Z-SC1 Corp. Offers Low-Temperature and Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers for Safe COVID-19 Vaccine Transport

Z-SC1 Creator of the SAFEST and the FASTEST Ultra Low Temp Freezers

Meeting up to the challenge set by the pandemic, Z-SC1 Corp. ramps up its manufacture and production of Low-Temperature and Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers

''The pandemic was daunting for all of us. We were faced with the reality of producing and manufacturing more than we were used to''”

— Jean Fallacara

WILMINGTON, DE, USA, October 30, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Z-SC1 Corp. is an international provider of high-grade laboratory equipment. Z-SC1 Corp. has two manufacturing bases overseas which help streamline its operations on an international scale. The firm ensures that its bases are all certified ISO 9001 & ISO 13485, GMP. Its products are also CSA & UL.

A biomedical equipment manufacturer and provider for over 20 years, Z-SC1 Corp. is an industry leader in energy efficient laboratory equipment. They use innovation, engineering, and their unparalleled industry knowledge to provide scalable solutions to the biomedical industry, especially in the pandemic.

Z-SC1 Corp. has undertaken the obligation of providing vaccine freezers to relevant industries in these trying times. They also provide BIO freezer, refrigerators, and ULT freezers. Their vaccine freezers are factory-tested prior to being shipped, durable, and an important requirement as of today. Z-SC1 Corp. distributes these Low-Temperature and Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers all across North America.

Speaking about their North American and international operations during the pandemic, Jean Fallacara, CEO for Z-SC1 Corp. said, “Of course, the pandemic was daunting for all of us. We were faced with the reality of producing and manufacturing more than we were used to, since so many biomedical companies across North America suddenly needed so many of our Low-Temperature and Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers. Luckily for us, we always plan our inventory ahead. Our team of engineers met the task with commendable commitment, and we’re glad that we have sped up our operations on an international scale. We believe we have helped many people in this process.”

Z-SC1 Corp. houses a multidisciplinary team of experts in-house who ensure that the products are always industry-compliant. Z-SC1 Corp. is mindful of transparency and trust. They are also focused on lending a helping hand to medical professionals and researchers in their time of need. Vaccines and other critical, life-saving medicine, often has to be transported and stored in ultra low temperature freezers, which Z-SC1 Corp. is working hard to provide.

Z-SC1 Corp. offers rock-solid warranties on all its products, ranging from 1 to 3 years. Their speedy shipping and huge selection options make them a prime choice for biomedical companies all across North America, and beyond.

About the company
Z-SC1 Corp. is a Canadian-based biomedical equipment manufacturing company, serving facilities in North and South America. Headquartered in Montreal, Canada, the company has two overseas manufacturing bases.

Z-SC1 Corp. offers a wide collection of medical-grade laboratory equipment, including biopharmaceutical refrigerators, ultra low temperature freezers, and bio freezers.

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