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NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, March 7, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — The pandemic may have caused lots of changes and limitations to most of the businesses especially restaurants but this wasn’t able to hinder Vito Pavone, owner of Just Eat Great, to explore new business opportunities. Since COVID 19 pandemic started, many companies ventured into e-commerce. It has been projected that food and beverage e-commerce will earn $16.5 billion this year on its way to nearly $26 billion by 2022. (www.bigcommerce.com)

When passion turns to an endeavor and vision turns to reality. This is the story of how Just Eat Great came into being and serving people good quality Italian menu items at a reasonable price. Vito Pavone, one of the owners of the said business started as a busboy and worked his way up with persistence and optimism. His life revolved around the business since his family owns a restaurant in Northern Italy. When he was still a teenager, he would spend his summer with the family to learn everything about the food business at a young age. From that on, he always wanted to follow in their footsteps.

In 2007, Vito bought his first Italian restaurant named Duals in New Jersey. He and Brien, have owned Dusals for 13 years now. In March 2017, Brien and Vito bought another restaurant called General Saloon. This restaurant focuses on serving customers American cuisine, burgers, pizza, wings. Then, another restaurant was bought in April 2019 called Brunswick Grove offering American cuisine, pizza, burger, wings. His businesses were known for their highs and lows, and challenges like this pandemic which have greatly affected his restaurants too.

Just Eat Great is the answer to his wife’s daily problem about meal preparation. To address this, Vito gave his wife complete fresh meals for lunch and dinner, to make it more convenient, cost-efficient, and time-saving. Vito was bringing the best homemade meals to their plates so she doesn’t have to worry about what to cook especially during this pandemic. Also, since the kids are doing virtual schooling at home, they needed something to eat from now and then. Friends and customers found out what he was doing and asked if Vito can do the same for them. Vito saw it as an opportunity and considering e-commerce is very trendy and efficient nowadays, Vito and Brien had revisited their vision which is to grow together in the food industry. So, they made it happen. Now, we have Just Eat Great up in our browser and ready to serve you Italian foods delivered at your doorsteps.


Just Eat Great offers fresh food delivery and good chef-prepared meals with numerous combinations specifically made to serve the working class, busy couples, and families to relieve them from doing meal preparation. Meal planning and preparation is a bit stressful for busy people who do not always have the time to shop and cook for themselves. Thus, Just Eat Great will bring great comfy meals to customers who can order anything they want and whenever they want. As we always make sure that our menu has a good mix of tasty and comfy options. We take responsibility for the meal planning and preparation so all you need to do is click the meal you like, place an order and wait for us to deliver them directly to your door.

Fresh from Our Kitchen and Delivered Straight to You. We also have options for you to choose whether Food PickUp, Delivery, and Shipping.
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