New Entertainment App Puts Happy/Brunch Hours on the Map

Prymetime recently launched their new mobile phone app with up to date breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, and happy hour specials.

MANHATTAN , NEW YORK , UNITED STATES , March 8, 2021 / — Based in the United States, the recent launch of the Prymetime application (patent pending) is set to make the search for local restaurants more effective. The new user generated happy hour maps locates restaurants and recreational establishments nationwide with brunch and happy hour specials, and the team at Prymetime is planning to continue adding even more locations to their database.

Happy Hour Specials Near Me

The new entertainment app is available for iPhones and Androids, free to download from the App Store and Google Play. It’s user-friendly with an easy navigation dashboard. Users need to fill in their locations, desired restaurant or recreational establishment, or the brunch or happy hours times. For example, users can type in their search as follows, ‘I want to find all the happy, brunch, special hours within a 10 mile radius of me between 4pm and 7pm’, and the search will filter what they are looking for accordingly.

The team at Prymetime plans additional features for their new application, these will include special alert notifications to start random happy hours for business owners, and optional alerts for existing users, Business owners will also be able to access business owners’ menus during their search, and with a clean interface and new icons planned, the app will be suitable for anyone, anywhere in the US.

Prymetime already has over 5,000+ locations on the map and 30,000+ happy hour specials that are easy to find. The team at Prymetime understands the difficulty in finding the exact time of when specials begin due to restaurants always updating their hours, saying, about the new app, ‘You are able to find specials near you with a click of a finger’.

With an alphabetically-ordered list, users can access any place from Applebee’s, Arby’s, Buffalo Wild Wings, all the way to Yard House. When users search each establishment they will be able to find the exact dates and hours, start and end time, and information about various specials, including numerous restaurant’s menus.

The owner of Prymetime says that it all started from him needing to search for a specific happy hour time near him, ‘we had just tried looking for a happy hour that wasn’t our usual place’ – but he couldn’t find an application that provided that service – ‘it had me thinking the next day, what if it was easier to search happy hours?’, so he filled the gap and designed it himself.

One of the primary reasons Prymetime started was to create cheaper and better opportunities when planning to go out for something to eat or drink, whether it’s for a group of friends planning to go out for the evening and have a good time, or someone visiting from out of town who needs a navigation system and index of various places to choose from. It’s suited to those who only want to eat out, day or night, and not drink, as well as those who want to go out and have a few drinks and snacks.

Due to Prymetime being an app it makes the process of finding a place easier, as the owner says, ‘born of a necessity to drink easier, better, cheaper’, especially when a group of friends may be more inebriated than usual. This is ideal in the event of bachelor parties, finding the bachelor happy hour from their phone will save time walking about town looking for the best place.

Prymetime provides users with a repository of drinks and food at every location the team could find and plans to add more soon. While they have only called most places nationwide in the United States to start, they are planning to call across the globe and provide users with even more happy hours.

About Prymetime
Prymetime is a mobile phone application to find all your favorite breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, and happy hour specials with the press of a button in your area. Whether you are traveling or staying local, Prymetime helps you find your favorite spot. It’s free to download on the Android and Apple Store.

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Source: EIN Presswire