British Standards Institute (BSI) selects Guildhawk to translate and localise web content to take their message global

BSI Group, the national standards body in the United Kingdom selected Guildhawk to provide localisation of the web content for the new website’s.

Organisations rightly expect their content to be consistent in every language, every time. We give them the very best tools for them to digitally transform and succeed. And without any fuss. ”

— Rita Metlovaite, Head of Client Business Transformation, Guildhawk

LONDON, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, February 28, 2021 / — BSI Group, also known as the British Standards Institution, the national standards body in the United Kingdom selected Guildhawk to provide localisation of BSI’s web content into languages as varied as Vietnamese, Arabic and Portuguese, in time for the new website’s fast-approaching launch date.

BSI re-vamped their website. Content required translation and localisation into 18 different languages to populate their worldwide sites.

Guildhawk’s project team put together a detailed plan upstream of commencement, which included batched languages, carefully scheduled localisation and QA stages, and phased deliveries to allow multilingual content to be implemented into the new site on a continuous, time-saving basis.

With almost 400,000 words being handled across 18 very different languages, and a tight timeline to launch, a structured, well-scheduled project plan was key to delivery.

Guildhawk’s project team put together a detailed plan upstream of commencement, which included batched languages, carefully scheduled localisation and QA stages, and phased deliveries to allow multilingual content to be implemented into the new site on a continuous, time-saving basis.

BSI’s new site went live at the start of 2020 in all 18 languages, and has been well received in all local territories.

When quality and accuracy are crucial and companies want the very best in human and AI powered machine translation, they turn to the trusted people at Guildhawk who have over 20 years experience in delivering exceptional quality.

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Guildhawk Case Study

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Why Vegan Claims Must Be Audited to be Certified

BeVeg International vegan certification firm requires audits up to global food safety standards.

BeVeg International vegan certification firm requires audits up to global food safety standards.

BeVeg Vegan Certification: globally accredited vegan trademark

BeVeg Vegan Certification: globally accredited vegan trademark

Vegan claims without physical audits lack integrity, as you cannot hold the supply chain and manufacturing processes accountable with just a paperwork review.

Vegan Certification standards with compulsory audits hold businesses accountable to a higher standard of food safety and cleanliness, and unify vegan claim expectations.”

— Carissa Kranz, Esq., BeVeg Founder & CEO

PALM BEACH, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, February 28, 2021 / — Vegan claims without audits are wishy washy and lack integrity. There is simply no way to hold the supply chain and factory manufacturing processes accountable to vegan ideals with just a paperwork review process. Audits are needed to ensure vegan claim integrity and supply chain accountability. It ensures proper chain of custody, training, and traceability controls are in place to keep the vegan claims honest.

Auditing the supply chain, ingredients, storage, preparation, purchasing controls, equipment, hygiene, and educating staff in all roles associated with these stages ensures food is safe for animal allergen sufferers and untainted for vegans (and other vegetarian, faith-based related diets which avoid animal products). Auditing also reduces the risk of animal contamination, which is the cause of many zoonotic diseases and product recalls. Auditing moves the needle for animal lovers who wish to affect the supply chain and keep the industry accountable to conscious compassionate consumerism.

“It’s not just about the final BeVeg certified vegan finished product. It’s about keeping the entire supply chain accountable and re-sourcing ingredients as necessary to keep and put pressure on those lower on the supply chain to also consider certification for cruelty-free efforts. Much of the problem is innocent ignorance in the general population of allergies, vegans and even food safety. It is not just common sense, it is not taught in schools,” says Heather Landex, BeVeg Chief Compliance Advisor & Food Safety Auditor.

Auditing keeps businesses honest. It ensures businesses care and maintain a commitment to vegan standards. It has policies and procedures in place to ensure they cannot cheat. It forces them to become educated on what vegan is so the concept is respected, just like kosher, gluten-free, and non-gmo.

“Unfortunately, the nature of the industry causes high staff turnover on the factory level. That means standards slip with a change of staff or a weakness in vegan training standards. The lack of awareness means there is also a low demand for guarantees regarding contamination. That is why standards must be in place and penned into operating procedures,” says Carissa Kranz, BeVeg CEO, attorney founder and vegan from birth. “A vegan trademark means nothing without accredited standards.”

