Celeb Chef Exposes Two City Council Members and Bias Local Media Outlets

Chef Tropepe in his private kitchen

Critically acclaimed chef and hospitality industry advocate, Vincent Tropepe spills the beans on two city council members & local media who try to chop him

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, June 29, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Award winning, multi certified chef, culinary personality and published author Vincent Tropepe has recently had his second book published titled SLAUGHTERED: How Inconsistent Lockdowns Collapsed the Hospitality Industry During COVID-19. the bipartisan work openly and honestly discusses how questionable leadership played a role in the implosion of the hospitality industry.

On Wednesday, June 9, 2021 in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, New York the former per diem Air Force One domestic flight presidential chef gave his first passionate interview that streamed live on Facebook with Emmy winning journalist Tinabeth Pena.

During the interview, Pena asked Tropepe about the court case and bialy written articles written about him 2018 made by a Bay Ridge restaurant that had an investigation spearheaded by sitting City Council member Justin Brennan and his predecessor Vincent Gentile who served as city council member from 2003-2017 and who is now employed as an attorney for the Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings (OATH) the court system that businesses report to when they are fined by the various city agencies and the same court system that Chef Tropepe has successfully represented many restaurant clients in and the same court system that said Tropepe manufactured over 40 pages of documents to obtain funds from the restaurant.

In the interview that was streamed live on Facebook, Tropepe tells Pena that his hospitality advocacy work is well known and the sitting council member knows his body of work. Insisted of picking low hanging fruit to score cheap political points with the business community Justin Brennan never contacted him to discuss these allegations. The relationship between Brennan and Tropepe has been friendly (until now).

Instead Brennan elected to call Vincent Gentile knowing he works for OATH. "This was a gift to Gentile." Tropepe told Pena during their interview. "You want to know why it was a gift?" he asked Pena as he turned to her. "Because when Gentile was in office and I had a restaurant here on third avenue he made a lot of (sexual) advances towards me and also some very explicit sexual advances. And very respectfully and privately I declined his advances and kept it to myself, but you see now this could have been a catalyst of making this juicy story move forward." Tropepe said. "From there numerous biasly written articles were written that never asked for a comment from me, never asked for a comment from my business manager, never asked for a comment from my attorney, but they wrote articles and wrote articles."

Tropepe revealed the plans as to what will take place to make the entire story from start to end be told. Tropepe's third book is already in the works and their is already much interest from publishers on the subject matter of manipulated inspections and false notices of violations. Tropepe is going to dedicate an entire chapter of his third book to his case and said, "I will have the last word that will be memorialized forever."

In his interview, Tropepe promised that in the posting for his Facebook live video that the council member Justin Brennan, Vincent Gentile and the publications such as Eater NY, The Patch and others would be tagged and they were.

Tropepe's third work is scheduled to be released in approximately 18 months.

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