Is the Farm Bill Forcing the FDA to Regulate CBD Products Sold by State-Licensed Marijuana Businesses?

How can the FDA justify regulating hemp-derived CBD products while ignoring similar products produced and sold through state-licensed marijuana businesses?

DENVER, COLORADO, USA, January 3, 2019 / — Hemp farmers, formulators of CBD products and entrepreneurs entering the hemp and CBD industries were delighted when the Agricultural Improvement Act (the “Farm Bill”) was signed into law by President Trump. Those same entrepreneurs and farmers enthusiastic responses will likely be tempered when they understand that Congress has now enacted legislation creating more problems than existed prior to the passage of the Farm Bill.

The Farm Bill provides a role for the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to regulate products containing cannabis or cannabis-derived products. This includes both the non-psychoactive cannabinoid, CBD, as well as cannabis or cannabis-derived products that include the psychoactive cannabinoid THC.

In the past, the FDA has refrained from regulating cannabis products produced under state-legal marijuana programs and avoided, for the most part, regulating CBD-derived products produced from hemp. The unintended consequence of the passage of the Farm Bill now means that the FDA is required to get involved in something it has sought for many years to avoid.

It would seem to be arbitrary for the FDA to regulate hemp-derived CBD products as food additives or as health, wellness or nutritional products without the agency regulating the same products containing CBD sold through state-licensed marijuana businesses. To do so would essentially destroy the federally-legal hemp industry while leaving the federally-illegal state marijuana industry untouched.

Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, interviewed by CNBC anchor Joe Kernan on November 20, 2018, suggested that federal action on cannabis policy is inevitable and would occur shortly. Gottlieb said that recreational cannabis doesn’t “fall within our purview right now.” He also stated “But look, we do regulate compounds that are making drug claims and we regulate botanical use of marijuana. We have approved compounds derived from marijuana, but there is no demonstrated medical use of botanical marijuana. That’s the bottom line.”

Immediately after the Farm Bill was signed into law, Gottlieb issued a statement clarifying the FDA’s policy regarding cannabis-derived products. “In short, we (FDA) treat products containing cannabis or cannabis-derived compounds as we do any other FDA-regulated products-meaning they’re subject to the same authorities and requirements as FDA-regulated products containing any other substance.” Gottlieb ended by saying, “…the FDA will advance new steps to better define our public health obligations in this area We’ll also continue to closely scrutinize products that could pose risks to consumers”

Complicating the FDA’s policy regarding CBD was the approval in June 2018 of G.W. Pharmaceutical’s Epidiolex. It is a pure form of plant-derived CBD and is specifically recommended for the treatment of seizures associated with two types of epilepsy. This FDA action resulted in CBD being classified as a drug. Because CBD is now an FDA-approved drug, it should not be able to be sold as a food additive or for health, wellness or nutritional purposes.

There is an option that could exist for the hemp-derived CBD industry. It is feasible that the same CBD products could be sold, without purporting therapeutic claims, as hemp-flower oil or phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil.

How the passage of the Farm Bill impacts the use of CBD as a food additive is also an unknown. The FDA could take the position that food, including drinks with CBD, cannot be marketed within the state borders where they were produced or interstate until the safety of CBD as a food additive is demonstrated.

Congress, probably unwittingly, has forced the FDA’s hand to regulate cannabinoid-derived products produced and sold through state-licensed marijuana businesses. It is hardly a job the FDA relishes doing and probably an issue it wished to never address. If and when the FDA begins this task the public outcry from consumers, patients and state-licensed marijuana businesses will be loud and long.

Author: Jeffrey Friedland
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Jeffrey Friedland is the author of Marijuana: The World’s Most Misunderstood Plant.

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Process Liquids? New Video From HPS Reveals Significant Savings From Pigging

Process Pigging Specialists HPS Release New Video Case Study Which Reveals How Pigging is Saving Their Client $500,000 Every Year

For a one-off investment in a pigging solution, they are saving $500,000 every single year, meaning they are now more competitive than ever”

— Gilbert Murphy

NOTTINGHAM, NOTTINGHAMSHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM, January 3, 2019 / — HPS Product Recovery Solutions, the leading specialists in process and hygienic product recovery systems, has released a new video case study. The video demonstrates how an HPS pigging system is saving a global consumer goods company $500,000 US dollars every year.