“BeVeg has a global awareness training program for auditors and factories. This is essential to ensure education and respect at the factory or facility level. Let’s face it: most facilities are shared and there is plenty of cross-contamination. All auditors know this. The consumer is very much unaware of what we see during our audits,” says Landex. “That is why vegan certification cannot be considered real unless there is a facility audit that requires vegan education and vegan controls in place as standard protocol.”

The BeVeg vegan standard requires traceability controls, food defense, and separation of vegan products from animal products during the packaging, mixing, un-packaging, storage, and production to ensure no animal contamination or residue. “This is not just about being cruelty-free, this is about food safety, which is mainstream. The world needs to care, especially during and after a pandemic,” says attorney Kranz.

Clear vegan labelling on products and clear designation of vegan product storage, equipment, utensils with specific protocols surrounding PPE (protective clothing: gloves, aprons etc), procedures (such use of color-coded chopping boards), excellent communication (from internal audits to staff on floor to supervisors), understanding of training by staff are all standards that must be checked and assessed in an audit.

“While an audit is a snap-shot, there are tell-tale signs when an element of the system is not working or broken. Audits also lift standards as it motivates a “have to” rather than “should do” attitude, says Landex.

"Vegan Certification standards with compulsory audits hold businesses accountable to a higher standard of food safety and cleanliness, and unify vegan claim expectations," says attorney Kranz. "The bottom line: vegan claims demand respect when quality management systems are forced to pen vegan awareness and controls into their other accredited and audited procedures."

In the end, it’s all about consumer demand. As the consumer gets educated on how vegan is not respected in the supply chain, Kranz hopes the supply chain will become accountable. "That’s their end user and they do not want to lose brand trust or loyalty as the consumer gets a glimpse into what’s really happening behind closed doors,” says attorney Kranz.

BeVeg International is an ISO 17065 accredited vegan standard that was accredited by the National Accreditation Center as a Conformity Assessment Program drafted in accordance with ISO 17067. The BeVeg vegan standard is being adopted by global auditing bodies who are already carrying out other food safety and quality management audits. All auditors must be trained and considered competent on the BeVeg vegan technical standard. If you have a vegan product/service you wish to get officially certified vegan, you can apply at and an auditor or global certification body will be assigned to your file.

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Laws That Matter: Voice America with Jane Velez-Mitchell & Carissa Kranz

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Chile Vegan Burger Company Certifies Vegan with BeVeg

Chile Vegan Burger Company -- Katana Vegana -- Certifies Vegan with BeVeg

Chile Vegan Burger Company — Katana Vegana — Certifies Vegan with BeVeg

BeVeg Vegan Certification, a Global Trademark

BeVeg Vegan Certification, a Global Trademark

Katana Vegana, is the first food company in Chile to have gained the global BeVeg vegan certification.

It is a great step for our company to have obtained the prestigious vegan certification stamp of approval with BeVeg. We are very committed to transparency of process and products”

— Elo & Trini Katana Vegana Founders

CHILE, February 28, 2021 / — Katana Vegana, is the first food company in Chile to have gained the BeVeg vegan certification. The Chilean brand has a wide variety of gourmet flavors of readymade frozen vegan burgers.

“It is a great step for our company to have obtained the prestigious vegan certification stamp of approval with BeVeg. We are very committed to transparency of process and products. We carefully selected all of our raw materials, so our customers can be 100% certain they are consuming a food free from animal contamination", says Elo & Trini Katana Vegana Founders in a statement.

Katana Vegana burgers are high in protein and quinoa based. Quinoa is considered a superfood with a high protein content. Other plant ingredients include legumes, vegetables and seeds. The brand boasts no additives or preservatives.

Katana Vegana is available online at, in stores and on Instagram (@ katana.vegana). The global vegan trademark by BeVeg is proudly placed on top of all packaging and boxes.

