SC Manufacturer Gives Huge Raises to Hourly Production Staff Despite Pandemic

Family owned business rewards work family

Sam Carbis Solutions Group, a world leader in safe access and fall protection equipment today announced huge raises for their production team despite Covid-19.

I believe the right thing to do is always the right thing to do.”

— Shawn Mizell

FLORENCE, SC, US, March 30, 2020 / — PRESS RELEASE
Contact: Samantha McGowan, Marketing
Company: Sam Carbis Solutions Group
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Sam Carbis Solutions Group, an industrial safety equipment manufacturer in Florence, SC has today announced huge raises for each of its hourly employees. “Effective immediately, each of our hourly production employees will see as much as a $10,000 annual raise in their paychecks which equates to an extra $3.75 per hour for their average 48-hour work week” said Shawn Mizell, company president.

“Despite the economy being infected, and yes, that's the best way I can think to describe it with this virus for the entire month of March, our sales team brought more in incoming orders, than in January or February. They are also saying April appears as though it will be another strong month.
This is happening despite numerous companies telling us they were suspending projects and closing facilities to outside individuals. This is also despite everyone (us included) being more than a little distracted and everybody learning to work in a new environment with new technology.
Our customers are the Critical Infrastructure as defined by the Department of Homeland Security. They are not going anywhere, and we can't either because they depend on us. There likely has been some reprioritization of projects, but they are still operational and are as necessary as ever to the success of our nation.
In order to continue to provide for them, our customer facing employees have had to learn to work in a new virtual environment and they have risen to the challenge. To protect our production team, we have begun much more stringent sanitation steps throughout the facility as well as shutting our doors to all but essential outside visitors. Our company goal for our customers as well as our employees is to ensure that every worker goes home safely each night.
These raises will help our employees to have a little more financial security in this stressful time and will help to remind them of our deep appreciation and care for our work family.”

In an announcement letter Monday, Mizell stated “I admit adding expense in the midst of this pandemic is a scary thing. Fortunately, I am a person who has faith and acts on that faith. I believe the right thing to do is always the right thing to do. I believe we as an organization will get through this pandemic and how better to show the world that we aren't going anywhere than to move forward with doing the right thing. Further, I believe that I owe it to each of my production employees to show them we aren't going anywhere and to help them breathe a bit easier during these scary times…after all, they are the ones driving to work each day as critical manufacturing employees. To that end, I have changed our starting pay to $11.00 an hour and given each of our hourly production employees a substantial raise to show my commitment to us being a long-standing part of this economy.
I share this information with each of you so you will understand, I have no intention of this company going anywhere and I am investing today in our future. I am setting the stage for us to be able to attract talent from the area that will allow us to grow and address our customers' needs for many years to come and in ways we still haven't imagined.”

Sam Carbis Solutions Group is a fourth-generation family business based in Florence, South Carolina and employs over 150 personnel in the fabrication of customized bulk loading access equipment and turnkey systems for truck, rail, and marine applications across all industries. Many of the systems considered standard in the bulk loading industry were developed by Carbis engineers.

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