Buddy Introduces The 3-Day Fast Start Diet for Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting Made Easy

Intermittent Fasting-Without Starving

Calorie Restriction with Specific Nutrient Rations

Intermittent Fasting has been scientifically proven to aid in weight loss, boost metabolism, and enhance hormone function.

"You can't help someone up a hill without
getting closer to the top yourself "”

— Joey Dweck

TENAFLY, NEW JERSEY, US, December 31, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Weight Loss Buddy has made headlines with the launch of a new 3-day fasting diet that is said to be the best yet. Unlike other fasting diets that are hard to follow, Weight Loss Buddy has put together a 3-day fasting diet meal kit that includes every single thing needed to get through the 3 days. The 3-day fasting meal kit includes an appetite suppressant to reduce hunger cravings, and pre-calculated, pre-proportioned meals to get through all three days. The Weight Loss Buddy meal kit makes it much easier to complete a 3-day intermittent fasting diet because they have taken care of the hard work. The meal kits come with three days of delicious and wholesome foods that aide in the alleviation of bloating and sugar-cravings.

The 3-day fast start meal kits are part of a pre-measured, pre-calculated 3 day eating plan. Joey Dweck the CEO of Weight Loss Buddy was quoted as saying, “We have gone to great lengths to choose, out of hundreds of foods, nutrient ratios, that were found to be the most beneficial in recent longevity studies in tricking the body into thinking it's fasting. This is the most valuable box of meals you are ever going to get. An individual would have to spend $100’s of dollars to buy these items in bulk, not to mention assembling them. You buy only what you need. Start building a new body now!” He went on to say, “Anyone can benefit from this Spring-Cleaning of sorts. It doesn’t matter how good your diet is, or how much exercise you do, the body ages and the cells accumulate damage.”

LiPO3 Appetite Suppressant Spray is included with the meal kits at no extra cost. LiPO3 is a unique formula that contains clinically proven appetite suppressants with a powerful liposome delivery system. It is made entirely in the USA. Intermittent Fasting has been scientifically proven to aid in weight loss, boost metabolism, and enhance hormone function. Some researchers believe that the rise in health problems has a lot to do with the fact that many people no longer go hungry. 3-day fasting diets are becoming hugely popular and remain to be a very healthy way to detox the body.

To learn more about the Weight Loss Buddy or their new 3-day fast start meal kits, visit their official website at https://www.faststartdiet.com/

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The 3 Day Fast Start Diet – Intermittent Fasting Made Easy

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Business Consultant Cyrus Batchan starts blog for the restaurant industry and those who want to get involved

Cyrus Batchan in California, Business Consultant Sherman Oaks

Cyrus Batchan in California, Business Consultant Sherman Oaks

(Photo by Eater Los Angeles, Wonho Frank Lee)

(Photo by Eater Los Angeles, Wonho Frank Lee)

Blog of Cyrus Batchan, Sherman Oaks, California

Blog of Cyrus Batchan, Sherman Oaks, California

Website of Business Consultant Cyrus Batchan, California

Website of Business Consultant Cyrus Batchan, California

Cyrus Batchan at Lock&Key in California (Hollywood Reporter picture)

Cyrus Batchan at Lock&Key in California (Hollywood Reporter picture)

Cyrus Batchan has years of hands-on experience in the hotel and restaurant industry in the Los Angeles area, and now shares his experience on his new blog

Office of Cyrus Leon Batchan, Business Consulting (N/A:N/A)

There is no study program that teaches young entrepreneurs how to get involved, how to plan a restaurant or bar, what hurdles one encounters, and how one makes it successful.”

— Cyrus Leon Batchan, Business Consultant in Sherman Oaks

SHERMAN OAKS, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 31, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Business Consultant Cyrus Batchan, based on Sherman Oaks, California, is currently in the spotlight because of his involvement in one of the most anticipated Los Angeles restaurant openings, Nightshade, which is scheduled to open its doors in January. At the same time, he is setting up a blog and commentary for the restaurant industry and those who want to get involved, especially young entrepreneurs. The blog is available at https://cyrusbatchan.blogspot.com/

In the most recent restaurant endeavor, 2014 Eater Young Gun and Top Chef season 12 winner Mei Lin partnered with Cyrus Batchan and Francis Miranda of N°8 (Lock & Key in Koreatown) to build out a modern, wood-lined dining room with hanging lamps, lush greenery, and matching banquettes. The expansive space, which goes into the former Cerveteca, will feature a pan-Asian menu infused with modern touches and California sensibilities, with Lin herself calling the experience “fine food in a casual setting.” Nightshade has dining touches and plating with flavor influences from Italy, Japan, and China.