BeVeg is the global leader for vegan certification. BeVeg audits the supply chain and facility processes and procedures to ensure the absence of cross-contamination. Katana Vegana is proudly made at a dedicated vegan facility where the policies and procedures are confirmed to have separate equipment, utensils, storage, and waste management controls in place to ensure vegan quality assurance and BeVeg vegan claim integrity.

BeVeg is the first and only accredited vegan standard in the world. BeVeg has achieved ISO 17065 for it’s vegan certification standard for products and services. BeVeg was accredited by the National Accreditation Center, who has confirmed BeVeg has built a conformity assessment program in alignment with ISO 17067, which global certification bodies may use and follow in a valiant effort to standardize global vegan claims.

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Carissa Kranz, Esq. Beveg CEO Interviews  – Katana Vegana Founders – for Laws that Matter.

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Founder and CEO of Vavoom Brand Luke Battiloro Discusses Overcoming Challenges with Invest Courier

Luke Battiloro

Luke Battiloro

Luke Battiloro, Founder and CEO of Vavoom

Luke Battiloro, Founder and CEO of Vavoom

Exclusive interview with Invest Courier discusses Vavoom’s success

UTAH, USA, February 28, 2021 / — Founder and CEO of Vavoom Luke Battiloro knows how to build a successful e-commerce business, having built several successful companies before Vavoom. Battiloro started his career as an entrepreneur with health supplements before investing in CBD. In a recent interview with Invest Courier, a news source offering curated business news and investing tips, Battiloro discussed his unconventional strategy for growing Vavoom.

As one of the first entrepreneurs to break into Vavoom’s unique category, Battiloro has seen extensive growth over the last few years. In his exclusive interview with Feed Voice, Battiloro discussed Neuro hacking and how it has allowed him to overcome challenges in both his personal and professional life.

"Neuro-hacking is the term that I use to describe the training I do for my mind. It’s a pretty broad term, in that sense, but earlier, I was mostly referring to ‘hacking’ into my brain’s stress-response (or the flight-or-fight response, as it’s more often called.) To put it more simply, I want to be able to tap into that reaction that happens when you get yourself into high-stress situations. The one that prompts your body to respond or move in some way — you either stop, fight, or you run away," Battiloro said.

But, with experience in growing several successful businesses, Battiloro discussed how to apply Neuro hacking to break barriers in the business industry.
“As an entrepreneur, you have to be open to new things, to innovation. It was exactly because I was willing to push this part of myself that I found my solution for getting Vavoom out there," Battiloro said. “I knew that we had to do something new in order to break through and succeed in the industry. So, we pushed Vavoom directly to consumers and sold it exclusively online. It’s kind of wild and kind of scary, it’s definitely new and never been done before too. But it’s exactly what we needed in order to put our name out there and see the level of success that we did."

Vavoom has overcome the challenges of building a successful business and rising to the top of a $30 billion industry. "We don't want to be just another brand. We thrive on exclusivity and instant brand awareness at the most exciting places around the world," said Battiloro. "Our packaging is instantly recognizable, and people will know they're in the right place for an incredible night when they find us on the top shelf."

About Luke Battiloro
Luke Battiloro is the founder and CEO of Vavoom, whose signature glass container is handcrafted in Milan, Italy, and evokes the figure of a beautiful, young woman stretching skyward. Vavoom aims to bring its Italian influences and benchmark values of beauty and art to life at each step in the design and production process. Additionally, through doing so, Vavoom hopes this product can do more, empowering women around the world to live their lives to their fullest. Battiloro is passionate about every side of the business, from production to engineering, software, technology, design, creativity, and philanthropy. He is involved every step of the way.

For more information, visit Website: or

Hugh Taylor
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Kimtron Hi-Rad x-ray systems with patented Photon Purification™ Technology to be used in Cannabis Decontamination

OXFORD, CT, UNITED STATES, February 28, 2021 / — The Situation
Whether grown in indoor or outdoor environments, the cannabis plants’ physical characteristics leave it susceptible to a host of microbial pathogens. These pathogens, including molds, fungi, and yeasts, are generally harmless but can present a health threat to immunosuppressed individuals. Coliforms, such as E. coli and salmonella, which can also be present under certain circumstances, can be harmful to anyone.

