Food is Medicine + Artificial Intelligence App

The ‘Food Is Medicine’ Company adds AI Technology to its Offerings to Help People with Chronic Diseases Make Smarter Food Choices

We’ve always loved the concept of food as medicine and if you’re trying to avoid types of food based on a specific chronic disease our app assists consumers in their pursuit for healthy food options”

— Sam Laber, Co-Founder of Spoonful

DALLAS, TEXAS, USA, July 27, 2021 / — Roots Food Group and Spoonful signs Letter of Intent to develop grocery scanning AI technology for chronic diseases. Roots Food Group makes and distributes Medically Tailored Meals and ‘Food is Medicine’ products, prescribed by doctors as a covered benefit to treat various conditions and chronic diseases.

Roots Food Group will provide the Spoonful App free of charge to all patients who are prescribed Rfoodx ‘Food is Medicine’ products. The offering will enhance education and behavioral change, while assisting food choices by way of AI technology. Consumers will use the Spoonful App to help make healthier food choices and purchases for CPG products within grocery stores.

“You are what you eat. This proves to be true especially with those suffering from chronic disease,” said Robert T. Jones, CEO and founder of Roots Food Group. “We are delighted to partner with Spoonful to create innovative tools for the prevention and management of chronic diseases. No problem if you can’t read or pronounce the ingredients on the food label, Spoonful’s proprietary scanning technology will provide Rfoodx patients an easy way to know if certain food products meet ingredient and nutritional guardrails of their specific conditions.”

Spoonful and Roots Food Group are developing chronic disease specific applications to augment the ‘Food is Medicine’ offerings. The main feature is a label scanner that flags any ingredients that should be limited or avoided. Users will be able to scroll, filter, search, and add new products to their list of Favorites. Each scanned product will appear in the user’s Discover Tab, which serves as a mini product catalog. All of the data and ingredient notes within the app have been written and verified by Spoonful’s international team of dietitians.

“We’ve always loved the concept of food as medicine and wanted to embody that somehow in an app. When you look at other nutrition apps, you find a lot of calorie or macro counters, which are great if you’re trying to lose weight, but not so much if you’re trying to avoid types of food based on a specific chronic disease. That’s why we chose to focus on ingredients”, stated Sam Laber, Co-Founder of Spoonful. “The app itself is a barcode scanner that helps people discover new, safe foods by flagging ingredients that are high or moderate for specific chronic diseases. The app also has a community tab where you can search what others have scanned and add what you like to a dedicated shopping list. Our main goal is to make grocery shopping faster and easier by cutting out a lot of the label reading for those that are suffering from chronic disease.”

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Source: EIN Presswire