Product recovery, commonly referred to as ‘pigging’, is in use by a wide range of liquid processing industries.

From food, beverage and cosmetics to homecare, personal care, pet food and paint, pigging is increasingly being used to increase yields, reduce waste, speed up changeovers, and improve environmental performance. And as the video shows, pigging delivers high ROI with exceptionally fast payback periods.

Pigging works by recovering product from process pipelines. This product would otherwise be discarded and flushed to waste. The technology uses a pig, which is a solid, specialist projectile that contains a flexible magnetic core. It has a diameter slightly larger than the pipe that is transporting the liquid.

As the pig is propelled through the pipeline under pressure, it pushes out the product remaining in the line while cleaning the pipeline walls at the same time.

This results in increased production capacity, less waste, reduced water, chemical and energy consumption as well as better operational efficiency. And as the case study demonstrates, this translates into major financial savings.

Gilbert Murphy, CEO of process pigging specialists HPS, commented,

“The results that the customer is getting from the HPS solution are fantastic. For a one-off investment in a pigging solution, they are saving $500,000 every single year, meaning they are now more competitive than ever”

“Product waste is at an all-time low, waste handling and disposal costs are far less, and they are now able to meet their economic, operational and sustainability objectives”.

As well as offering many benefits, HPS pigging systems are easy to implement with minimal disruption to plant operations.

Gilbert concludes,

“If you choose HPS as your pigging system provider, we can confidently say that our solutions will give you a high ROI and will save you time and money”.

“We also pride ourselves on our customer care and after-sales support. So, our customers have the confidence and peace of mind that we’ll support them every step of the way”.

To watch the HPS case study video, please click here.

About HPS Product Recovery Solutions

Founded in 1995, HPS Product Recovery Solutions increases its customers profitability by maximizing product yields, reducing waste, helping environmental sustainability and improving efficiency. This is through product-recovery (pigging) systems, liquid distribution and transfer solutions for processing industries.
Headquartered in Nottingham, UK, HPS has offices in the US and Australia, and global partners worldwide, including Brazil, China, Malaysia, and Thailand.

Kim Rousell
HPS Product Recovery Solutions
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Collaborate and Partner with Aspire Systems, a Leading Retail Solution Provider at NRF & REx 2019

Aspire Systems Retail Digital Technologies

Aspire Systems Retail Digital Technologies

Meet Aspire Systems at NRF Booth #2321 to understand their exclusive retail offerings

As a leading retail solution provider,we believe in providing diverse perspectives to help retailers across the globe, gain clear and valuable insights to offer experiential retail for their consumers”

— Sunil Bajaj, VP & Practice Head – Retail Solutions, Aspire Systems

DALLAS, TEXAS, USA, January 3, 2019 / — Aspire Systems, a global technology services firm, today announced its participation in National Retail Federation (NRF) 2019 and Oracle Retail Exchange Programme to be held from January 13th to January 15th, 2019 in New York, USA.

NRF, Retail’s BIG Show, brings together 36,500 industry professionals, close to 4000 retail companies from 99 countries across the globe. The world’s largest retail event sees 16,000 retailers and leading industry experts attending every year to discuss the success stories and learnings of the year gone by and the innovations & trends the future holds for the retail industry.

At NRF booth #2321, Aspire Systems will be showcasing its excellence in Retail Solutions. They offer Retail Digital Transformation with a plethora of retail solutions, covering the end-to-end retail journey starting from back-end systems and processes like Merchandising and Store Solutions to front-end, customer-facing touchpoints like Predictive Analytics and Content Personalization leading to superior Customer Experience.