Microbiologists use the term “colony-forming units” (CFU’s) to describe the number of pathogen cells present in a sample. Harvested cannabis having a high CFU count is a primary reason why cannabis growers fail their respective state’s regulatory compliance testing (cannabis remains illegal at the Federal level, therefore, National guidelines governing product purity do not yet exist). Product that cannot be remediated (purified) is typically destroyed or cooked-down into lower margin oils and edibles.

Currently, there are several methods of cannabis microbial remediation including chemical washing, cold plasma exposure, RF bombardment, and ozone saturation. None have proven as effective as ionizing radiation (X-ray and Gamma) which is the preferred method of remediation in Canada and several “more cannabis-developed” countries.

Kimtron’s Role
Early in 2014, Kimtron was approached by a group of individuals who, anticipating the inevitability of a legal US cannabis market, were intent on selecting the products, supplies, and quality control measures necessary to grow and distribute cannabis. The group identified Kimtron as a unique, vertically integrated x-ray system manufacturer capable of designing and producing a cannabis purification system. Their goal was to target emerging cannabis growers and bundle irradiators along with other grow-related products and services.

Kimtron engineered a cannabis irradiator system for the group in 2014 but they were financially unable to commission Kimtron to produce such a system. The group eventually disbanded and Kimtron refocused efforts on its core products for the Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) industry which was experiencing unprecedented growth at the time. Kimtron management dismissed the cannabis event seeing it as an interesting but not yet viable market.

Recent events indicate the group from 2014 was right on target albeit five to six years ahead of their market. Responding to requests from major growers, in late Q-4 2020, Kimtron developed a prototype system and employed two major Universities and a well-known private laboratory to oversee test criteria and results. Kimtron is encouraged by the system’s better-than-expected performance and is positioned to bring systems to market in Q-2 2021.

Peter Cawley, Kimtron CEO states; “Electrically initiated radiation has already been proven a safe and e¬ffective means of eliminating pathogens in consumables, that wasn’t our charge. The most important factor in the design criteria of our Hi-Rad family of products was the need to deliver a high dose of energy with unrivaled precision, accuracy, and reliability. This is primarily a function of the high voltage power supply (HVPS), the heart of any x-ray system, and our patented HVPSs built in our US-based facility ensures repeatable results and increased throughput, which is a key concern for the larger growers”.

Cawley further states; “We find ourselves in an opportune position given the technical capability of our company and our ability to produce industry-leading high-power x-ray components. Originally developed for harsh industrial use, our products have proven uniquely suited for this application. We anticipate rapid growth.”

David Somoroff, Kimtron VP of Marketing states; “I’ve been an individual investor in the cannabis industry for some time and have observed many growers struggle with compliance issues. At a price point of several hundred to several thousand dollars per pound retail, no cannabis grower is happy about having to destroy product due to high CFU counts. We believe we have a superior product that will assist our customers in delivering a safe and pure product to the consumer.”

About the Company
Kimtron Inc. was formed in 1991 as an Industrial x-ray sales and service organization that has since developed into an ISO-9001 certified design and manufacturing firm of patented, proprietary X-ray systems and components. The company serves hundreds of customers in a variety of industries including Medical Research, Aerospace, Metal Casting, Defense, and Homeland Security. Kimtron enjoys a reputation for producing world-class products and delivering unrivaled after-sale service. Kimtron is 100% American-owned and produces all systems and components in the USA.

Peter Cawley
Kimtron Inc
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Special Interview with Ricardo De La Cerda

Ricardo De La Cerda – 247 Marketing online

Ricardo De La Cerda – Millionaire 247 Marketing online

Ricardo De La Cerda – Expert 247 Marketing online

Today we had actually like to present you to Ricardo De La Cerda.

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, UNITED STATES, February 26, 2021 / — It's an honor to speak to you today. Why don't you offer us some details about you and also your story? Exactly how did you get to where you are today?

