E. Terrence Woolf, J.D. Pens Essential Guide for Wine Connoisseurs

Wine 101: A Brief Introduction to Wine

Wine 101: A Brief Introduction to Wine

"Wine 101: A Brief Introduction to Wine" covers main varieties in the United States

FRESNO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, November 9, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — E. Terrence Woolf, J.D. has just the thing for those who want to host the perfect dinner parties as well as those who enjoy savoring a good bottle of red during special occasions. With "Wine 101: A Brief Introduction to Wine" he provides his readers with an essential guide to the most important wine varieties available in the United States and what goes well with them, to help them cultivate their taste and, most importantly, have a splendid time drinking quality wine.

In Woolf's guide he describes the origin and characteristics of the most important varieties of wine widely available in the United States. Additionally, he thoughtfully provides a table of suggested food and wine pairings at the end of the guide, so that his readers can enjoy unforgettable dining experiences. With this, novice wine drinkers and more experienced connoisseurs alike will have a handy reference on the best type of wines to serve with dinner, matching the dishes being prepared.

This work is the result of around four decades of savoring fine wines and cultivating a refined interest in the libation and its many varieties. Over time, due to his knowhow, he found himself being consulted concerning the different types available across the United States. So, in order to provide more accurate information, he began an outline of the different varieties of wine available, drawing from his collection of wine books and his expertise. Then he condensed this information to provide readers with a concise guide that they can actually carry to the wine shop.

"At the risk of leaving out many interesting varieties of wine, i.e. Alicante Bouschet, I wanted to concentrate on those varieties which my friends and family would most likely find available In a Wine shop or well-stocked grocery store." Woolf says. With his book he also covers the basics of purchasing wine, storing the bottles, and what kind of dishes work best with specific varieties of wine.

Readers who enjoy fine wine, those who intend to plan events or simply treat guests to a delightful evening savoring a bottle of red, will find Woolf’s guide to be an invaluable resource.

About the Author
E. Terrence Woolf, J.D. is a lawyer who resides in Fresno, California and has spent a considerable portion of his life tasting and studying wine.

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