A visionary and expert in the industry, Sunil Bajaj, Vice President and Practice Head – Retail Solutions, Aspire Systems, says, “The main area of focus has always been the Customer Experience (CX). 2018 was an eventful year with N number of technologies being introduced just to offer excellent CX. In 2019, Retailers will have to completely rely on data to predict customer behavior. Smart retailers will know their customers better than customers themselves. For those who hate shopping, voice-based assistants will make even chore shopping fun and effortless. “

Meet Aspire Systems experts onsite and get impactful insights and guidance in identifying trends and issues in each step of the retail journey. A leading industry player and a platform enabler for elevated Customer Experience, Aspire Systems leverages futuristic AI-based technologies to offer a superior and personalized shopping journey for the “born digital” customers.

“With data and emerging technologies, smart retailers will achieve more footfalls than ever, both online and offline. As a leading retail solution provider, we believe in providing diverse perspectives to help retailers across the globe, gain clear and valuable insights to offer experiential retail for their consumers” Mr. Sunil states.

Run into Aspire Systems at Oracle Retail Exchange Programme (REx) 2019, a closed-door conference for Oracle exclusive partners and clients on January 12th & 13th at Sofitel, New York. A proud Oracle Gold Partner with exclusive Oracle Retail Practice, Aspire Systems offers comprehensive retail suite for their clients. The in-house experts enable implementation, migration and support & maintenance for the latest versions of Oracle Merchandising Operations Management & Xstore Solutions.

Aspire offers a wide range of accelerators to fast-forward retail business and achieve maximum ROI within a short span of time. All those existing Oracle users and those who are looking to migrate, meet Aspire to understand:
• Why should you consider Moving to Merchandising Cloud Services?
• Leverage Oracle Retail Omnichannel Solutions to improve your Customer Journey
• Design your own Oracle Retail Managed Service solution for maximum ROI

Meet Aspire Systems at NRF Booth #2321 to optimize your retail business and reshape your Customer Experience.

About Aspire Systems:
Aspire Systems is a global technology services firm serving as a trusted technology partner for its customers. The company nurtures an array of technological services like Enterprise Integration, Digital Services, Software Engineering, Testing and Infrastructure support for the Retail Industry. The company currently has over 2700 employees and 150+ customers globally and is CMMI Level 3 certified. It is headquartered in Singapore and has a growing presence in USA, Mexico, UK, India, Middle East, Asia-Pacific and Europe. For the ninth time in a row, Aspire has been selected as one of India's 'Best Companies to Work For' by the Great Place to Work® Institute, in partnership with The Economic Times.

To know more about Aspire Systems, visit the link given below:

Veena Gowda
Aspire Systems
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Nutrigenomix launches new genetic test for weight management

Nutrigenomix Weight Management Report

TORONTO, ON, CANADA, January 2, 2019 / — Nutrigenomix Inc., a global leader in genetic testing for personalized nutrition, announces the launch of a new genetic test for weight management. The new test adds to the suite of genetic tests offered by Nutrigenomix that provide actionable genetic information to help healthcare professionals and their clients determine the optimal dietary approach for achieving and maintaining a healthy body weight.

“Many of my clients have had tremendous success using the original 45-gene Nutrigenomix test that included a weight management panel,” said Kassandra Gyimesi, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who operates a busy weight loss clinic in Denver, Colorado. “This new genetic test for weight management will be even more appealing to my clients who have struggled to lose weight and are looking specifically for a test that focuses on weight management.”

The test includes several genetic markers that have been shown to modify a person’s response to various components of their diet, as well as genetic markers that impact eating behaviors, which can be powerful motivators that help with compliance. Dr. Ahmed El-Sohemy, Founder and Chief Science Officer of Nutrigenomix, presented the latest research on nutrigenomics and personalized nutrition at the recent American College of Nutrition Conference in Seattle where he was the recipient of the Stanley Wallach Award, which recognizes a highly esteemed investigator who has made a significant contribution to understanding the role of nutrition and human health. During his award lecture, Dr. El-Sohemy presented findings of the first randomized controlled trial of DNA-based dietary recommendations on eating behaviors by his research team at the University of Toronto. “Individuals who receive DNA-based dietary advice are much more likely to follow the recommendations they’re given,” said Dr. El-Sohemy. “This results in greater improvements to their diet, which directly impacts several indicators of health. The large Food4Me trial conducted in several European countries also showed that giving people personalized dietary advice based on genetics leads to the greatest improvements in eating behaviors.”