My name is Ricardo De La Cerda, I'm called the Digital Marketing Expert and likewise the creator of 247 Marketing Online. My first media appearance was on AM Radio, a nationwide radio station in the U.S.A, with a very large audience, I had no site and also no organization, which was the topic I was being interviewed on! That was back in 1999 and also at the time I had an effective construction company but I was passionate concerning Digital Online marketing, after a couple of years previously, and also was wishing to change my life. I had lately a spiritual experience with the law of attraction, I had actually done some soul searching throughout that time as well as I was wishing to follow my dreams and also make an impact on the planet. When I heard the radio host state he was going to get a digital marketing expert on the show the following week I thought I could aid the listeners, so I pitched the show (6 times!), and also I was finally welcomed on! That one interview released my new job overnight, got me an A-list of customers, and made my transition into my new Digital Advertising and marketing Online! service easy as well as It was also the start of my publicity trip and a number of years later I had great success.

I make certain your success has not come easily. What obstacles have you had to get rid of along the way?

When I did my first interview on the radio (the one I informed you about earlier) the radio terminal was actually happy with the meeting, but not everybody concurred! And I had to learn beforehand how to manage the 'haters' who are not happy for you when you risk putting yourself available. It did knock my self-confidence, but after doing some heart looking, I made a solid decision NOT to let individuals I would certainly never ever met before holding me back, so I selected myself up, dusted myself off, and have actually never ever recalled I'm so delighted I did as I would certainly have lost out on so much or else. My adage is: "Never ever take criticism from a person you'd never go to for recommendations. That dismiss all the people you do not know, all individuals that are not living and also doing what you want to live as well as do, and all individuals you don't consider as a specialist on your topic.

Let's talk about the job you do. What do you specialize in and also why should a person deal with you over the competitors?

As an SEO consultant and digital marketing strategist ranking in the top 1% talent. I have a comprehensive understanding of Google algorithms and how the recent Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, Mobilegeddon & Rank Brain updates have affected websites and their ranking factors. I am able to quickly and effectively diagnose penalties and repair rankings. My custom-tailored strategies combine my skills in copywriting, content creation, white-hat SEO, and creative marketing in order to create maximum impact and deliver long-lasting accumulative results.
Anyone who promises #1 positions would be engaging in unethical tactics that mask their lack of SEO knowledge & technical skills. NO ONE can guarantee organic #1 positions. Ever. If they do, it is either a scam, or they intend to employ black-hat tactics which will surely demolish your future site rankings. Your decline in traffic & revenues would be gradual, and you likely would not discover the damage for months. I have spent the majority of my SEO career repairing the damage, which is not unlike cleaning up a bad oil spill. Regardless of what you have been told or read, it takes months, not weeks, to achieve and/or restore top organic rankings & increase traffic & conversions.

What's your best piece of advice for readers who prefer to find success in their life?

I recommend that when you have an unusual concept, really feel motivated to do something a bit different, or want to make a huge change in your life, to be initially selective of who you share the info with. This is often a 'breakable' stage where you can easily be influenced or persuaded by other individuals' anxieties as well as questions, so my idea is to handle it with treatment' and be selective of who you tell. My recommendation is when something really feels right when you 'know' don't try to find approval or validation from other individuals or perhaps 2nd assumption yourself, opt for its success is there awaiting you!

Speaking of success, what does the word indicate to you?

Success to me indicates doing a job that doesn't seem like work because it's so satisfying as well as I jump out of bed in the morning due to the fact that I feel passionate, I am always up to date on SEO and marketing trends, and am proactive in my efforts. Continually assessing and tweaking as necessary to obtain and maintain optimal results. From on & off-page SEO, social media, content writing/creation, and online marketing, I’ve got you covered!

Lastly, exactly how can people connect with you if they want to learn more?

If you'd like to connect with me, I can be discovered in the adhering to means:
Internet site:
Chirp Social Network:

Alex DuBois
WDC News 6
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Profile Films Implements the InvoTech Uniform System for Contactless Uniform Distribution and Inventory Management

InvoTech Uniform System establishes Efficient Operations and Total Control with RFID Technology at Profile Films

Profile Films, a leader in the food packaging industry is now using the InvoTech Uniform System for accurate and real-time inventory information of approximately 3,000 uniform items.”

