Diet ID and Fruit Street Partner to Enhance Digital Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP)

Diet ID partners with Fruit Street to enhance their digital Diabetes Prevention Program

Partnership sets the new standard for virtual diabetes prevention programs

DETROIT, MI, UNITED STATES, July 1, 2021 / — With an estimated 88 million people in the U.S. – or nearly 1 in 3 – facing prediabetes, there is a growing need for effective Diabetes Prevention Programs (DPPs) that educate, engage, and make a lasting, measurable health impact on the population. A groundbreaking partnership between Diet ID and Fruit Street will do just that.

As the only digital diabetes prevention program with Full Recognition status from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Fruit Street provides consultative wellness and lifestyle guidance via telehealth and HIPAA-compliant live group video conferencing. The partnership with Diet ID bolsters Fruit Street’s solution with an entirely new way to assess diet at entry, track diet change over the course of the program, and offer personalized nutrition guidance. All participants are directed to a dietary pattern and quality consistent with the DPP, but can now choose their preferred variant on that common theme, from Paleo to vegan. The robust diet assessment tool uses image-based comparisons to determine the participant’s diet starting point and goal diet in just seconds.

Diet ID CEO and Founder, Dr. David Katz, commented, “Pre-diabetes is epidemic in our country and digital delivery of the Diabetes Prevention Program is just the right response to reach the many millions at risk. This exciting collaboration will transform diabetes prevention with a bold advance in dietary assessment, and the opportunity for each participant to personalize their nutrition goal. We are proud of the partnership, and excited about the opportunity.”

Fruit Street’s CEO, Laurence Girard, commented, “We are excited to add Diet ID to Fruit Street’s digital toolbox! Diet ID will help bolster Fruit Street’s Virtual Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) by providing program participants with another tool to help them make actionable lifestyle changes in an effort to prevent chronic disease. Fruit Street’s program currently allows participants to take photos of their meals and receive feedback from their dietitian coach within the app. By adding the Diet ID assessment at designated intervals throughout the year-long DPP, participants and lifestyle coaches will be better able to assess changes in diet quality as the program progresses. Diet ID will help measure what we believe our program is doing: promoting improved diet quality in participants who stick with Fruit Street's DPP. We are also expecting the pilot to show that participants who have access to Diet ID during the program will be better equipped to make individualized dietary changes, resulting in improved outcomes. We look forward to seeing how Diet ID can affect positive dietary changes in our population and improve the program experience.”

The Fruit Street and Diet ID solution will launch this fall to thousands of prediabetic Americans looking to improve their health outcomes.

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