Naples, FL Ritz Carlton Calls Police on Uber Driver with Bipolar & OCD

Naples, FL Ritz Carlton Calls Police on Uber Driver with Bipolar & OCD

NAPLES, FLORIDA, USA, June 24, 2021 / — Uber Eats driver & Former teenage entrepreneur Colin Spencer Wood makes an Uber Eats delivery at 1:30 AM at Naples, FL Ritz Carlton Beach Resort and leaves the property with a trespass warning.

Wood, 38 at the time, was on disability and trying to make a living doing Uber Eats part time. Wood checked into security at 1:30 in the morning and was chased down by security when security used intimidation tactics on him. Wood explained to security that he has Bipolar Disorder & OCD. He asked security to let him out of the building and they chose to call the police on him instead. Ritz Carlton used Collier County Sheriffs office Corporal Endleman to Trespass Wood. Wood stated that Corporal Endleman was very respectful and understanding of his situation. It is unclear whether Endleman was a CIT officer. A CIT officer are officers with mental health training and education. Wood said that Corporal Endleman was outstanding, he understood and he displayed qualities of a leader.

It is very common for people people with mental health issues to experience hate and discrimination. A lot of this is mostly in part due to lack of education from the people calling the police on people suffering/living with mental health issues. Wood said that most people aren't going to understand Bipolar Disorder, especially Ultradian type because of the daily rapid cycling. This happened last July 4th, and Wood decided to issue a worldwide release of the YouTube video below as well as this press release to raise awareness for Bipolar Disorder, OCD & mental health issues in general.

The trespass warning has since been dropped by the resorts director of operations. However there was no public apology and Wood has said he did feel humiliated, disrespected and he knows that most people won’t understand. Wood, now 39 is writing a book called Diagnosed Bipolar and is also working on several documentaries in addition to other businesses and mental health/bipolar/OCD public speaking in the future. As a teenager Wood started a successful vending company and is now planning on mentoring a local 15 year old soon to be sophomore in High School to help a young entrepreneur and give back. Colin stated he enjoys helping other people. Wood, also had a mental health social network – which ended up being sold to years ago for an undisclosed amount. You can follow Colin Spencer Wood on social media @colinspencerwood. The full video is on YouTube under – “Naples, FL Ritz calls police on Uber driver with Bipolar/OCD.

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Naples, FL Ritz Carlton Calls Police on Uber Driver with Bipolar Disorder/OCD

Source: EIN Presswire