Hallstein Artesian Water Teams Up With Tika the Iggy to Benefit Operation Water on World Water Day (March 22nd)

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Hallstein Artesian Water – A New Way to Experience Earth’s Rarest Drinking Water

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Tika the Iggy – the kween of Montreal Teams Up with Hallstein Water for World Water Day March 22nd

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Hallstein does not have, and does not need, any form of treatment applied to it. This is mainly due to the extremely low Total Organic Carbon and lack of any other potential impurities that would normally need treatment.

Hallstein Water and @tikatheiggy Encourage Hydration on March 22nd as a Way to Heal the World

Now that I’m sipping the world’s finest Hallstein Water, my world is complete. On World Water Day, I'm proud to be part of the solution for my two & four-legged friends. #Water2Me”

— Tika the Iggy, Montreal Instagram Sensation

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, March 18, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — (March 17, 2021, New York City, NY) Luxury subscription-only Hallstein Artesian Water, the most sustainable and high-quality drinking water in the world, and four-legged international style icon Tika the Iggy toast to 2021 World Water Day in the most natural and fashionable way possible – by spreading the word about the value of water. Together, the velvety collaboration seeks to raise funds and awareness for global non-profit Operation Water by delivering clean drinking water to communities in Mozambique.

During the month of March, Hallstein Water is increasing its donations to Operation Water with an additional $22 for every new subscription to spotlight World Water Day (March 22). Remarkably, $22 will provide a lifetime supply of clean water to one person in the regions in which Operation Water has launched. The “Lifetime of Clean Drinking Water” program is a bold yet simple opportunity to fight the global water crisis.
“#Water2Me means everything. And now that I’m sipping the world’s finest Hallstein Artesian Water, my world is complete,” says Tika, Montreal-based Instagram sensation. “On World Water Day, I am proud to be part of the solution for all my two- and four-legged fashionista friends. Everyone deserves clean drinking water!" Tika’s bowl of preference is customized with her name from the artisanal ceramics collection Style Union Home.
“Raising awareness of World Water Day and particularly Operation Water who does such important work, is a passion of my family’s,”noted Alexander Muhr, CEO of Hallstein Artesian Water. “The work being done is literally life-saving and having Tika help us spread the word is a special treat.”

About Hallstein Water
Hallstein Water emanates from an artesian aquifer, 700ft (214m) deep in a layer of rock beneath Dachstein mountain, in the Hallstatt-Salzkammergut region of Upper Austria. The water in the aquifer arrives thereafter an 8-10 year journey beginning as raindrops in the mountains above, then filtering through layers of the highest quality limestone unique to this region, and is protected from pollution and contamination by layers of earth called a Glacial Moraine. The Hallstein ‘Octagon’ defines the 8 key parameters that comprise the highest quality drinking water in the world. Hallstein Water is subscription-based and delivered directly to homes, offices, hotels, or restaurants as unfiltered, unprocessed, and unaltered as it is at the source. For more information please visit www.hallsteinwater.com

About Operation Water
Operation Water collaborates with philanthropists and social impact investors to fight the water crisis. Our mission is to deliver clean water solutions to the greatest number of people in need, at the lowest cost per person, by developing sustainable and scalable infrastructure projects. Providing access to clean water helps ensure a pathway to mitigating mortality and morbidity while alleviating malnutrition, gender inequality, and disparities in economic opportunity. For more information visit www.operationwater.org

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Hallstein Artesian Water – The World’s Finest Water by Subscription Only

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