Dubai is waiting for tourists: why it is worth relaxing in the UAE this summer

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, August 24, 2021 / — Modern Dubai is a big bustling metropolis. More and more tourists come here every year. Some for the sake of relaxing at sea, and someone for shopping or sightseeing. Whatever the purpose of your trip to Dubai, this city has a lot to surprise. Today Lifestyle will tell you what you can see in Dubai and the nearby emirates – Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.

What to see in Dubai

The visiting card of the city is the Burj Khalifa . This is the tallest building in the world. The tower is 828 meters high. Its observation decks are located above cloud level. The tower is also called "a city within a city", because more than 30 thousand people can live in the building at the same time. Burj Khalifa is home to restaurants, nightlife, luxury apartments with a pool and a mosque located at the highest altitude in the world.

At the foot of the tower is the 150-meter dancing Dubai Fountain . The water of the fountain rushes up to the height of the 50-storey building. About 83 tons of water rises into the air per second! These fountains are very long – they stretch for 275 meters.

The most popular beach parks in Dubai are Al Mamzar Park and Jumeirah Beach Park. A well-known landmark of the city is the man-made Palm Islands and the islands of the World Archipelago , where there are fashionable hotel complexes and a lot of all kinds of entertainment.

Also in Dubai, it is worth visiting architectural monuments – Sheikh Mohammed's Palace, the largest mosque in the city – Jumeirah and Dubai Undergrounds. Also, tourists are recommended to stroll through the old quarters of Deira and wander around the gold and spice markets.

Shopping in Dubai

Dubai Mall is the world's largest shopping and entertainment center. Its area is approximately 50 football fields. There are boutiques of elite brands, an indoor gold market and many shops for visitors. Also in the Dubai Mall there is a huge artificial waterfall with an aquarium and a large ice rink.

Another popular shopping complex in Dubai is the Mall of the Emirates . In addition to shops, it houses the famous ski complex Ski Dubai.

Weather in Dubai

The United Arab Emirates is one of the five hottest countries in the world. For this reason, the climate in Dubai is very dry and it rarely rains here. According to statistics, there are about 355 clear days a year in Dubai.

From late spring to early autumn, heat reigns in the city. The average air temperature is kept at +35 – +40 degrees. Also in Dubai, high humidity and a fairly warm sea. In summer, the sea temperature in Dubai is +27 – +32 degrees. Residents and tourists are saved thanks to air conditioners installed in hotels, taxis and shopping centers.

Be sure to take light long-sleeved sweaters with you on your trip – they will help you not get sunburned and come in handy when, after a hot street, you go into the cold premises of the shopping center. For those who do not tolerate the heat, it is better to postpone the trip to Dubai for the period from October to April.

Entertainment in Dubai

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Abu Dhabi landmarks

Not far from Dubai is the city of Abu Dhabi – the capital of the UAE. This emirate is suitable for those who like a quieter vacation.

In the city, you should definitely visit the Sheikh Zayedah Mosque – one of the largest mosques in the world. The entrance to the building is allowed not only for Muslims. The snow-white mosque houses the most expensive carpet in existence with an area of ​​5627 sq. meters and weighing 47 tons.

The oldest building in the capital of the Emirates is the Al-Husn Palace . It is called the "old" fort or "white" fort. The camel market in Al Ain is another popular tourist attraction. This place looks like an oasis among the sands and conveys the spirit and traditions of the East.

Sharjah landmarks

Near Dubai, there is another emirate worth visiting – Sharjah. UNESCO recognized Sharjah as the cultural capital of the Arab world for the careful preservation of historical heritage. This emirate is called "museum treasury", because there are a lot of interesting museums here.

Sharjah is famous for its King Faisal Mosque . She amazes with her grandeur and beauty. Also, tourists will like a wonderful place for walking – the Al-Buheira embankment . From here, beautiful views of the city open up and it is very comfortable to walk here. At night, here you can watch the Sharjah Singing Fountain show , the jets of which hit up to 100 meters. This fountain is the third highest in the world.

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