— Oswald Lares

WOODLAMS HILLS, CALIFORNIA, USA, February 26, 2021 / — InvoTech Systems Inc. announces the recently installed Uniform System at Profile Films. InvoTech Systems is the leading provider of advanced Linen Management, Laundry and Uniform Systems that integrate the latest RFID technology to increase profitability for hotels, resorts, casino operators, sports arenas, convention centers, theme parks and production plants. The InvoTech System installed at Profile Films manages the uniform inventory and assignments for 200 employees. Profile Films joins InvoTech’s extensive client portfolio of customers worldwide. Click here for more information on InvoTech’s Linen, Laundry and Uniform Systems.

With the InvoTech Uniform System Profile Films tracks the entire inventory and distributes uniforms without physical contact using UHF-RFID technology — from uniform purchase, assignments, daily use, and laundry activity. The perfect solution in the current situation, respecting social distancing and hygiene norms to enable full productivity of staff. The uniform system provides significant cost saving benefits by cutting labor costs, eliminating losses, reducing purchases, and lowering laundry expenses. The system eliminates traditional labor-intensive tasks, such as manual sorting, counting, and record keeping to reduce operational costs.

“Profile Films, a leader in the food packaging industry is now using the InvoTech Uniform System for accurate and real-time inventory information of approximately 3,000 uniform items. Uniforms are assigned to employees using an electronic signature capture terminal that records employee signatures when uniforms are assigned. This procedure eliminates the need for physical contact and no paper is required to keep employees’ signatures. Every uniform item is accounted for and every employee is responsible for the uniforms assigned. Transactions are automatically recorded, and social distancing guidelines are respected.” said Oswald Lares, Director of Sales & Marketing at InvoTech Systems, Inc.

InvoTech has over 700 satisfied clients worldwide in more than 36 countries, including medical centers, cleanrooms, hotels, resorts, casinos, theme parks, stadiums, arenas, convention centers, and laundries. Why InvoTech? Because major brands like Hyatt, Marriott, Ritz-Carlton, Hilton, MGM International, Wynn Resorts, Caesars Entertainment, Universal Studios, LEGOLAND, Intel, Pfizer, Madison Square Garden, and Staples Center rely on InvoTech Systems to provide operational efficiency, full-accountability, and turn-key solutions for laundry, linen and uniform management. See what our clients are saying about us.

About InvoTech Systems

InvoTech Systems, Inc. increases profitability for clients. It is a leading provider of software management and control systems for uniforms and linens, and for laundry and security operations. Served markets include hospitality, healthcare, cleanroom, commercial laundry, and amusement industries worldwide. InvoTech products deliver vital information that establishes ultimate control and total accountability. InvoTech solutions are reliable and easy to use. They streamline operations and improve service levels with reduced labor and operating expenses. InvoTech provides 100% of its system support and product development in-house. The firm’s trusted staff averages 10 years of reliable technical experience, knowledge of methodologies, and industry depth. InvoTech is a Microsoft Certified Partner that evolves technology-based solutions regularly based on client- and staff-driven innovations. The company is rooted in a culture that emphasizes long-term client relationships and superior customer service. For more information, please visit our website.

About Profile Films

Profile Films was founded in 1998 by Steve Ehmann. With help from his initial employees, Jenn Foerster and Sam Swartz, Steve and the team established and grew Profile into a film and bag extrusion company with an extraordinary focus on taking care of the team and our customers. Along the way, Profile has earned a leading position in the food packaging industry, in addition to serving other industrial markets. Regardless of application, Profile is passionate about delivering exceptional service.

InvoTech Systems, Inc.
Oswald Lares, Director of Sales & Marketing
20951 Burbank Blvd. Suite B
Woodland Hills, CA 91367 USA
Phone: 818-574-7795

Oswald Lares
InvoTech Systems, Inc..
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InvoTech RFID Uniform System

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Northeast Florida Shopability Saturday Event Inspires Public to Support Businesses that Hire Individuals with IDDs

Shopability Saturday

Businesses that hire individuals with intellectual and development differences (IDDs) are the focus of an innovative new initiative launching next month in Northeast Florida. The inaugural Shopability Saturday event encourages Jacksonville residents to pa

March 6 Community Celebration Will Be First of Its Kind

The Shopability map gives our community a tangible tool to identify and patronize those businesses while showing our neighbors with IDDs how much their inclusion is valued.”

