Youtube video series explains Probiotics and how probiotics support normal kidney function and kidney health

One of the best food groups to add to a healthy kidney diet are those containing probiotics, which are living organisms that help to maintain a healthy balance.

WOOD-RIDGE, NJ, UNITED STATES, August 20, 2021 / — Healthy Kidney Inc’s informative YouTube series is delving deep into some of the best foods to help support healthier kidneys. This YouTube channel offers hundreds of videos, free of charge to the viewing public and chock-full of information that can extend the kidneys’ lifespan and support more normal function in people living with kidney disease.

One of the best food groups to add to a healthy kidney diet are those which contain probiotics. Probiotics are living organisms or “good bacteria” that help to maintain a healthy balance within the body. Bacteria are usually associated with the “bad” types which cause illness, but “good bacteria,” like the kind which comprise probiotics can fight off the “bad” kind and provide a world of benefit in a variety of distinct ways. For instance, they can help digest food more effectively, help the body absorb more nutritive value from foods and support the immune system to prevent illness. This is, of course, beneficial to people with kidney issues as well, but when it comes to kidney disease, probiotics can deliver even more wondrous results.

The kidneys filter waste that is generated as a byproduct within the body from digesting foods, consuming probiotics, however, can revolutionize how the body processes this waste. Probiotics, plentiful in fermented foods, can help consume those toxins before the kidneys are tasked with filtering them from the body, alleviating some of the recurrent strain placed on them and providing relief to damaged kidneys that may not be operating at peak efficiency due to CKD. Naturopath and nutrition expert, Robert Galarowicz, founder of Healthy Kidney Inc. approached the numerous ways one can consume more probiotics and what they can do for the kidneys specifically in several videos.

Probiotics and Kidney Health. Probiotic Drink Restores Kidney Health Video #2
This video explores some probiotic-laden beverage options that are not only amazing for the kidneys and overall digestive health, but which taste delicious and can be a very filling and nutritious way to start the day.

Fermented Foods and Kidney Disease | How To Choose Fermented Foods To Improve Kidney Disease
This video explores the many delicious options out there which are fermented and which contain several probiotics. Delivering extra support to the kidneys need not be a chore or something to be dreaded. Tofu is one such versatile and delicious food choice Robert swears by.

Probiotics, Prebiotics, Symbiotics and Kidney Health & Kidney Function
This video is an introduction to probiotics, prebiotics and symbiotics 101. In the world of probiotics, there can be some confusion. In this video, Robert delves into what the differences are between the different strains of beneficial bacteria as well as what prebiotics are, what symbiotics are and how they benefit the kidneys.

Simple choices and dietary swaps can be made to really ensure the kidneys are getting all the natural support available to them. Knowledge of where to find these benefits is instrumental to every kidney disease sufferers’ continued health and quality of life.

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