Faaiza Omar aka The Stylish Baker has recently released a book

The successful business woman has released her first debut book

LONDON, UK, October 28, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — The face behind The Stylish Baker Faaiza Omar, has recently released her first book called My Sweet Life: A simple masterclass in home baking. She has announced that, “My Sweet Life's a mere taste of my repertoire. Everything from delicate petits fours, celebration cakes, cheesecakes to brioches, ice creams and delectable desserts, My Sweet Life is the ideal book for keen bakers.”

The book features beautifully decorated cakes that are bursting with colour on the pages. Faaiza has taken her time to compile together the right recipes that will make any ambitious baker motivated and feel inspired. Faaiza has a huge fan base online, where many ambitious bakers ask her questions regularly about baking and the techniques that she uses. Faaiza stated that “It’s always exciting and heartwarming when people reach out to me for my recipes. They love to test out my recipes and then tag me in their posts so I can see their results. Even their families love my recipes.”

The book is currently available on her online store, where she also sells specialised patisserie tools, mould and ingredients to clients. Her online store sells supplies to restaurants, hotels and bakers. The Stylish Baker is also hosting tea party events in numerous locations such as South Africa, where her fans can gather round in fancy attire and talk about their mutual interest: baking.

Faaiza stated that “We launched our online store in 2016 and have had many customers from around the world shop with us. I also post recipes on our website, but the recipes that you will find in the book are perfect for bakers who want to challenge themselves even more.”

The estimated dates for the dispatch of the book is between 2 to 3 days and it can be the perfect Christmas gift to bakers. Inside the book, readers will find flavours that are inspired from different cuisines from around the world such as French and Peruvian. The recipes are aimed for both pastry chefs and baking enthusiasts, who want to create something easy or challenging. In this book readers will also be able to see that Faaiza has revealed her techniques, which she has simplified for everyone.

The book itself features vibrant colours and many images of The Stylish Baker looking glamorous, whilst showcasing her talents in the kitchen. Faaiza stated that, “Baking and fashion are my two favourite things. Dior is my favourite fashion designer and Plaisir sucré is my favourite dessert.”

The successful business woman started off her career when she moved to Paris in order to take up masterclasses. She then started sharing her work online and slowly grew a fan base who were intrigued by her techniques and fascinated by the delicious desserts that she posted. The Stylish Baker now has over 51,000 followers on instagram and shares photos of her outfits, travel diaries and of course, her desserts. Faaiza stated that, “I was first infatuated with perfecting the art of macaron making and that’s what got me hooked onto French pastries. After that, I was experimenting with a variety of techniques and flavours and to my delight, they came out with great results. I wanted to share my sweet treats with others, so I started posting on my Instagram account.”

The glamorous yet respectable entrepreneur also runs a pastry school with her sister, which originally opened because at the time when there was a high demand from bakers to learn advanced french pastry techniques. The online store is also shared with her sister.

Faaiza was born in South Africa, where her love for desserts grew into a passion of hers for over 20 years. The beautiful baker still attends master classes abroad and locally, which are run by renowned chefs, in order to stay up to date with the latest techniques. In 2018, she was crowned the winner at the Lancewood Cake-Off challenge in New York. She won because of her delicious, rose, pistachio and raspberry gateau.

In her own time she treats patients to skin care therapy, which is another interest of hers. She also likes to travel regularly and Paris is her favourite destination.

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