But back to the information that Cyrus Batchan is sharing on his Blog. “There is no study program that teaches young entrepreneurs how to get involved, how to plan a restaurant or bar, what hurdles one encounters, and how one makes it successful. In fact, such courses should be offered at every College. I hope that my Blog will provide some inspiration and ideas to those young entrepreneurs who have considered this industry. Hopefully some more experienced entrepreneurs will find it useful too,” says Batchan.

There are many aspects to consider when starting a restaurant or bar. First of all, “location, location, location” is critical but one must also define the target audience and demographics to review whether the clientele is sufficiently large at the intended location. Also, regulatory permits and legal requirements can easily drive a new entrepreneur crazy. Explains Cyrus Batchan: “Little did I know that obtaining permits and meeting regulatory and zoning requirements is like jumping through hoops. You can do this work without an attorney, but be prepared for a rollercoaster ride. If you hire a lawyer, it will make some that work easier.”

About Cyrus Leon Batchan

Cyrus Leon Batchan is a business consultant in Sherman Oaks, California, focusing on restaurant and bar businesses. He has significant “hands on” experience with businesses. Mr. Batchan received a Juris Doctor Degree from the University of San Diego, California.

Mr. Batchan grew up in a restaurant family and worked every job from dishwasher, cook, delivery driver to bartender. Initially, he managed an investment fund developing real estates all throughout the greater Los Angeles Area. In 2013, he opened Lock & Key, an upscale lounge, in Los Angeles. Nightshade is his most recent endeavor.


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Lock & Key Los Angeles, DJ Phatbeatz

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Bill Rini shares catered party planning tips and advice

Bill Rini

A Taste of Excellence Catering boss Bill Rini shares tips and advice for successful party planning.

STRONGSVILLE, OHIO, USA, December 28, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Luxury catering company boss Bill Rini, owner of A Taste of Excellence Catering, has, along with his highly skilled team of staff, attended to some of the Cleveland area's biggest, best, and most prestigious events. From seating arrangements to bar features and food presentation methods, here Rini reveals a series of tips and general advice to assist in successfully arranging a beautifully catered celebration, party, or special event.

"First, consider the details," says Bill Rini, "determining your budget, creating a guest list, picking a location, and setting the date and time of the event."

Next, he says, look at seating arrangements. "A seated meal works well at formal events such as weddings, galas, or where a presentation will take place," Bill Rini explains.

"A standing reception, meanwhile," he continues, "works well for events with limited space, or where you wish to encourage mingling and networking. Alternatively, partial seating is ideal when a guest list includes mixed age groups, for example."

The next decision, according to Rini, should center around bar features. "If you have a budget-conscious event, a dry bar eliminating alcohol completely will help with the expenses," he explains. "Alternatively, offering beer and wine as the only alcoholic options is cost-effective and keeps the bar line moving forward so that guests have more time to enjoy your event," the A Taste of Excellence Catering boss continues.

A special day, however, often deserves the very best, says Rini. "Events with large crowds or gatherings for an exceptional occasion may call for a full bar with complete options for mixed drinks, such as specialty cocktails like appletinis or mojitos," he explains.

Moving on to food presentation methods, Rini recommends either passed or stationary hors-d'oeuvres, a buffet, a seated meal, or French service. "Passed hors-d'oeuvres work well for any event while stationary hors-d'oeuvres are great for open houses, auctions, or receptions where guests arrive intermittently or move around within the event area," he explains.

"A buffet, meanwhile," he continues, "is a popular service choice and should be familiar to everyone, while a seated meal offers two options; either plated or French service."

At a plated meal, A Taste of Excellence Catering's tuxedoed waiters serve plated courses to individual diners, while with French service, the catering company's waiters will serve an entire table from one beautifully presented silver platter, according to Ohio native and company owner Bill Rini.

"Whether for a gathering of friends or a more formal affair, A Taste of Excellence Catering will make your occasion spectacular, with our team of experienced professionals ready to work with you on a truly memorable event," says Rini. "No matter the detail, we'll be with you throughout every step of the planning process to make sure everything goes off without a hitch," he adds, wrapping up.

