Texas Liquor Giant Spec's offers Customers Access to the World’s Oldest Liquors

The Old Liquors Collection - Old Liquors Inc Miami

The Old Liquors Collection – Old Liquors Inc Miami

A Texas-sized 10,000-bottle stash of some of the world's rarest vintage spirits can be ordered online for pick-up at selected Spec's locations.

The Old Liquors Collection is a scarce and precious offering with unquestionable provenance”

— John Rydman CEO Spec's

HOUSTON, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, September 21, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Everything is bigger in Texas, and starting today, a 10,000-bottle collection of some of the world’s rarest vintage spirits and wines is available to customers of Texas’ largest liquor chain — Spec’s Wine, Spirits, and Finer Foods.

Miami importer Old Liquors Inc. (www.oldliquors.com) holds the Nation’s most extensive collection of historical and collectible spirits and wines in their Florida cellar. Spec’s customers get access to the renowned Old Liquors collection containing the world’s oldest cognac dating to 1747 at $92,000, Madeira from 1715 at $59,000. Rum from 1780 at $38,000 and Rare but more accessible vintage 1949 Macallan Scotch at $6,800. The liquid treasures can be ordered online at www.oldliquors.com and picked up from selected Spec’s Texas-sized retail locations in Houston, Austin, and Dallas.

“It is a great pleasure to introduce the Old Liquors Collection at Spec’s and to The Lone Star State,” says Bart Laming, CEO at Old Liquors Inc. “These rare vintage bottles of cognac, armagnac, rum, madeira, port, and whisky, often referred to as Investment Class Collectibles, are rapidly becoming a hot commodity in the alternative investment market, outperforming luxury goods such as gold and diamonds. These liquid time capsules represent truly remarkable pieces of craftsmanship and tastes that can't be reproduced today. They have proven to stand the test of time and continue to rise in value year after year.”

“The Old Liquors Collection is a scarce and precious offering with unquestionable provenance. Spec’s customers will appreciate the chance to obtain something that only one or a few people in the world have the opportunity of collecting,” says John Rydman, CEO of Spec’s. “Our clients who acquire some of the scarcest bottles of liquor understand that this can be an excellent investment, in fact outpacing some conventional investment assets, and we are confident this collection will attract the right buyer.”

The Old Liquors Collection contains the world’s rarest liquor ever created. Single bottles are known to sell to wine and spirit collectors across the planet.

Old Liquors is known for high-ticket prices, excellent provenance, and even more so, their return on investment. In the last months, Old Liquors has sold several rare and precious collectible bottles in record time. This year, the bottle price peaked at $85,000 for a single bottle of vintage 1789 cognac and $84,000 for one bottle of 1788 cognac from the cellars of the famous French restaurant "La Tour d'Argent'.

About Old Liquors
The Old Liquors Collection started in 1895 when the Grandfather of Dutch collector Bay van der Bunt obtained his first bottles of 1811 cognac. With Bay avidly buying at famous auctions across Europe since the 1980s, the collection became the oldest and rarest liquor stock in the world. The rare cache is in a well-protected cellar in Miami where Old Liquors Inc, US-importer, and custodian of the collection, is based.

About Spec’s
Spec’s Wines, Spirits, and Finer Foods has been in the industry since 1962 and has been awarded and recognized multiple times. There are over 100 branches throughout Texas, making it convenient and easy for anyone to find the perfect liquor or wine for every occasion.

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