Tim Xenos And The Rise Of Bevpax Pty Ltd

Tim Xenos is the co-founder of Bevpax, an FMCG organization which has been leading innovation in the beverages industry.

DAWES POINT NSW, SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, July 5, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — When it comes to the names who made it big in the FMCG industry, Tim Xenos will probably be the only individual who created a world-class product based on pro and prebiotic beverages. Yes, Mr Tim Xenos, the co-founder of Bevpax Pty Ltd, is one of the leading names in the industry, thanks to his latest Survive Satchel series, which was recently awarded at the European Food and Beverage program in 2020, beating some of the biggest names in the world.

And with the addition of his latest Survival Satchel series drinks, he has taken another big step in increasing his market share in the pro, prebiotic drink sector and is quickly expected to become one of the biggest names in the FMCG sector. Recently in an interview, he thanked the European food and beverage program for awarding his Survival Satchel Series and proudly quoted, "how deserving and an excellent line of product it is". Tim Xenos believes that with this breakthrough, it is now clearly visible what buyers are looking for in a drink. He further added that his company would continue to work on immunity and hydration beverages that are easy to consume.

Currently, Tim Xenos's Bevpax has established its manufacturing divisions in Malasia, Australia and Vietnam. This is because it aids him to transport the product from one part of the world to the other since each country has a natural connection via the waters to every part of the world. In addition to all this, Tim Xenos's Bevpax also works with other contract manufacturers and global distributors in the private labeling business.

Started nearly 23 years ago, Tim Xenos's Bevpax Pty limited has been doing a phenomenal job in their cold-brewed coffee and oat milk division in the United States of America. And due to his overly liked beverage products among the customers, he slowly grew his company to a global scale and quickly marked a huge presence almost all over the world. His initial line of brands named Jelz, Rockit, Hydra, Le Cafe, Surviv, and Vio were all taken together under one umbrella company which is his Bevpax Pty Limited.

There are not many names in this industry who can claim this many extensive Research and Development product lines in their business. But in the case of Tim Xenos's Bevpax, he has been constantly focusing on R&D to continue developing some of the best and well-known products in the fast-moving consumer goods section.

Till now, other companies that have worked with Bevpax in the manufacturing and private labeling business have hugely benefitted from his department. Time and time again they have mentioned that Tim Xenos's business insights for the beverages sector is one of the best and can defeat any company in the world. His experience, knowledge, and sheer innovation have lead to the quick growth of Bevpax to not only the USA but multiple other countries in the world. According to Tim Xenos, his latest achievement for his Survival Satchel Series means a great deal to him, and he promises to bring better and more innovative products in the future. He also aims to expand his production and distribution lines to other countries in the world too which will mark a dominant presence of Tim Xenos's Bevpax all over the world.

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