To find out more about A Taste of Excellence Catering and planning a party, please visit http://www.taste-food.com/plan-your-party/.

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Advertising Company Refuses to run Vegan Ads on Dublin Bus and Irish Rail

Dairy Takes Babies ad on Exterion Media UK bus

Go Vegan World accuses Exterion Media Ireland of preferential concern for the Irish dairy industry over the right of the public to the facts about animal use.

Exterion Media has a preferential concern for the Irish dairy industry over the rights of the public to the information in the Go Vegan World ads.”

— Sandra Higgins, Founder & Director, Go Vegan World

DUBLIN, IRELAND, December 28, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — For the third year running, Exterion Ireland, the only company that carries ads on bus and trains in Ireland, is refusing to run Go Vegan World ads providing the public with information about the dairy industry.

Go Vegan World launched its animal rights and vegan education advertising in Ireland three years ago. It now runs ads across the UK as well as internationally. It is currently running a massive campaign consisting of more than 2000 ads for Christmas and New Year in Ireland and the UK. The ads feature sheep, pigs, turkeys and cows with messages such as: “Veganism = Recognising Me as Someone, Not Something”; “Defenceless & Innocent Yet We Kill Them”; “It’s Not A Personal Choice When Someone is Killed”, and “Dairy Takes Babies from their Mothers”. The group states that the aim of the ads is to remind people that the animals we eat, wear and use in other ways are capable of physical and psychological feelings and, as a result, we do not have the right to use or kill them. The ads refer people to the free vegan guide available through their website.

The ads feature on buses, street signs, billboards and in print outlets owned by several advertising companies.

However, some ads were rejected by Exterion Media, the company contracted by Dublin Bus and Irish Rail to sell advertising space on buses and in train stations. The ad in question featured a mother cow and her calf and the statement “Dairy takes babies from their mothers.” The same ads are published by other Irish advertising companies and by Exterion Media in the UK.

Exterion has failed to-provide specific reasons to Go Vegan World for refusing to run the ad, citing only very broad grounds, “Might adversely affect the interest of the site owner” and “Might result in Exterion Media being in breach of any of its contractual obligations to a site owner,” but refusing to provide any specifics.

Go Vegan World founder and director, Sandra Higgins, notes that the Irish dairy industry runs large ad campaigns through Exterion Media in Ireland. She says that “the refusal to carry Go Vegan World ads referring to dairy points to a very unhealthy situation wherein the only company carrying ads for Irish Bus and Rail appear to have a preferential concern for the Irish dairy industry over the right of the public to the facts contained in our ads.”

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Calistoga Restaurant Week runs January 20-27

Program Part of Statewide California Restaurant Month Promoting California’s Culinary Experiences

CALISTOGA, CA, UNITED STATES, December 27, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — At the top of the Napa Valley, 11 businesses will celebrate Calistoga Restaurant Week January 20-27, announced Troy Campbell, executive director of the Calistoga Chamber of Commerce.

“Calistoga Restaurant Week is an incredible opportunity to take advantage of some of the most authentic culinary experiences in our destination, not available at any other time of the year,” Campbell noted. “January is also a great time to get hotel deals and experience the diversity of what our destination offers, from hiking the Oat Hill Mine Trail, to spending the afternoon enjoying a wine country picnic at Old Faithful Geyser of California, to a soak in a hot springs mineral pool.”

Here’s how it works. Stop in to any of the participating restaurants during January 20-27 and request the Restaurant Week menu. Prix fixe menus include two-course lunches priced at $20, and three-course dinners priced at $36 and $46, dependent upon the restaurants visited. For more information and a list of participating restaurants, visit www.CalistogaRestaurantWeek.com.

“California’s ever-evolving food culture and innovative culinary offerings makes it the perfect destination during our ninth annual Calistoga Restaurant Month,” said Visit California President and CEO Caroline Beteta. “Communities across the state will showcase their dining highlights, serving up the best dishes and celebrations from Mendocino to San Diego.”

Now in its ninth year, California Restaurant Month drives business for local restaurants and entices out-of-state travelers to visit California. For more information about California Restaurant Month, visit www.DineinCa.com.

