Mobile Businesses Booming Despite Global Challenges

Bringing business to clients has never been so convenient, or stylish!

Many mobile trucks are turnkey and simply waiting on their new owner.

This mobile truck was easily transformed into a pet grooming and veterinary service. Anyone who has a unique idea or service can start with a blank slate and customize their own mobile truck or trailer!

There’s no shortage of remarkable ideas, what’s missing is the will to execute them.”

— Seth Godin, Author & Entrepreneur

UNITED STATES, UNITED STATES, June 4, 2021 / — Once the coronavirus disrupted the world last year, several unexpected issues occurred in personal and professional lives. However, one headstrong industry took on the challenge by riding in style and convenience. Mobile businesses are on the rise! Being a beneficial way to get goods and services to customers while also giving a personal buying experience that many are craving after isolation.

For many years, restaurant owners have taken their skills to the road starting food trucks. However, recent unexpected issues have encouraged more than ever to do so. Not just to help their business, but also to have meals for people conserving groceries, or the elderly who may not have easy access to basic foods. Other industries are realizing the benefits and joining the mobile trend to help both businesses and customers not only during this fight, but long after the coronavirus is in the past.

More people are finding that now is a great time to open a mobile business as it helps discourage large crowds while still helping a variety of businesses – not just theirs. Some towns have a common well-known gathering spot for events and spreading the word could mean all the difference to a business on the verge of closing. A great way to break up the monotonous shopping routine is to create an event including other businesses. There are endless ways to creatively pair with other mobile shops to help amplify their audience. Some of the best pop-up events are filled with a variety of trucks like clothing boutiques, souvenir shops, photobooths and bookshops – and of course food trucks!

“Mobile biz has grown every year, but Covid has pushed it to a new level where everyone’s creativity is shining. Mobile businesses allow owners that income of their dream without being slave to a store 6 or 7 days a week,” says Eric Normand of – an online provider of food trucks, salons, boutiques, & other mobile business vehicles.

Despite sanitary precautions that people have been practicing, everyone should still be able to enjoy their holidays, small weddings and business events while having a familiar experience. Portable businesses are also great for practicing safe distancing recommendations.

There are plenty of errands – whether daily, weekly, etc. – that people could be saving time and money on. Spending a few minutes to find and use mobile businesses for their needs as much as possible goes a long way. People who shop with mobile businesses help their community while doing what they already do, just a little differently.

During isolated times, more kids than ever are struggling to keep up with classes, especially online lessons. Private tutors using mobile businesses give the one-on-one attention they need while parents can be reassured and just a few feet away. Of course, parents want their kids to not only be safe and continue growing healthy, but to still have fun and get plenty of those childhood experiences we all reminisce on. By having mobile businesses that provide gaming services and entertainment, children can have fun without all the risks of going out.

Mobile businesses are great for providing services for people, but we can’t forget about taking care of the home, pets, and vehicles! We all know how common it is for a pet to realize something is up and that they are about to be fooled into going to the vet rather than to play at the park. With mobile veterinaries, pets can be tended to while at home or the park! So, there wouldn’t be much need to fool them any longer. Groomers, on the other hand, are (most commonly) loved by our precious pets and would be welcomed with wagging tails and purrs.

Although our vehicles may not have been seeing as many miles as they were used to before any quarantines started, they still need regular maintenance. Oil changes get pushed to the ‘back burner’ so much that the industry had to come up with a convenient drive-thru oil changing service to make it easier. Mobile businesses have made it even easier for people to keep up with small maintenances for their vehicles such as oil changes, battery charges/changes, windshields, and miscellaneous other services. As important as it is to keep vehicles running smoothly, keeping them clean and sanitary is also crucial – especially to those working as a driver or delivery service. Auto detailers setting up mobile businesses is a great and thriving idea that many are catching on to.

One thing someone might not consider when thinking about starting a mobile business is that, depending on the industry or service, the potential of having repeat customers can almost be guaranteed. Once people realize how much more convenient shopping mobile is, they tend to spread the word to help their friends and family do the same. One of the best parts about having a mobile business is the versatility they have to offer. If someone is focused on a more specialized and unique industry, a mobile truck or trailer can easily be customized to effortlessly keep sales coming.

Many people love the idea of starting their own mobile business, but so few of them make the move and pursue the dream. There has always been one company everyone knows and loves. Being in business since 1999, they have a long history of helping people follow their dream and with confidence. has the largest inventory in the world for mobile business of ALL types. Just to name a few of their specialty businesses, they have food trucks and mobile kitchens of course, but also trucks and trailers for boutiques, bakeries, brick pizza ovens, concession stands, snowball/ice cream, catering, grills for BBQ, beverages from smoothies to coffees and espressos, and so much more. Whether someone is looking for a fully built turnkey hair salon or would rather start off with a blank slate with something custom, there are countless options to crank up something unique!

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