The PHC Consortium Rises to the Challenge of Supplying Free Computers with TROM-Jaro to People in Lockdown

A TRADE-FREE Operating System based on MANJARO Linux

A TRADE-FREE Operating System based on MANJARO Linux

Project Health Control - A Career Path for Solution Finders

Project Health Control – A Career Path for Solution Finders

PHC for Performance Improvement

PHC for Performance Improvement

Anyone affected by social restrictions during lockdown can claim their free refurbished computer from old stocks rescued from their journey to landfill .

We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.”

— Winston S. Churchill

SOUTHMINSTER, ESSEX, UNITED KINGDOM, January 18, 2021 / — Order Efficiency Ltd is leading a mission to provide a free computer to people who are isolated in the lockdown and without the technical means to continue their studies. Many in this situation are struggling to afford computer equipment without which it is almost impossible to continue their courses.

"It's an old but good idea" says technology enthusiast Tracy Hathaway, "to build up a stock of workstations from old equipment and spare parts that businesses would otherwise throw away. Work stations that can be put to immediate good use by students as a temporary solution to see them through their studies."

There are government schemes in place to address this problem and computers are being made available for schools in their thousands. The TROM Computers project is intended to run alongside the government scheme as an alternative source for supply of old reconditioned computers refurbished with a state of the art alternative to Windows operating system and with full ongoing technical support.

First priority for the project is to establish a list of people who could benefit from a TROM Computer, followed closely by an appeal for donations of equipment from individuals and businesses about to discarding or liquidate their written-off old stock.

"Although the government route exists, I personally found the application process difficult and time consuming, and for me as an individual, I was never really sure whether or not I was eligible to apply." said Hannah Griffin, New City College Nursing Student, "but after I registered my interest in a TROM Computer, one was made available for me the very next day, and completely free of charge.""

For a look inside TROM Jaro, the operating system of choice for the TROM Computers project, there is an in-depth review by Tech News World. TROM Jaro is a Unix variant and is far superior to the operating system generally found pre-installed on new computers, and because it is not bloated with intrusive commercial add-ins, it is more likely to work well on older hardware.

On the 'TROM' You Tube channel there is a plethora of video demonstrations and tutorials including a walk-through of the TROM_Jaro – Trade Free Operating System. When you enter the world of TROM you discover a wide range of first class applications that are not only free, but 'trade free' which means that the creators gift them to the world with no expectation of ongoing revenue outside the voluntary donations that users may make from time to time as a show of appreciation for the effort that the developer put into the design of the application.

Before the project can start in earnest, there needs to be interest shown from prospective takers of the free computers. "If there proves to be no demand, then unfortunately there is nothing for us to do" says David Winter, Director of Order Efficiency Ltd, "but as soon as the demand is evident, which we expect in huge proportion, we will make intensive effort in gathering hardware needed to accelerate the project's operations."

The only workshop currently established is located in Southminster, Essex. But requests for a free TROM Computer are invited from anywhere in the world, as new workshops will spring up wherever there is a demand. We expect that the network of workshops will become widespread and abundant, with free TROM Computers distributed everywhere. We can think of the whole network of workshops as a vast library where stocks of computers are loaned out and returned, and each user considers the computer 'on loan' for as long as it is required in the user's situation. There will be a continual movement of individual computers that is tracked by the central PHC Consortium database.

To make a request for a TROM Computer an individual should join the PHC Consortium by sending a blank e-mail to

Then once registered, the new member will be given simple instructions on how to make the request using the PHC Portal. Once in the PHC Consortium each user will have the opportunity to use the portal for other things, such as training to be a PHC Consultant, but there is no commitment at all in PHC Consortium membership .

"The best case scenario is for us to be overwhelmed with requests for a TROM Computer so that demand massively outstrips the supply," said Ngozi Anthony, Business Development Consultant, "that will make a huge incentive for us to build and streamline our operations so we can satisfy as much of the demand as possible, and make this an ongoing service that persists long after the current Coronavirus crisis."

Order Efficiency Ltd is a British company offering service in Performance Improvement via the Project Health Control (PHC) Consortium.

The PHC Portal is an interactive online window to information on projects like TROM Computers, new users register by sending a blank email to

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TROM-Jaro – A Trade Free Operating System

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