Old Estate Rums, also known as "history in a bottle", launches new US home delivery just in time for Santa's workers

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, November 13, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — For years Old Estate Rums has supplied small batch, handmade rums and liqueurs to the US Virgin Islands for both travelers and residents. In fact, post hurricanes their products and small production operation survived as one of the most memorable and sought after tasting experiences.

Old Estate Rums is famous for being called “history in a bottle.” The products are named after Botany Bay, Havensight, and Perseverance Bay which are all registered, historic estates or plantations known for blending Caribbean rums for their own consumption and that of visiting dignitaries. The Virgin Islands were sugar producers and exporters in the mid-1700s, but when oversupply caused the sugar market to collapse in the 1820s, the islands turned to rum production to fill the void. Rum has played an important role throughout history, just watch Pirates of the Caribbean. If we could ask Jack Sparrow what his thoughts are on Old Estate Rums, we can almost guarantee his answer would be, “I prefer [Old Estate] rum.”

Major rum brands usually use large column stills that strip out much of the flavor. These big guys rely heavily on flavors, sometimes nicknamed spices (hence spiced rum) at the point of bottling. But not Botany Bay Rum, (the flagship rum).. This rum provides the rich flavor profile that only 100%-barrel aging offers, and their three blends of premium rum are packaged in an old style bottle just like rum producers of the 1800s. These hand made rum blends could never be mass produced by any single distillery. Take that, Captain Morgan. The small-batch, barrel aged rum is richer than Bacardi will ever be and vastly superior to Malibu on its best day.

With the 2019 launch of its new US home delivery option, consumers can relive this history and experience the real “whiskey of the Virgin Islands”. As increased tourism in the Virgin Islands is creating high demand in the states for returning tourists, these famous handmade blends of premium rum (that puts Bacardi to shame, might I add) has made expansion possible for the smallest rum company with the biggest heart. Product quality over quantity! That’s what Old Estate Rums stands for.

Taste for yourself or learn more about Old Estate Rums fascinating history on their online store. Rums are available for home delivery to most states. Must be 21+ to order.

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