As one of the only nutrigenetics companies in the world supporting novel research on nutrition, genetics and health at several universities around the world, Nutrigenomix has been at the forefront of research in the field. “This new genetic test incorporates the latest scientific discoveries in the field of nutrigenomics and weight management.” said Dr. Bibiana Garcia-Bailo, Director of Research and Development. “Our team of researchers and members of our international science advisory board have used only the highest quality studies to develop this new panel. We apply the most rigorous standards for selecting every genetic marker in our panel.”

With offices in Canada, UK, Australia, Brazil and the United States, Nutrigenomix has been expanding rapidly to meet the growing demands by healthcare professionals and consumers for a high-quality genetic testing service. Being the only nutrigenetics testing company worldwide that was established at a major university, the University of Toronto, Nutrigenomix is regarded as one of the most trusted sources of genetic information for personalized nutrition. With this new test for weight management, the company will be poised to expand to weight loss clinics and has already partnered with several organizations in the health, wellness and weight loss industry.

To learn more about Nutrigenomix visit

# # #

Nutrigenomix Inc. was founded in 2011 as a University of Toronto start-up biotechnology company that is dedicated to empowering healthcare professionals and their clients with comprehensive genomic information, with the ultimate goal of improving health and performance through precision nutrition. The company has a network of over 8,000 healthcare practitioners in 35 countries plus exclusive distributors in 10 other countries. The personalized nutrition reports are available in 8 languages and the current 45-gene test panel is available for health, sport and fertility. For more information visit or email

Laura Owen
Nutrigenomix Inc.
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Nutrigenomix Wellness Video

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HANGAR12 agency logo

HANGAR12 agency logo

Chief Marketer 200 2019

Chief Marketer 200 2019

Industry’s only comprehensive list names Hangar12 among best engagement and activation agencies shining spotlight on the fastest-growing channels of marketing

As an independent marketing agency, we take immense pride in being recognized for our achievements by the most-respected source in the business.”

— Kevin Keating

CHICAGO, IL, UNITED STATES, January 1, 2019 / — Chief Marketer, a leading publisher of content, recognition programs and training events for Fortune 1000 marketers, unveiled HANGAR12 AGENCY among the 2019 Chief Marketer 200.

The CM200 features editorial listings and coverage of agencies spanning 11 categories, including Experiential, Sports & Entertainment, Promotion, Retail/Shopper, Digital/Content, Social Media, Design and Innovation, B2B Demand Gen, B2B Brand Engagement Marketing, B2B Experiential Marketing and Martech. HANGAR12 is one of the top 15 agencies in the Promotion category. Editorial profiles include details on HANGAR12's core capabilities and specializations, examples of outstanding work, insights on culture and people, client examples and RFP contact information.

“Today’s marketer relies on a toolkit of new technologies and tools that emphasize engagement and experiences above advertising techniques that merely talk to, rather than with, the customer,” says Jessica Heasley, Content Director at Chief Marketer. “The Chief Marketer 200 serves as an invaluable resource for marketers seeking to engage the right partners to help them craft meaningful—and measurable—campaigns and strategies.”

Chief Marketer’s editors accepted applications from across the country for the CM200. Winners were selected based on several criteria including: insightful client testimonials; outstanding case study submissions; high caliber, consistent work across programs and clients; innovative and creative executions; and bold and inspiring concepts and ideas that are moving the industry forward. The 200 agencies selected for this year’s program are thought leaders in their craft and representative of the best agencies of the marketing industry.

"For over ten years, HANGAR12 has been ranked a best marketing agency by Chief Marketer and the Promotion Marketing Association," says Kevin Keating, President of HANGAR12. "As an independent marketing agency, we take immense pride in being recognized for our achievements by the most-respected source in the business."

HANGAR12 specializes in marketing CPG brands through best-in-class consumer promotions, shopper marketing, digital marketing, social media, and being one of the best consumer-centric marketing agencies.