About Visit Calistoga:The city of Calistoga is a Napa Valley town known for its relaxed atmosphere among natural geothermal waters and mud treatments at spa resorts, adventures in hiking and biking trails, wide variety of world-class wineries and great dining. For information about lodging and dining options, local wineries, spas and events in Calistoga, go online to VisitCalistoga.com. You can also find Visit Calistoga on Facebook at www.facebook.com/VisitCalistoga, Twitter and Instagasm @VisitCalistoga.

About Visit California: Visit California is a nonprofit organization with a mission to develop and maintain marketing programs – in partnership with the state’s travel industry – that keep California top-of-mind as a premier travel destination. For more information about Visit California and for a free California Official State Visitor's Guide, go to www.visitcalifornia.com. For story ideas, media information, downloadable images, video and more, go to media.visitcalifornia.com.

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Tampa Bay Real Estate Podcast Reaches 100th Episode

The Ramos Companies announced today that its Real Estate Podcast, Move With Me, has reached the 100th episode milestone.

The Tampa Bay real estate industry continues to attract attention from across the country and Move With Me provides much wanted insight from community leaders.”

— James Ramos, CEO of Ramos Companies

TAMPA, FL, UNITED STATES, December 26, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Ramos Companies announced today that its Real Estate Podcast, Move With Me, has reached the 100th episode milestone. Move With Me is a weekly podcast that features real estate professionals, community leaders, and individuals that are working to transform the Tampa Bay real estate industry. The podcast is hosted by James Ramos who is CEO of the Ramos Companies. In addition to being distributed online, the podcast is also broadcast each week across Central Florida on WWBA AM 820 radio. The 100th episode will be released on ramoscompanies.com, iTunes, Google Play, and Soundcloud on Friday, December 28th.

The 100th episode of Move With Me will feature Peter Mulry, CEO of the Peter J. Mulry Foundation. Peter is the former head baseball coach of Tampa Catholic High School and the University of Tampa. During his career he took his teams to 6 final four tournaments, 4 State Championships, and won a National Championship. He accumulated a high school record of 329-39 and was named Coach of the Year in 1968, 1971, 1973, 1976. After retiring from coaching baseball, Coach Mulry organized the Peter J. Mulry Foundation, Inc. to provide life skills training to deserving young people in the Tampa Bay are

This specific episode will be very special for host James Ramos. Not only will it be James’ 100th episode of Move With Me, but it will also provide him the opportunity to interview a former high school baseball coach. James had a successful high school baseball career and went on to play catcher for the University of Florida. He credits baseball and the life lessons he learned from playing competitive sports as being the foundation of his work ethic.

“I am very excited to be hosting the 100th episode of Move With Me,” said James Ramos, CEO of Ramos Companies, “The Tampa Bay real estate industry continues to attract attention from across the country and Move With Me provides much wanted insight from community leaders.”

About Ramos Companies
Ramos Companies is a Real Estate collaborative whose members are recognized as the best real estate agents, designers, contractors and home-service professionals in Tampa Bay. Our associates share one common goal – to simplify every stage of the real estate ownership process. Ramos Companies includes multiple real estate brands including Re/Max Bay to Bay, Ramos Development, Ramos Design Build and the Dakota Design Build Cooperative. The Ramos Companies were founded by General Contractor James Ramos, a former catcher for the University of Florida baseball team and Emory University MBA.

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Here is a Mini Statement of Top Blockchain Development Companies Ranking 2018

IT Firms - A Leading Research Provider

Business Growth

ITFirms brings the pros right to you with its latest listing of top blockchain development companies.

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, December 26, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Blockchain expertise has been captured as topmost skill in US market in 2018 and is an upcoming trend in the job market. It is increasingly been explored by healthcare, finance, insurance, and banking organizations. If companies have to explore and achieve goals with blockchain, they will have to hire the right blockchain development companies.

There are companies that have been hard at work, constantly improving the journey for their clients (users), one of the keys to this is the recent listing by ITFirms on its site. ITFirms have made it easier than ever for the users to get in touch with the companies that have done some remarkable efforts in Blockchain Development, after the initial ccordination and ensure that users thoroughly enjoy the process of their mutual communication.

