iRevo Announces Digital Signage 2.0 to Address the Digital Transformation Needs of Today’s Enterprises and Retailers

iDS 2.0 for Your Choice of Display, Player, OS Platform & Content

iRevo Multimedia announced the launch of Digital Signage 2.0 platform during today’s Infocomm 2021 with Virtual Receptionist with AI and playback via Browser.

SUNNYVALE, CALIFORNIA, USA, October 26, 2021 / — iRevo Multimedia, Inc. CEO Dhimant Bhayani explained how COVID-19 derailed the launch of Aldo Web Meetings and Aldo Presenter (originally planned for Q2 of 2020). “Over the past 15 months we embedded Aldo in iDS to support presenting on displays and to support A/V calling from iDS,” Bhayani said. “After successfully providing the Cloud based Digital Signage application on Sony Pro Bravia displays with Android OS, we have added support for IP Control of displays and playing signage projects on any device with a Browser, resulting in iDS 2.0.”

Building upon its original Cloud based offering, the iDS 2.0 comes equipped with an updated user interface and features-set suitable for use in a wide variety of use cases, ranging from restaurant menus for Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs), to touch interactive kiosks with One Touch Audio/Video Calling, to deploying a custom workflow in Digital Transformation projects.
Key components of the new iDS include:

Authoring Console to Design and Schedule Signage Projects
• Design screen layouts, add content & widgets, and build your playlist
• Preview your project on PC and build playback schedules
• Add and manage content and share projects in real-time

Manage and Publish Console for Devices, Users, Monitoring and Analytics
• Add and manage users and devices, and create display groups
• Publish projects to a single display or a group of displays and monitoring.
• Access playback screenshots (proof of play) and view analytics

iDS Application for use on Television, Tablets and PC Displays
• Play signage projects on Android, Fire TV, Chrome, and Browser platforms
• Use Touch Interactive content and One Touch A/V Calling w/o programming
• Present from a PC to a TV, with AI/ML engine for emerging use cases

“We built the iDS 2.0 to address the use cases beyond typical scheduled content playback,” says iRevo Multimedia, Inc. CEO Dhimant Bhayani. “One such use case example is a Remote Product Specialist. Imagine a display playing product information content but with a Touch to Call button.” This would provide store visitors with direct access to a product specialist that could answer any product related questions, thereby increasing the likelihood of converting casual visitors to dedicated customers.

Other Example iDS Use Cases Include:

• Centralized / Localized Menu and Promotions for QSRs and Restaurants plus live training
• Interactive Kiosks with TV and Tablets with option to add One Touch A/V Calling
• Remote Product Specialist, Remote Receptionist, Broadcasting All Hands Meeting, etc.

The latest version is also able to run on any device with a browser. This allows iRevo to cater to a larger market and gives iDS users the freedom to mix and match Media Player Devices, Displays and OS platforms to better suit their needs. Now, with the iDS 2.0, users can build a Private Broadcast Network targeting display network made up of Televisions, Tablets and Personal Computers.

According to Bhayani, “There are many such use cases for which iRevo will be providing ready-to-customize solutions, with ease, speed and without software development.”

The iDS 2.0 is available via three subscription plans: Retail, Business and Enterprise and pricing starts at as little as $10/month. To make the product evaluation and decision easier, iRevo offers first display license for free to the users of the iDS Retail subscription plan. For more information, please visit

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Source: EIN Presswire