— Sarah Troup, director of Connectable.

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA, USA, February 26, 2021 / — Businesses that hire individuals with intellectual and development differences (IDDs) are the focus of an innovative new initiative launching next month in Northeast Florida. The inaugural Shopability Saturday event encourages Jacksonville residents to patronize – either in person or online – one of the area’s IDD-inclusive employers throughout the day on March 6.

More than 130 such companies are featured on a searchable map, which was created by organizers of the Connectable movement – an initiative developed to highlight the region’s unique system of support for those with Autism, Down syndrome and other IDDs as well as the value these people offer. The employers featured on the Shopability Saturday map include uniquely abled individuals on their teams, whether through employment, internships, or serving as a job site in partnership with a nonprofit, said Sarah Troup, director of Connectable.

“The Shopability map gives our community a tangible tool to identify and patronize those businesses while showing our neighbors with IDDs how much their inclusion is valued,” Troup said. “We hope this event encourages communities across the country to build on these efforts so that we can create a more inclusive workplace for all Americans with IDDs.”

Organizers say the event is the first of its kind in the country specifically centered around businesses that hire individuals with IDDs. Participating employers include the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens, Firehouse Subs, VyStar Credit Union, and more.

Research from the Institute for Corporate Productivity shows that people with IDDs bring hard work, diversity, and value to the workplace – with 84 percent of employers reporting these employees as highly dependable and 70 percent citing that individuals with IDDs support workplace culture. Yet, National Core Indicators reports that 84 percent of individuals with IDDs did not have paid community employment in 2018. In Florida, this rate is even higher – coming in at 90 percent.

This event is made possible through the generosity of Delores Barr Weaver, community philanthropist and former co-owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars. Those interested in learning more about Shopability Saturday can visit

Founded by community philanthropist Delores Barr Weaver, Connectable unites individuals and organizations to shine a spotlight on the positive contributions that people with intellectual and developmental differences (IDDs) make in our lives and community. For more information, visit

Kristen DeSmidt
Daigle Creative
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Shopability Saturday

Source: EIN Presswire, Indian Grocery Online Platform now launched Buy More Save More feature


Ready To Eat

Ready To Eat

Buy More Save More

Buy More Save More

Buying online grocery items and other specific products has just become more lucrative and simpler, as Desi Basket now offers you deals, saving your budget

EDISON, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, February 26, 2021 / — Serving Indian expats in US has long been the forte of Desi Basket. The reliable online platform has gained a massive significance in the US market, serving customer efficiently all over United states. never leaves any stones unturned in providing best deals to its customers across the country. Now, the platform has launched an exciting new feature that lets the customers reduce the grocery expenses by buying more. The ‘Buy More Save More’ feature of Desi Basket has just been launched, specifically rendering customers more flexibility in accommodating their shopping budget with the product lists on the platform.

This great offer allows you to add more value to your shopping experience by availing huge discounts. For example, when you purchase two packets of Afshan Henna Powder, you would get 10% off on the online retail price of the second packet. Similarly, the attribute applies to assorted vegetarian Samosas – purchasing a couple of packets of Samosas (each packet having 60 units) would get you a 15% off on the second packet.

There are plenty of products on Desi Basket site that fall under this wonderful money-saving feature, which you can find exploring the link Some of the products are Cold Wax cream from Ayur, Herbal oil from Baidyanath, Aloe vera from Ayurveda, Bournvita 500 gm jar, and many such incredibly useful items that bear an authentic Indian touch to their brand name.

As a customer on Desi Basket, you would be both satisfied and delighted to explore and avail these buyer-oriented deals and mouth-watering cheap offers. has also been a trusted name in the US as a seller of genuine ‘ready-to-eat’ Indian curries, offering loads of delectable varieties. The attractive ‘Buy More Save More’ feature now applies to Indian curry products, too, as you can dig through the link

For instance, when you buy 3 packets of Dal Makhani of Haldiram from the site, you receive a whopping discount of 25% on the third packet. Such top-notch offers are also available for other assorted curry products from Haldiram. The Alu Methi under MTR brand also has such an offer. Each packet contains 300 gm of high-quality fine curry powder. You pay less and get more quantities.