ITFirms have been attracting best talent, managing and monitoring their performance on a set of some stringent factors (timely submission within budget, adeptness with latest technologies in demand, modifications as required by client etc. to name a few), creating leadership teams, making decisions, reducing overhead costs in long run and reorganizing to capture value quickly, making culture a competitive advantage, leading transformational change and transitioning to new leadership roles. Here goes the list of best blockchain developers 2018:

1. Intellectsoft
2. LeewayHertz
3. VironIT
4. Eleks
5. Sphinx Solutions
6. Consagous Technologies
7. Dot Com Infoway
8. iQlance
9. Prismetric
10. Sodio Technologies

About ITFirms

ITFirms is a globally acclaimed research and review organization that is trusted by most of the IT organizations globally and is committed to appraise and celebrate the imposing presence of the top service seekers and service providers. ITFirms has always tried to increase workplace productivity and enhance communication amongst companies. They have always tried to capture the best talent, save money, time and efforts and offer the most accurate relative positioning to track the status of the business and enable users to utilize it to the maximum.

ITFirms.co has as well searched highs and lows – left no rhinestone unturned, have settled with the perfect fit for service seekers and service providers. It believes that it is their honor, privilege, and passion to be able to provide the best listing that helps users in taking right decisions.

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Bill Rini shares details of catering company's preference for local produce

Bill Rini

Bill Rini

A long-time, keen proponent of locally sourced food and drink, luxury catering boss Bill Rini shares details of some of his favorite products and producers.

STRONGSVILLE, OHIO, USA, December 24, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — As boss of Cleveland-based A Taste of Excellence Catering, Bill Rini is well versed in the exacting needs of the luxury catering company's many clients. In order to ensure consistent quality and unrivaled freshness, Ohio native Rini is a keen proponent of sourcing local produce wherever possible.

"It's about delivering a fresher, tastier product," he explains, "while simultaneously curbing all unnecessary environmental impact and supporting the local economy."

Rini continues, "Local foods create community, and knowing where your food comes from connects you to the people who raised, grew or produced it. That's why, at A Taste of Excellence Catering, we buy Ohio Proud beef and serve Ohio City Pasta, Lucky Penny Farm products, and Mitchell's Homemade Ice Cream, all of which is local."

A favored supplier of A Taste of Excellence Catering, Lucky Penny Farm raises three breeds of dairy goat, makes artisan cheeses, and produces a delicious caramel sauce, according to Bill Rini.

Ohio City Pasta, meanwhile, he says, has produced fresh pasta, hand-crafted in Cleveland in small batches since 1990. "Their pasta is celebrated throughout the Midwest by top chefs and food-lovers alike," adds Rini of the company and its products.

Touching briefly on Mitchell's Homemade Ice Cream, the catering company boss goes on to explain that each of the brand's batches of ice cream is made by hand, predominantly using ingredients that grow well in the Ohio climate, and which are generally sourced from other local suppliers. "They take true pleasure and pride," Rini adds, "in contributing to the local area and economy, also taking special care to charge prices which are affordable to families here in the state."

Many more of A Taste of Excellence Catering's cuisine options are also thoughtfully and seasonally tailored to the local area and the broader state of Ohio, according to Rini. "We're here to deliver quality, often by dealing with local vendors and producers, and our clients certainly seem to appreciate that," he adds, wrapping up, "especially when doing so typically allows us to save them money in the process."

To learn more about Bill Rini, A Taste of Excellence Catering, and the company's ongoing commitments toward the environment and local economy, please visit http://www.taste-food.com/.

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A public sculpture of the Russian folk character Baba Yaga will appear in the heart of London

Baba Yaga

On Christmas day the sculpture, devoted to the Russian fairytale character Baba Yaga, will be installed on Beauchamp Place, London.

LONDON, UK, December 24, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — On Christmas day the sculpture, devoted to the Russian fairytale heroine Baba Yaga, will be installed on Beauchamp Place. Sitting on a bench, speckled with glowing runes and traditional Russian designs, Baba Yaga will represent a unique diplomat – aside from time and politics. Her task will be to create an intercultural dialogue between two great nations, which are linked by ancient ties.

The opening will take place on December 25th at 2 p.m. on 14-15 Beauchamp Place in London. “This art project is a development of the BY (Baba Yaga) project having various objectives one of which being the story about the best qualities of the Russian people reflected in ancient fairytales. Baba Yaga – one of the most important Slavic mythological characters. She possesses wisdom, magical powers and extreme sensitivity to such a concept as justice. Furthermore, she is a mentor because she passes on her knowledge to the younger generation”, says Irina Lagoshina, the sculptor who has created several works of Baba Yaga for the BY Project.

