Political Correctness Is Killing Us Faster Than Covid

The Liberal Media is the Enemy. Political Correctness is their Tool.

NEW YORK , NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, January 11, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Body Conversations® is a podcast that looks at our physical bodies to understand how they impact American politics and culture. Let’s face it, we’re all deaf to this conversation even though it’s a threat to our economy our real lifeblood. Liberals and conservatives avoid it like the plague–which it is! It’s a taboo subject, even for someone like Bill Gates.

At a recent Trump rally, 50% of the folks are obese, yet no one notices. While COVID has grown Americans' bodies even larger, no one makes the connection. The mainstream liberal media merely blames Trump for America’s high COVID numbers and poor outcomes. Just read the CDC Diabetes statistics; they tell the real reason for our weakened immune systems.

Did Republicans use this scientific data to silence the Democrats? No! They’d rather lose the election than touch this touchy body subject. Nancy Pelosi says, “Americans are just Wonderful!” even though she’s half the size of the typical American female. Meanwhile, the “Eat Healthy/ Beat Up the Body” wellness brands profit and grow their bottom line while American bottoms balloon.

Public Health chief, Dr. Anthony Fauci refuses to use his new platform to criticize our size. The good doctor knows that Americans inhabit a Politically Correct Body positivity, size inclusivity, “everybody is beautiful” landscape. Wellness conversation ensures that no one’s feelings get hurt and everyone should feel good. Such a happy, happy wellness world. But, what about the coming unwellness from all the obesity-related sickness?

Our solution is to simply euphemize it away by sprinkling the “healthy” everywhere. Like a benediction. Euphemize now and euthanize later. Fatness aka consumer gluttony is so un-PC that only Bill Maher has the courage to speak up about our huge bodies.

The CDC’s diabetes statistics show that a majority of Americans are already sick with obesity-related illnesses. 88-million of our 209 million adults are pre-diabetic. Prior to COVID, 34 million had the big D. Today that number has undoubtedly swelled in tandem with our bigger bodies. We can assume that some of the PRE-diabetics have migrated to full-blown diabetes. A nation of damaged bodies, invalids in the Making.

Our huge economy is also unwell. The solution…free food!! Hurrah! A recent CNN story out of San Antonio Texas showed lines of cars with their trunks popped open so that volunteers could shove in boxes of food for the hungry. The drivers of these cars were so obese that they had to move their seats all the way back so they could fit behind the steering wheels. Apparently, no one noticed. More food. Food Glorious Food.

Americans are currently lugging around eight billion EXTRA pounds!! Everyone here is hungry, even the affluent. Worldwide, ONE BILLION people are underfed and underweight. But they are on distant continents. They need many, many, many, many meals. But do American adults? Well, of course, we do! Give us more all you can eat food joints & supersize me deals and don’t forget those “healthy” smoothies and the latest superfoods. Refrigerator-sized humans are hard to miss, but we’re experts at doing so. Obesity is a 35” waistline, but not in the good ole US of A. Japan’s obesity rate is 3.2%, Denmark’s 17%. We’re at 50% and growing…

Politically Correct phoniness is harming our bodies and our economy. It’s reinforcing our tendency to oversensitivity and weakness. Wellness is a phony word to distract us from the dumb diets & dangerous exercises that failed us physically but made us better, fiscally. We’ve been profiting for five decades on advising the public on WHAT to eat, never on how much to eat. Eating what you don’t want—aka “healthy” — is a direct line to binging on what you do want. And we can eat so much food thanks to our overstretched stomachs. But it is not your fault. Blame McDonald’s, Doritos, Netflix, etc. What about Oprah? Her 25 years of daytime TV pitched thousands of diets and exercise programs that just messed with our metabolism.

The liberal mainstream media hates to hear about those weight loss stories that weren’t done their way. Let me tell you a quick story about Juan. He is the superintendent at the building where I have worked for the past 40 years. Back in 2005, I noticed that Juan had “sized up” if you will and was carrying about 25-30 extra pounds on his 5’3” frame.

One day, I told Juan he had to lose weight. We talk with a few words of English, a few words of Spanish, and a lot of pointing. Now Juan is not a touchy-feely kind of guy so I didn’t need to pussyfoot around. I went straight to the core: I pointed to his midsection and said “no bueno” and “usted es con bebe.” Since I couldn’t think of the words for “you look pregnant” so I said “with baby” and he laughed.

Typically, people would then ask me about “eating organic” as if it were a country!!! Or about Soul Cycle or Gluten-free diets or Keto or Vegan, etc., etc. Not Juan, of course. I just had to say in my Spanglish, “close your mouth sooner; stop eating so much and so often! He laughed, shook his head, and said: “no problema.” A year or two later all his extra weight had disappeared.

And unlike the liberal mainstream media who sucker Americans into “healthy” diets and wimpy wellness retreats, Juan lost the weight permanently. He is now trim and handsome and in his 70s. I don’t know what he eats and quite frankly, I don’t care. He “shrunk” his stomach. Close your mouth sooner and stop eating so much and so often. To read/listen to the remainder of the Podcast, click here.

Joan Breibart
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