Armando Dawdy explores world's greatest wine regions

Armando Dawdy

Armando Dawdy

Wine director Armando Dawdy offers an expert look at some of the world's top locations for wineries and vineyards

Burgundy, meanwhile, is not only one of France's greatest and most popular wine regions, but is arguably one of the finest anywhere in the world, too”

— Armando Dawdy

RICHMOND, TX, USA, April 16, 2021 / — From Argentina to Australia and from Spain to South Africa, wine is now produced all over the world. However, only in the most standout regions are the finest varieties created, as renowned wine director Armando Dawdy explains.

"Exquisite wines are now being produced at all four corners of the globe, including right here in North America," says Armando Dawdy, Brenner's On The Bayou's acclaimed director of wine.

An elegant steakhouse and bar with roots dating back to the 1930s, Brenner's On The Bayou opened in 2007 in Houston, Texas. Dawdy, meanwhile, is a seasoned wine specialist from nearby Richmond.

Armando Dawdy has traveled extensively in his pursuit of the world's best wines. Also extremely well-read on the subject, there's precious little that Brenner's On The Bayou's trusted wine director doesn't know about the millennia-old practice of wine production.

Today, for example, among the world's greatest wine regions, the expert reports, are Napa Valley, California; Burgundy, France; and Maipo Valley, Chile.

The Golden State's Napa Valley is located in Northern California, just 90 minutes from San Francisco. "Napa Valley is now by far the best-known wine region in North America," Dawdy explains, "celebrated across the U.S. and, indeed, globally, for varieties including Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, and Sauvignon Blanc."

"Burgundy, meanwhile, is not only one of France's greatest and most popular wine regions, but is arguably one of the finest anywhere in the world, too," he adds. Burgundy's famous red wines are made from 100 percent Pinot Noir grapes, Armando goes on to point out, while its white wines are all entirely the result of Chardonnay grape production.

Dawdy is also keen to touch briefly on Maipo Valley, Chile – a lesser-known but increasingly prominent producer of some of the world's top wines, he suggests. "Situated in Central Chile, Maipo Valley, in fact, is starting to be referred to as South America's Bordeaux," reveals the expert.

Armando Dawdy marks more than a decade at Brenner's On The Bayou

Armando Dawdy has proudly served as the resident wine director of Houston-based Brenner's On The Bayou for over a decade. Joining the team in August of 2009, Dawdy had previously held similar roles at a number of other recognizable and much-loved local establishments. This includes working as a wine director at high-end Italian eatery Tony's Restaurant and lending his hospitality expertise to the Ritz-Carlton as its bar and grill manager.

Now an indispensable part of the team at Brenner's On The Bayou for more than 11 years, the celebrated upscale Texan steakhouse is focused, Dawdy says, on keeping local traditions alive. The restaurant is situated in a picturesque spot on Houston's Buffalo Bayou and enjoys breathtaking views from every table.

A proud Texas native, Armando Dawdy is a graduate of the University of Houston, from where he holds a bachelor's degree in hotel and restaurant management. Armando has been happily married to his wife, Francesca, for almost 20 years. The couple have two sons, Liam and Connor, and reside in Richmond, Texas, around 30 minutes from Downtown Houston.

Outside of his work, Armando Dawdy enjoys spending time with his loved ones and reveling in his passion for basketball, golf, and art.

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