Initially BY project was implemented so that the Russian people, aside from everything, remembered and respected their history. The popularity of the fairytale heroine prompted the authors to create the character of Baba Yaga as a “peacemaker” and an “enlightener” in various parts of the world. Art is being used as a unique language, one that can be freely and openly spoken on a variety of topics. History, humor, modern technologies and means of communication are closely intertwined in the art project.

Project BY is interesting and understandable to the younger generation. Baba Yaga is an active modern blogger (having 130 thousand followers on Instagram) and her performances with “granddaughters” twins Katia and Volga differ in enthusiasm and unite Russian traditions with mass modern culture. Clips of the “animated” Baba Yaga on a mortar in different countries have already earned several million views. The show that accompanies every new sculpture opening in different countries always gathers many spectators.

Currently the sculptures that are dedicated to Baba Yaga are installed in the USA (Miami), UAE (Dubai). The sculptures were left to remain after participation in international exhibitions of contemporary art, Miami Art Week 2017 and world Art Dubai 2018. Baba Yaga sculptures are also displayed in Russian cities: Ekaterinburg, Chelyabinsk and Ufa.

The first international project with the participation of Baba Yaga took place in December 2017 during Miami Art Week (USA). She appeared in the form of a Russian Super Heroine with unsurpassed magical powers and wisdom. One of the main project goals was to form a cultural dialogue: everyone interested could leave a signature or comment on the sculpture itself. It made the art project a unique multi-national work of art. Today the sculpture garnishes the seafront of the North Beach in Miami.

In April 2018, during the exhibition World Art Dubai a project was presented entitled “Cultural Code” dedicated to the mysteries of the Russian history and mythology. The sculpture of Baba Yaga is now installed on the La Mare promenade in a prestigious area of Dubai. It has already become a local landmark. Visitors can attempt to decipher the secret “messages of Baba Yaga” by scanning QR-codes on the surface of the art object.

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Crisp and Visible Announcement: Konstant Ranked Among Top Hybrid App Development Companies

Konstant Infosolutions - Top Web & Mobile App Development Company

Top Mobile App Development Company


Konstantinfo - Top Mobile App Development Company

It’s a double backflip with a full twist. Konstant does a bang-up job, as described by Goodfirms.

PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, December 24, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Drumroll, please! I have just been informed that Konstant has yet again bagged a position among top hybrid app development companies, in the latest listing by Goodfirms. Here is a gist of facts that make us amazing:

A hybrid application is a perfect combination of some distinct elements and approaches that leverage native and web mobile technologies. With the required technical expertise, the team guaranteed 100% customized hybrid mobile applications that work efficiently across multiple devices. And this was the basic reason that helped Konstant reach a wide range of audience in quickest possible time.

The team of hybrid developers at Konstant was aware of the fact that the convenience of cross-platform development comes with some penalization for certain frameworks. Keeping the fact that Hybrid Mobile Applications can be slow and inconsistent across the devices, Konstant’s Hybrid App Development Team ensured that users enjoy working on their mobile devices by building applications that make their life easier. Here is an exhaustive listing of top hybrid app development companies by Goodfirms.

Vipin Jain, co-founder, and CEO of Konstant Infosolutions states, “We’re so proud of the team who worked day and night to make this possible. They are still top of the premiership league, in prime position to bring home the bacon.”

Goodfirms is a globally acclaimed review and research firm that helps match up service seekers with service providers so that they can fetch the best of services. They also help software vendors and IT companies to boost user market share, acquisition stats, and brand awareness.

About Konstant Infosolutions

Being a premier organization, having headquarters in India and operational centres across the US, Konstant has been into mobile application development since past 10 years and a bit more. Having covered almost every industry vertical Real Estate and property, On-demand solutions for food, taxi, pets and various other services, Restaurant solutions, social networking solutions (chat messengers), Banking, finance, business, insurance, Food delivery and ordering, education, e-commerce, human resources, retail and B2B, media and entertainment, healthcare and fitness, travel and hospitality, transport and automotive, gaming, leisure, directory, organization, event and ticketing etc., they are looking forward to cover up every big and small development demands that crops up with startups and enterprises. Client satisfaction is their forte and they are kept to simplify their approach with complexities of upcoming technologies in demand.

Vipin Jain
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