Howard Michael Burnham Gowen Discusses How to Pair Your Favorite Gourmet Snacks With Wine

Howard Michael Burnham Gowen Is Here To Help You Pair Your Favorite Gourmet Snacks With Wine

Howard Michael Burnham Gowen Is Here To Help You Pair Your Favorite Gourmet Snacks With Wine

Howard Michael Burnham Gowen Discussed How to Pair Your Favorite Gourmet Snacks With Wine

ATHENS,, GEORGIA, USA, August 16, 2021 / — Do you love food? Do you love wine? So do we! But if you’re like us, you also have no idea how to pair your favorite foods with your favorite wines. This can result in a disastrous charcuterie board night or dinner party because the wrong pairing can make perfectly delicious food and wine taste awful. 

Luckily, Howard Michael Burnham Gowen is here to help! In this article, we’ll be discussing what snacks pair well with which wines, and why so you can replicate it no matter what you’re serving! 

Start by Pairing Like Flavors Suggests Howard Michael Burnham Gowen

Contrasting flavors can make for an excellent experience, says Howard Michael Burnham Gowen, but it’s very easy for beginners to choose the wrong palette. Instead, stick with complimentary and like flavors to help you choose the right pairing. 

For instance, Riesling often has notes of lime, making it perfect for that ceviche you’re serving. If you’re serving something with red meat like a steak kabob, consider a heavy red wine with hints of smoke like a Cabernet Sauvignon or a Malbec. Serving chocolate-covered cherries? Look for a wine with hints of cherry and/or chocolate!

When you pair like flavors, you’re bringing out those notes in both the food and the wine experience, says Howard Michael Burnham Gowen. It creates a synergy that deepens the flavor profile and makes both items pop!

This can be tricky if you’re not a wine connoisseur, but it’s very easy to enlist help–just ask someone at the liquor store or Google it! And don’t forget that most wines have flavor profiles listed on the label as well. 

Don’t Serve Dry With Sweet
Sometimes people are tempted to balance out sweet flavors with dry wines. But this can make the wine feel puckering-ly dry and the dessert seem sickly sweet. So instead of complementing one another, you’re diminishing both experiences. 

Instead, Howard Michael Burnham Gowen suggests that you try a sweet wine with sweet treats. You can only taste so much sugar at once, so super sweet foods make sweet wine taste less sweet. Riesling, Moscato, and Port are all great places to start. 

Pair Salty Snacks With White Wine
Now this is all about preference, says Howard Michael Burnham Gowen. If you love your red wine, you can certainly find some that taste great with savory treats. But generally speaking, white wine tastes best with salty snacks. Just make sure you choose one with a high acidity to balance out the salt and cut through the fat. Pinot Grigio or Pinot Gris is an excellent choice that’s light and will complement your salty snack without overpowering it.

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