Hospitality TECH START-UP The Better MENU Launches in Nashville, TN

Hospitality TECH START-UP The Better MENU Launches in Nashville, TN

NASHVILLE, TN, USA, June 21, 2021 / —

From Influencers to Entrepreneurs, How Nashville Locals are Supporting the Restaurant Industry With a New Platform

When the pandemic took the world by storm, the restaurant industry was one of the hardest hit. With unexpected stay-at-home orders shutting down businesses and an unprecedented number of restaurants closing their doors permanently, support for local restaurants grew, especially in Nashville. Dan Burkard and Michelle Carilli, better known for @wickedtasty, their popular Instagram page with over 11,700 followers were inspired as well. Wanting to give back to the Nashville hospitality scene that once helped them, they are excited to announce the launch of MENU, a new digital menu platform.

If you’ve dined out during the pandemic, chances are you’ve seen new menu systems like QR codes and other touch-free versions restaurants are using which often don’t work effectively. MENU provides a better guest experience by using professional photography to elevate the way you order food. According to their data, 77% of restaurant guests prefer a picture-based digital menu compared to a “traditional” text-based digital menu. Burkard says, “the biggest difference is we are focusing on images and photos to sell food and connect people to your business.” Its interactive platform allows restaurants to customize their offerings in real-time so guests have an easy-to-view and visually appealing way to see current menu options.

MENU is now live and partnering with local restaurants in Nashville such as AVO, Daddy’s Dogs, Peg Leg Porker, The Mac Shack, and Stock & Barrel. With MENU, restaurants can expect to not only attract and build “regular” customers, but also save money on digital design, updates and menu-printing costs, as well as the most precious marketing resource—in-house time. MENU also collects and provides data that will help restaurants make better business decisions. Unlike other services, Burkard and Carilli's platform provides specs that restaurants can use at the moment in a user-friendly way so you don’t need a professional to break it down.
MENU’s mission is to not only help local businesses survive, but to thrive.

MENU by @wickedtasty (MENU for short)

Dan Burkard, Founder of MENU and Co-Creator of @wickedtasty
Michelle Carilli, Co-Creator of @wickedtasty


Instagram: @thebettermenu
Additional Instagram: @wickedtasty

Dan Burkard left the corporate world in 2019 and moved to Nashville with his partner Michelle Carilli to taste their way through the city and document their journey on their Instagram page @wickedtasty, to give well-deserved local restaurants exposure. With the professional photography and the lively personality they portrayed, the page has grown in popularity to over 10K followers and the couple has embraced the community in the Nashville hospitality scene who helped them along the way. When COVID-19 hit, it left their new community struggling to stay afloat. Dan and Michelle wanted to do everything in their power to be there for the community who helped them build @wickedtasty, and MENU was the way to do that.

MENU is a digital menu platform for restaurants that uses photos to sell food and connect restaurants with their customers. By integrating photos with digital menus, MENU gives customers a better dining experience elevating the way you order food. As opposed to traditional paper menus, QR codes and other touch-free versions, MENU’s interactive platform allows restaurants to customize their offerings in real-time so guests have an easy-to-view and visually appealing way to see what is available at that very time. MENU’s mission is to not only help businesses survive during this tough time, but thrive.

Dan Burkard and Michelle Carilli: Co-Founders of MENU and Co-Creators of @wickedtasty

Dan Burkard and Michelle Carilli are engaged entrepreneurs, content creators and small business owners who have dedicated their newest business venture, MENU, to the Nashville culinary community who has given them so much in return. While they always had a dream of someday making an impact, their drive to put it all into motion hit when the COVID-19 pandemic took the world by storm.

The couple both attended the University of Connecticut, earning their degrees in 2014—Dan in finance and Michelle in allied health sciences. The couple met during a chance encounter at a bar in Stamford, CT (NYC metro-area) in 2016 and bonded over their time at UConn. Michelle lived more than 80 miles away in Hartford, CT, at the time working in the health insurance industry, and Dan lived in Stamford, working in sales for a Fortune 500 company in NYC. The relationship progressed and after spending three years living nearly 100 miles apart, the couple decided to move in together. Both Dan and Michelle were looking for a new start outside of the Northeast and moved to Nashville in May 2019, after falling in love with the city after multiple trips together to Music City while they were dating.

There, Michelle retained her job in health insurance and Dan left the corporate world to fulfill his childhood dream of being an entrepreneur. Together, they co-created their Instagram page, @wickedtasty to showcase and give exposure to local spots in Nashville in which to dine and drink. As the page grew in popularity, the couple embraced the community in the Nashville hospitality scene and was inspired by the amount of love and passion local restaurateurs have for their businesses. When the devastating destruction of COVID-19 had done its damage on their new community of restaurant friends and with big tech taking advantage of struggling small businesses, they knew something had to change. And MENU was born.

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