About Hangar12
Hangar12 ( is a leading independent brand activation agency for national and global consumer package goods. We believe that everything starts with the consumer. That's our only rule. Our Consumer First® approach enables collaboration with consumers throughout our creative process to ensure successful activation of the brand. Hangar12 specializes in marketing CPG brands through consumer promotions, shopper marketing, digital marketing, and social media, and being one of the best consumer-centric marketing agencies. Hangar12 is ranked a TOP 100 promotion agency in the U.S. for ten years. We employ both agency and brand-side marketing experts to craft brilliant solutions to grow brands by engaging consumers… everywhere. We've been leading with this approach for years on highly recognizable brands in the food & beverage, snacks, candy, retail, and home & office categories.

Global online content portal Chief Marketer, an Access Intelligence brand, arms aspiring CMOs with the tools, insights, data and training they need to master the “next frontier of marketing”—an age of marketing much less dependent on advertising and much more focused on the rest of the branding toolkit. CM has more than 150,000 readers who rely on its content and live events to help them cut through the noise and find the solutions necessary to optimize their performance. From digital, direct and content marketing, to social, experiential, promotion and more, our weekly newsletters and daily website content cover it all. In addition to the CM200, Chief Marketer also produces the PRO Awards, and recognition programs including Masters of Martech and Future CMOs. Learn more at

+1 312-870-9101
email us here

HANGAR12 Agency Reel

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Intermittent Fasting Made Easy – The 3 Day Fast Start Diet

Intermittent Fasting Made Easy

Intermittent Fasting-Without Starving

You call this Fasting?

Intermittent Fasting has been scientifically proven to aid in weight loss, boost metabolism, and enhance hormone function. Nutrient ratios proven to get results

"You can't help someone up a hill without
getting closer to the top yourself "”

— Joey Dweck

TENAFLY, NJ, US, January 1, 2019 / — Tenafly, NJ – Dec 29th 2018, Weight Loss Buddy has made headlines with the launch of a new 3-day fasting diet that is said to be the best yet. Unlike other fasting diets that are hard to follow, Weight Loss Buddy has put together a 3-day fasting diet meal kit that includes every single thing needed to get through the 3 days. The 3-day fasting meal kit includes an appetite suppressant to reduce hunger cravings, and pre-calculated, pre-proportioned meals to get through all three days. The Weight Loss Buddy meal kit makes it much easier to complete a 3-day intermittent fasting diet because they have taken care of the hard work. The meal kits come with three days of delicious and wholesome foods that aide in the alleviation of bloating and sugar-cravings.

The 3-day fast start meal kits are part of a pre-measured, pre-calculated 3 day eating plan. Joey Dweck the CEO of Weight Loss Buddy was quoted as saying, “We have gone to great lengths to choose, out of hundreds of foods, nutrient ratios, that were found to be the most beneficial in recent longevity studies in tricking the body into thinking it's fasting. This is the most valuable box of meals you are ever going to get. An individual would have to spend $100’s of dollars to buy these items in bulk, not to mention assembling them. You buy only what you need. Start building a new body now!” He went on to say, “Anyone can benefit from this Spring-Cleaning of sorts. It doesn’t matter how good your diet is, or how much exercise you do, the body ages and the cells accumulate damage.”

LiPO3 Appetite Suppressant Spray is included with the meal kits at no extra cost. LiPO3 is a unique formula that contains clinically proven appetite suppressants with a powerful liposome delivery system. It is made entirely in the USA. Intermittent Fasting has been scientifically proven to aid in weight loss, boost metabolism, and enhance hormone function. Some researchers believe that the rise in health problems has a lot to do with the fact that many people no longer go hungry. 3-day fasting diets are becoming hugely popular and remain to be a very healthy way to detox the body.
To learn more about the Weight Loss Buddy or their new 3-day fast start meal kits, visit their official website at

Take a look at “Unboxing the Diet”

Media Contact:
Weight Loss Buddy
Attn: Joey Dweck
Tenafly, NJ USA

Joseph Dweck
Weight Loss Buddy, Inc
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The Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

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