Brad Pyatt looks back on successful launch of new TruWomen protein bar flavors

TruBrands boss Brad Pyatt offers a unique insight into the launch of the TruWomen brand's latest plant-based protein bar flavors.

DENVER, COLORADO, USA, August 11, 2020 / — TruBrands boss Brad Pyatt offers a unique insight into the launch of the TruWomen brand's latest plant-based protein bar flavors.

Best known for its dessert-inspired, plant-based protein bars, TruWomen's two latest flavors—Whole Lotta Macchiato and Whipped for Key Lime Pie—went down a storm upon their recent launch, timed to coincide with a major online shopping event. Launched just prior to Amazon Prime Day, Brad Pyatt of TruBrands, the firm behind TruWomen's Prime Day unveiling of its all-new flavors, looks back on the event as the news is picked up by the world's largest and most popular online trend community.

"We launched TruWomen's all-new Whipped for Key Lime Pie and Whole Lotta Macchiato flavors just in time for Amazon Prime Day," explains Brad Pyatt, speaking from his home in the Centennial State of Colorado's picturesque north-central region, dominated by the Rocky Mountains and their foothills, open plains, canyons, and the rivers that run through them.

TruWomen's Whole Lotta Macchiato and Whipped for Key Lime Pie bars were, in fact, Brad Pyatt goes on to reveal, Prime Day exclusives. "A special treat for TruWomen fans, both varieties responded specifically to customer demands," he points out. Whole Lotta Macchiato, Brad Pyatt reports, was created to combine caffeine—roughly equivalent to a cup of coffee—with the plant-based protein bar formula for which TruWomen is best known. "Whipped for Key Lime Pie, meanwhile, represents a tart and sweet treat, perfectly in line with the dessert-inspired ethos of the brand," he adds. Both bars boast 12 grams of protein and just 200 calories, according to the entrepreneur.

Brad Pyatt is the name behind the cutting-edge health and wellness company TruBrands. TruBrands, in turn, is one of the names behind TruWomen, alongside the founder of TruWomen Stephanie Pyatt. Brad Pyatt is credited with leveraging his extensive experience to help enable growth for organizations, such as TruWomen, and is celebrated as an invaluable advisor for startups and other companies looking to scale, according to his peers. He's best known, they say, for his broad range of expertise in brand and product innovation, sales growth, product development, and marketing.

News of Brad Pyatt and TruWomen's Prime Day launch of their all-new flavors was picked up by Trend Hunter – the world's largest and most popular online trend community, with over 20,000,000 monthly views. The company leverages big data, human researchers, and artificial intelligence to identify consumer insights, and, their website says, deep dive opportunities for the world's most innovative companies, such as TruBrands and TruWomen, plus Adidas, Victoria's Secret, IBM, NASA, Microsoft, and hundreds more.

Amid the launch of its new flavors, TruWomen ranked top among sweet protein bars on Trend Hunter, according to Brad Pyatt. Popular predominantly among females, the bars were best received by individuals in North America, Australia, and New Zealand, based on the trend community's report.

News of TruWomen's launch of its Whole Lotta Macchiato and Whipped for Key Lime Pie flavors featured in Trend Hunter's Hybrid Dessert Report, Confectionery Report, and Exotic Flavor Report, among several others. "It was great to see the launch so well received by our fantastic customers and Trend Hunter alike," says TruBrands boss Brad Pyatt.

Former NFL athlete turned entrepreneur Brad Pyatt is today an accomplished executive, consultant, and thought leader, bringing more than 15 years of success to the sports, food, beverage, and health and wellness industries. A proud father of two, Brad Pyatt is happily married to TruWomen founder Stephanie Pyatt. The family resides close to the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, not far from TruBrands' and TruWomen's headquarters in Golden, Colorado, and Denver, Colorado, respectively.

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