Low Glycemic Soups, Tea and Splash Drinks To Help Maintain Balanced Diet



Soups, teas and splash drinks products of Desi Basket have a low Glycemic index, crucial for implementing a balanced diet for a healthy lifestyle

EDISON, NEW JERSEY, USA, June 4, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — The craze for a lean, fit body has soared in recent times, especially during the pandemic. People have become more conscious about their appearance, physically. They now want to make their body more agile, focusing on losing weight, and increasing immunity level simultaneously. In this context, the importance of low Glycemic food items has hugely increased. Qualified doctors, dieticians and nutritionists regularly recommend having food with a low Glycemic index.

Glycemic index is a technical way to mark food items in terms of glucose content and to what extent blood sugar could be impacted. The index has a scale of 1 to 100. Generally, there are three broad categories in which the Glycemic food products are segmented. In the first category, there are food items with a high GI – Glycemic index of 70 or more. In the medium GI segment, the range is between 56 and 69. The third category has food items with low GI, equalling 55 or even lesser. The ‘American Diabetes Association’ creates food lists based on the index.

According to several empirical studies, medical researchers have repeatedly proved that low GI food items are incredibly effective in keeping diabetes under control. The composition of the food blocks glucose mixing into blood. The functionality of insulin in the human body increases, too, with the regular intake of low Glycemic food.

Desi Basket, a renowned name in the online retail industry of the USA, insightfully sells Low Glycemic Food Products such as soups, teas and splash drinks, at reasonable rates, helping its large customer base in maintaining a balanced diet and significantly improving lifestyle.

Products sold on the platform of Desi Basket are processed complying with all regulatory norms. The nutrient content, along with the Glycemic level, is monitored by experts. Desi Basket has a clear agenda of selling food products that are not only delectable but also sustainably healthy.

Placing your order on Desi Basket for an orange splash drink or vegetable soup with low GI is very simple. The process is fast and convenient. You have to choose suitable products from a list, pay for the items chosen and wait for the delivery at your doorstep.

Formulating a balanced diet by including food items with low GI from Desi Basket is useful in controlling your blood sugar level. Such diets are effective in weight-reduction, too. Moreover, food items with low GI help in improving your coronary health.

In a business webinar last week, the founder of Desi Basket precisely stated that “We sell low GI food items keeping in mind the interests of diabetic customers. We want to feel them safer through balanced and wholesome diets.”

About Desi Basket: Desi Basket is an online seller of a wide spectrum of food items (especially products with low GI) in the USA, particularly targeting Indian expats.

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