Tesla Scalar Wave Technology is Utilized by an Amazing New Consumer Products Enhancing Device

Tesla Scalar Wave Technology

Tesla Scalar Wave Technology Unleashed

PLACERVILLE, CALIFORNIA, USA, March 26, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Revolutionary Device Utilizing “NIKOLA TESLA” Scalar Wave Technology to Improve the Taste and Quality of Most Consumable and Useable Substances

Quantum Engineering has just released a new technology available in an individual consumer and industrial version that will enhance the desirable qualities of just about everything consumably imaginable.

In this competitive world the difference between being #1 and not, can be considerable, but is often just a matter of few fractions of this or that! The Quantumizer® fills in and reduces that difference by relaxing the state of the electrons in the molecules of almost any substance, which allows materials to return to their most optimum state. This optimized state is responsible for the improvements users experience when they are using the products treated with the Quantumizer® which Makes the Best Even Better!

Treats and Enhances Your Alcoholic Beverages, Fruit Juices, Coffee, Tea, Dairy Products, Sports Drinks, Cosmetics, Herbals, Tobacco, Vaping Oil Products, and Almost Everything.

We are seeking customers, explorers, investors, and partners to participate in the many possibilities this technology has to offer. Some are known and many are left to explore, some may even be useful in accelerating the development of Hybridoma cell growth derived monoclonal antibodies used in treatments and making vaccines for Pandemics like the Corona COVID-19 virus.(see the Lab-Test-Results page on our website) The only limits to this new technology, is your own unique imagination!

For more information go to our website: Quantumizer1.com

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Source: EIN Presswire