Simplain’s Vendor Portal Facilitates Efficient Collaboration and Data Exchange Between Retailers and Vendors

Streamlined Supplier Collaboration

The company’s cutting-edge Vendor Portal solution simplifies complex trade relationships and strengthens the retailer-supplier partnerships.

UNITED STATES, March 25, 2021 / — Diamond Bar, California: For grocery retailers, procuring the right products at the right price points without any delays is essential. In many cases, retailers and vendors face critical data integrity issues and struggle to ensure smooth, seamless, and organized collaboration. This may result in supply chain inefficiencies and take a toll on their bottom line.
Simplain’s state-of-the-art Vendor Portal is designed to resolve these problems by making the vendor part of the retailer’s business process workflow. It effectively streamlines collaboration and centralizes communication, thereby improving efficiency across the board. Retailers can improve compliance tracking, scan-based trading, purchasing, master data management, zone management, and invoice management, among many other key aspects of the supply chain.
According to Sanjaye Elayattu, Founder and President of the company, “At Simplain, we’re committed to reducing the time it takes for retailers to introduce new items to the shelf. Our Vendor Portal streamlines all aspects of Warehouse & DSD supplier collaboration.
It’s designed to facilitate efficient collaboration and data exchange between retailers and vendors. By improving database reliability, accuracy, and security, it strengthens communication and boosts productivity.
Owing to enhanced collaboration, there’s little to no room for error. This plays a big role in reducing costs and improving overall efficiency.”
Over the years, Simplain’s Vendor Portal has become the go-to software for grocery retailers and vendors across North America. The recent addition being one of the largest grocery retailers on the West Coast with over 150 years of retailing history and hundreds of stores. It’s specifically designed for the grocery industry and caters to their unique needs. The secure, resilient, user-friendly, and cloud-enabled platform helps simplify complex trade relationships.
“The Vendor Portal has several modules, including Vendor Intro & Management, DSD Management, Item Intro & Management, Deals & Promotions, Purchase Order & ASN, and many more. Each module is carefully designed to boost efficiency. Our goal is to double down on productivity and help grocery retailers save time and money.
We have a razor-sharp focus on producing results. By cutting down on complex manual work and leveraging the power of innovative technology, we help you reap the benefits of a full-featured system that’s ready to go,” Sanjaye continued.
The Vendor Portal securely transmits data both ways. It can be used to capture critical data like allergen, nutrition, label, and expiry information. It’s built to streamline collaboration, speed up time-to-shelf, and facilitate real-time communication. The SaaS version of the platform can be utilized on a subscription basis.
As the most popular module of the software, Item Management is highly customizable. It allows retailers and vendors to collaborate on new item introductions in a timely, efficient, and streamlined manner. The module is equipped with mass data handling features to facilitate specific scenarios associated with the DSD business process. The remaining modules further simplify complex tasks and improve operations.
About Simplain
Simplain is a software product and services company that serves grocery retailers and convenience store chains. Their flagship product, the Vendor Portal, enables streamlined collaboration between suppliers and retailers. The company’s supply chain engineering consultants use a scientifically proven approach to create practical solutions for complex challenges in the retail industry. They can be contacted via the information provided below.
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