G-1 Communications Announces the Launch of its New e-commerce Advisory and Export Services

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G1 Communications, an online advertising agency & consultancy, has announced its new e-commerce advisory and export services for SMEs

CHENNAI, TAMIL NADU, INDIA, September 21, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — "We are pleased to roll out our new services and continue our mission to help small and medium business owners to succeed," said Gopakumar Menon, founder and principal consultant of G-1 Communications. Menon reiterated that his organisation would aim to educate clients and make them independent. G-1 communications further revealed that they plan on becoming a one-stop-shop for small and medium business owners. As part of this initiative, they would offer hands-on implementation of sales, marketing, production and export services for those who want to develop their enterprises.

As an e-commerce advisory, G-1 Communications offers research and feasibility studies, online marketing plans, and secure international payment gateway solutions. As part of export-related service, G-1 brings suppliers and buyers together, to create a high-value return for their clients. Further, G-1 focuses on increasing reference links to client websites, thereby ensuring greater online traffic and brand visibility in the international market.
Other services offered by the company include website designing, online advertising, email marketing, and graphic designs. The company helps its clients with product development, competition mapping, and pricing. It further trains and empowers small and medium business owners to develop their businesses in the most profitable manner.

The G-1 platform works uniquely.

The complex social, media and business environment requires constant communication with employees, customers and investors. As businesses face reputational, legal and financial challenges, they also look for opportunities to help build their futures. Hence, small and medium companies must take a proactive approach towards managing media and communication, in order to develop successful collaborations and reduce risks.

In this regard, G-1, with its hand-picked team of experts offers rich, clear and confident insights into marketing and communication, to its clients. G-1 experts help business leaders mitigate risks and opportunities during disruptive and transformational moments.

A diverse and multi-cultural model sets G-1 Communications apart from others.

The benefit of working with G-1 is that the team connects small or medium business entrepreneurs to an industry expert from the same geographic region as the client. As India is one of the largest and most diverse countries in terms of language and culture, G-1 employs experts from varied geographic regions. G-1 experts can converse in the same vernacular as their clients, if needed.

G-1 Communications offers an excellent career platform for students.

G-1 Communications and their clients currently provide internship programmes for students to apply the knowledge they have acquired. This is a brilliant idea for equipping young students with the professional knowledge and skills needed in the corporate world and applying academic concepts in professional settings.

About G-1 Communications

G-1 Communications is an advertising and consultancy company offering communication and consultancy services to existing and new brands. G-1's elaborate implementation methodologies and strategic thinking ensure effective integrated marketing, transparent business strategies, and results-driven client communication.

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