Sensation Research Releases Sensory Analysis Study of Spirits Diagnostic Glassware

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best spirits glass ever

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For aged and non-aged spirits, NEAT glass excels over others by eliminating nose blindness and loss of smell, and intensifying aromas and flavor

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— Anthony Dias Blue, Editor in Chief, Tasting Panel Magazine

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA, USA, January 17, 2020 / — Sensation Research, a sensory diagnostic firm located in Mason, Ohio, today publicly released a research study evaluating popular spirits nosing and tasting vessels. Comparing a popular tulip shape commonly used by spirits drinkers, a popular snifter style used by many sensory analysts, and the sensory engineered NEAT glass, the vessels were evaluated with three different spirits. A barrel-aged scotch (grain), barrel-aged cognac (grape), and non-aged tequila (vegetable) were chosen to explore a wide variety of distillation sources. All data is reported at a 95% statistical confidence level. The complete document is available on the Sensation Research website, and is available for download by clicking here.

The study validates NEAT as a superior choice for spirits evaluations and diagnostics. Patented NEAT diverts and diffuses ethanol as opposed to the characteristic concentration of tulip and snifter shapes, and as a result delivers significantly higher aroma intensities. For decades tulip and snifter style vessels have been endorsed by the spirits industry and used by most spirits drinkers, competitions, judges, and spirits evaluators to detect flavors and aromas. The major complaint of spirits judges has been loss of olfactory detection and sensitivity due to their inherent concentration of ethanol from high ABV spirits. Loss of olfactory destroys the evaluation process, and provides a serious disadvantage to the later tasted samples in multi-sample evaluations.

Based on a core expertise in flavors and aroma, Sensation Research is able to provide in-depth descriptive analysis of appearance, smell, taste, and tactile attributes across food, beverage, skincare, and well known OTC products with repeatability and reliability. Sensation Research utilizes state-of-the-art sensory science techniques combined with a rigorous statistical approach to report actionable results with transparency and full disclosure.

Christine R. Crnek, CEO of Arsilica, Inc. and co-inventor of NEAT stated "Our sensory engineered glass began as a research experiment in 2002 to provide better diagnostics by avoiding olfactory intake of strong nose-numbing ethanol." With over 10 years of development the NEAT glass made its debut to the public in February 2012, and has since become the official spirits judging glass of over 30 major spirits competitions worldwide. On November 22, 2018, a research paper was published in MDPI Beverage Journal summarizing the key scientific principles leading to the development of NEAT. In the space of 14 months the paper has achieved readership in the top 5% of all research outputs ever tracked by Altmetric.

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Evolution of the NEAT Glass – Simple Science Changing the Way the World Drinks

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