The CEO of Desi Basket, enthusiastically, has recently stated in a coveted conference that “Our ‘Buy More Save More’ feature provides more flexibility to customers in terms of lowering their shopping expenses, especially in grocery items, in a strategic way. When an individual purchases more quantities, we guarantee that per unit price of the product would significantly decrease. There would be more value at a lesser price.”

About Desi Basket: is a reputable ecommerce platform selling a wide range of authentic Indian grocery products (and other items) at cheap rates to Indian living in US.

Contact details
Address: 518 Old Post Rd Edison, NJ 08817
Phone number: +1 (732) 835-7629
Email id:

Bala Elugoti
+1 732-835-7629
Visit us on social media:

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Governments and Corporations are Responsible for the Death of Small Business

No More Excuses: Small Business Needs Support, Not Lockdowns and Unfair Restrictions

When we complain about a problem and do nothing, we are worst than the problem itself. Canada has always been a country that defined itself on social responsibility. That is what Canadians do!”

— Edward Henry

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, February 26, 2021 / — How many small businesses throughout Canada have struggled and closed while many large corporations have flourished and taken bonuses for themselves? Bonuses they have been able to afford because they are subsidizing employee wages and expenses with government contribution.

How many small businesses have been shut down due to health concerns without any data that suggests these same businesses are a greater risk than the large box stores? Why is small business on lockdown while other large essential corporations have been able to operate with almost no restrictions?

When will all business have equal rights?

When will a small business that can operate safely have the same privileged rights of the large corporations and be permitted to stay open?

The bottom line on this entire argument is that classifications of essential and non-essential are discriminatory to small businesses. Most small businesses have made greater efforts to protect their customers than many of the “essential” companies that have been allowed to operate freely with minimal restrictions. Big box stores that often violate capacity and social distancing limits and have only recently been investigated for violations.

The government has made health determinations with little logic, data, or explanation on why retail businesses outside of box stores are unfairly restricted to less capacity.

After two lockdowns and still no plan, there has been no discussion regarding fair treatment for small business. Everyone knows that small businesses are working from an unfair position. Many small business owners have had to take government loans to survive. Current data released by CFIB states that small business owes more than $135 billion. This amount requires repayment to the very government that is locking them down after adjustments they have made to their businesses to become compliant to guidelines that are ambiguous. The data from various departments are conflicting and inaccurate.

It is time for the government to balance the scale. Large corporations should be in partnership with small business, not sending business out of Canada. Businesses that have been unfairly treated deserve greater tax breaks and loan forgiveness based on the financial struggles that have been exacerbated by the continued mismanagement of poorly thought-out restrictions.

SmAll Business is Essential is an initiative created by Edward Henry Company and Social Distance Management. Our goal and function is to advocate on behalf of suffering small business due to the lack of support and unfair treatment from various government restrictions. The interest expressed by many small businesses throughout Canada, and even the United States for SmAll Business is Essential to help struggling small businesses has evolved to becoming more than a cause. It is now become an organization that will be on the front lines to fight for the rights of small businesses.

It is time for Canadians to be socially responsible and ensure that fairness is included in the metrics that we are using when governing through these difficult times. It is time to give small business support, and allow them the same rights that have been allotted to large corporations for over a year.

The restrictions put on businesses should reflect the health and safety threat, the business’ ability to manage their space and people, and the quantified rate/metric of spread in a specific region.

We are currently raising finances for businesses that are complying with health and safety recommendations and guidelines to stay open. We are advocating to keep business in Canada and to support small business. Edward Henry Company will be donating 50% of the proceeds from it’s recent new book release Cut The Bullsh*T to SmAll Business is Essential of Canada. Small businesses across Canada are done paying the price. Small businesses are going to unite and stand up to government and big business, because SmAll Business is Essential.

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