Sino American Oil Company at the China International Import Expo 2019 for importing Canadian Honey

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expo for Canadian product imports into china

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$OILY has representatives in Shanghai for the Chinese Expo to sell Canadian Honey

TSAWWASSEN, BC, CANADA, November 13, 2019 / — Sino American Oil Company, a publicly traded company, with stock symbol OILY, is pleased to announced that it has hired scouts and representatives to be present in Shanghai, China, to inquire and investigate and perform a feasibility analysis of selling goods to the ever-expanding food markets in China.

The second China International Import Expo (CIIE) will take place in Shanghai on November 5-10, 2019. The Expo is China’s invitation to governments, businesses, exhibitors and professional purchasers all over the world to participate in the importing of goods and services to satisfy fast growing consumer markets.

An excerpt from their website: “CCBC will assist companies in registering for the Expo, connecting you with authorized resources at the Expo (such as booth decoration), and coordinating the Canadian commercial presence as the scope of Canada’s participation becomes clear. CCBC will also serve as a connection point to the country pavilion to be organized by the Government of Canada.

CCBC is a strong supporter of Brand Canada and recognizes this as a prime opportunity for members and potential members who want to secure their future growth by seeking greater economic opportunities in the Chinese market to meet and connect with top Chinese and international import decision makers at the CIIE.”

The products that we have procured that are relevant to the CIIE: Unpasteurized Honey from Kamloops / North Okanagan of British Columbia Canada.

“We strive to learn about the legal regulations, import requirements, and distribution of our unpasteurized honey. It is a great opportunity because in China, there have been much controversy about ‘fake’ honey, and we can capitalize on this market because our honey is 100% pure from Canadian bees, Canadian hives, and Canadian apiaries, with excellent quality control. We will be showing off how pure our honey is, contrasting the fake honey that has been flooding the Chinese supermarkets. Our labels will be clear and simple with a proud Canadian logo,” says Richard Tang, president of Sino American Oil Company.

About The Company

The Company, OILY, is focussed on essential oils and raw products, such as honey. Some oils include Ylang Ylang, Saffron. Ylang Ylang is a flower, and Saffron is too. The research of these oils and extracts from flowers has not yet been fully investigated for cures and treatments. We are still an acquisition and development company. We are active in obtaining exclusivity in sectors where the products are in low demand in Canada and USA, however highly desirable in other countries.

Reclamation of oil fields to farming, and to investigate the proper cleanup of capped wells for better environmental friendly uses and plant yields. Oil and emulsifiers to replace plastics perhaps, or the mixture of multiple materials (liquid and solids). Between 2017 to early 2019, Sino American Oil company has transformed to become a media company that specializes in showcasing Oil / Mining / Energy companies big and small. We offer specialized services for those industries such as news release dissemination, Twitter marketing, and newsletter mailing. It has partnership agreements with news wire dissemination companies to issue bonafide and accurate news releases of publicly traded and private oil companies. From the inception of Sino American Oil Company back in 2008 to 2017, the Company specialized in Oil Mining and Energy companies. Its main goal was to explore (an exploration company) of hydrocarbon fuels such as heavy crude, sweet crude, Brent crude, and the refining of the oils. Specifically it was created to broker and acquire mining companies and oil fields, or to process and resell the raw product to the refinery.

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