Herbolea inks deal with leading Hemp cultivator in New York State

Herbolea inks deal with leading Hemp cultivator in New York State

Herbolea Biotech and Wheatfield Gardens sign Licensing Agreement for use of cannabinoids solventless extraction and purification technologies

FLORENCE, ITALY, ITALY, September 17, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Wheatfield Gardens LLC (“Wheatfield”), a leading greenhouse cultivator in Tonawanda, New York, and Herbolea Biotech Srl (“Herbolea”), a biotechnology company based in Florence, Tuscany, developing proprietary botanicals extraction technologies, are pleased to announce the signing of a Licensing Agreement granting Wheatfield Gardens the limited exclusive rights to utilize Herbolea’s Bio-Herbolysis™ and Hydrocan™ extraction and purification technologies.

Bio-Herbolysis™ is a patented, solventless and environmentally friendly technology that can efficiently and straightforwardly extract cannabis’ full phyto-complex into a lipid base starting from wet material. Herbolea’s process can directly handle fresh plant material with no need to dry, saving cost, time and space. No high temperatures are reached during the process, hence terpenes are fully retained. Terpene content of Bio-Herbolysis oils is 2.5x that of dry flowers, presenting unique tastes and offering a distinctive fragrance experience.

Hydrocan™ is a patent-pending, solventless, water-based, rapid concentration technology to selectively purify CBD, CBG and their acidic forms CBDA and CBGA, while simultaneously remediating THC and THCA below quantification levels. No harmful or toxic solvents are used in the process, making Hydrocan concentrates very safe and environmentally sustainable.

Both Bio-Herbolysis and Hydrocan are highly scalable processes, environmentally friendly, GMP and Organic eligible.

“We are delighted to start our collaboration with Wheatfield Gardens in the New York’s growing hemp and cannabis sector” declared Mr. Marco Merciai “We were impressed by Wheatfield capabilities, the technology of its greenhouses and the strong focus of its team on quality and sustainability.”

Wheatfield sees a competitive advantage in its agreement with Herbolea.

“With current consumer trends toward supply-chain transparency, as well as more natural processing, we felt the Herbolea technology dovetailed exactly with our vision for the U.S. CBD market,” said Wheatfield CEO Paal Elfstrum. “We want to grow high-quality, unique plant cultivars, and then process them with a more natural, cleaner extraction process. The ability to process fresh flowers better preserves the plant’s natural terpenes and phyto-matrix. The resulting high-quality cannabinoid bulk ingredients can then be formulated into the consumer products developed by our partners.”

As part of the agreement, Herbolea commits to deliver Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) compliant equipment to Wheatfield’s facility in Tonawanda, with the capability to process over 80.000 Kg of dry flower or its wet equivalent per year.


Wheatfield Gardens, based in the Buffalo, N.Y. suburb of North Tonawanda, is an Ag-Tech leader sustainably growing high-quality, pesticide-free agricultural products indoors using state-of-the-art production systems. It has been previously licensed as a grower and processor by the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets and welcomes the further development of current regulations under the newly formed Department of Cannabis Management. Since 2017, WG has been an industrial hemp research partner with NYS Cultivating cannabinoid hemp using sustainable CBD and downstream consumer products and today its 500,000 square-foot facility is one of the largest indoor growing facilities in the state.. The company’s campus currently features several cultivation areas focusing on sustainable cannabinoid production.


Herbolea Biotech is an Italian extraction technology company offering industrial solutions to transform botanicals into superior quality products through proprietary, highly efficient and environmentally friendly technologies. Visit www.herbolea.com to learn more or watch a video of our processes at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZjLIds9FPkQ.

Lorenzo Venturini Del Greco
Herbolea Biotech

Source: EIN Presswire