Major Transformative Rebranding Brings Sizzling Gourmet Burgers To Life

SPARKS, NEVADA, UNITED STATES, June 24, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Local family-owned BurgerIM in Sparks has rebranded itself to Sizl. Burgers. The transformation, which occurred a few weeks ago, now offers a wider variety of choices to patrons and customers and doesn’t change – but enhances – the familiar family-style service.

On our recent visit there, speaking to employees, I learned that the reinvention was due to the sudden announcement by the parent company, BurgerIM, of its filing for bankruptcy. From all that I saw, I’m pleased to say that management and staff of the new independent Sizl. Burgers outfit did a remarkable job of reinventing themselves. One staff member, Robert Carrier said:

“Even though most BurgerIM franchisees were left high and dry by the unexpected bankruptcy announcement, we weathered the storm and have evolved into a better, stronger, and more diversified operation than before!”

And yes, “better and more diversified” is exactly what we saw!

I love the concept of the different sliders and protein options. We sampled tasty sliders with beef, falafel and lamb. We also got yummy onion rings and fries too, and it was all very good – although the lamb was a touch dry. I am happy to try them out some more!

Talking to Robert Carrier reminded me of how resilient and resourceful the family-owned restaurant has proved:

“Despite the sudden setback, and the ongoing pandemic crisis, our team has come together remarkably well, under the circumstances…and we owe it all to the local community supporting us. We hope you all come out and show your support to us as the weather gets warmer!”

From the relatively large crowd we saw – all well-disciplined and respectful of safety protocols, it looked like the local Sparks burger-loving community was out in full force to show their support. I spoke to one local resident, who was there with his family of 4 to support the family-owned business, who said:
“We’ve been loyal fans of the old joint for a long time, and we don’t expect to go anywhere else. We love the number of choices and options they have for toppings and sides too."

And speaking of choices, their menu tells it all. All burgers come with Roma tomato, leaf lettuce, shaved onions, pickles, American cheese & house sauce. They also have a huge selection of premium toppings, including bacon, avocado, fried egg, pineapple, jalapeños, onion ring, pepper jack, Swiss cheese, cheddar cheese, red cabbage, sautéed onions. sautéed mushrooms…and so much more. It can get pleasantly overwhelming!

And speaking of overwhelmed on your visit…Don't be confused when you see the trifold sign out front advertising Mr. Beast Burger pick up. As part of the joint’s diversification strategy, they are also cooking for the internet ghost restaurant too. That menu is only available though Mr. Beast Burger and online.

As Robert Carrier said:

“For us, reinvention was a matter of survival. And we’re glad to see our Mr. Beast Burger service is a hit too, because many Sparks residents – and burger-lovers from even further afield – have embraces it wholeheartedly.”

It may look a bit “gimmicky” – but I am glad to see multiple sources of incoming into this local business.

So, when you plan your next dining-our trip with friends and family, go enjoy some Sizl today….and show your appreciation to good ole Sparks family business ingenuity!

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