Tips for getting the best catering in Los Angeles

When you are looking for catering in Los Angeles, the food matters even more. You want your guests to have the best dining experience possible.

LOS ANGELES, CA, US, January 8, 2019 / — Looking for the best catering in Los Angeles? Here are six tips that can make sure the caterer can deliver.

1) Planning

Planning an event that needs corporate catering in Los Angeles is best down with an in-person meeting with the caterer. Make sure the meeting is with the person who has the power to make decisions on-the-spot when necessary. Roozbeh Farahanipour, owner of Delphi Greek in LA, is willing to personally meet with anyone who needs catering in LA.

2) Expect questions

“You know what you want, but the caterer does not. Expect plenty of questions. As a caterer, I have to know exactly what you want so I can deliver exactly what you requested,” he said. “If you just have a general idea, then I will make suggestions and ask what you think about them. You have to make the final decision.”

3) Other services

Some catering services offer ancillary services. Some catering services partner with companies to offer these other services. “If you need things like lighting, a DJ, a hostess, then I can recommend some for you to consider,” Mr. Farahanipour said. “At Delphi Greek, we are all about the food. We can point you to people to handle the other things.”

4) Cost

The catering cost is often a fixed amount. The customer knows how many people will attend and the catering service knows how much food to prepare. In the case of a wet bar where guest have free cocktails, the price is likely to be an estimate because some people will drink and others will not.

5) Leftovers

Most catering events do have leftovers. “We always budget enough food to make sure everyone has all they want,” Mr. Farahanipour said. “Our policy is when we cater, the food is yours. If you decide you do not want it, we can take care of that for you as well.”

6) Know the food

This is critical. Finding out the food is not what was expected once it is served is too late. “We highly recommend anyone who needs catering in Los Angeles come to Delphi Greek. Try the food. Tell us you are looking for a catering service so we can help guide your meal decisions,” Mr. Farahanipour said.

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