Equator’s Outdoor Refrigerator Becoming a Backyard Staple

OR230 Outdoor Refrigerator

OR230 Outdoor Refrigerator

Homeowners continue to invest in backyards and patio spaces in the post-Covid era, the demand for Equator’s outdoor mini refrigerator has been on the rise.

HOUSTON, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, July 30, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Equator Advanced Appliances has been experiencing an uptick in the demand for its stainless steel OR230 Outdoor Refrigerator and beverage cooler, a trend the company attributes to homeowners making increasing investments in their backyard and outdoor spaces after experiencing the Covid lockdown.

“For months, the demand for our mini refrigerator and other outdoor appliances have been surging.” Said company representatives. “We definitely see a correlation between people staying home more and wanting to make their outdoor spaces more resort-like and relaxing. One of the main uses of this refrigerator is to keep marinated foods prepped and ready for barbeque. Our team is really proud to be able to contribute to more comfortable spaces as it is ultimately our goal to make appliances that make life better.”

The OR230 Outdoor Refrigerator features a sleek stainless steel, waterproof design and has a 2.3 cu.ft. capacity. It’s designed with a powerful compressor cooling system that keeps beverages cool in the range of 34° to 50°F no matter how high the temperature rises outside.

OR230 doubles as both a mini refrigerator and works as a beverage cooler when the included wire shelving is used. To achieve an optimal cooling setting, users can set the perfect temperature with the electronic temperature control panel, touchpad controls, and accessible LED display.

Owners of Equator’s outdoor refrigerator report that one of their favorite features is the smart airflow design which allows air to pass freely through the wire shelving. This design implementation coupled with the auto defrost feature eliminates the need for scraping off frost.

Equator’s product designers tested the product in real backyard environments to identify additional features to include in the appliance. As a result of their real-world research, they decided to add four unlocking casters that allow the mini fridge to be moved when needed. The unit also comes equipped with a door lock and key to protect food and beverages so that the door does not open by wind or animals and is Energy Star rated for optimal power efficiency.

With an IPX4 waterproof rating, the mini outdoor refrigerator can withstand the elements all year long. The OR230 measures H27.2 x W17 x D20 inches. It can be ordered today from Amazon, Home Depot, Lowes, Overstock apart from others at an MSRP of $659

About Equator Advanced Appliances
Equator Advanced Appliances was founded in 1991. Its product line includes laundry machines, dishwashers, refrigerators, wine coolers, and other essential home appliances. Equator's groundbreaking eco-friendly products have been featured over 1,000 times in the media, including Fortune, Popular Mechanics, Better Homes and Gardens, the Wall Street Journal, and Oprah. Now commencing its 31st year in business, Equator remains committed to creating innovative products that solve real problems in its customers' lives.

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IFC GLOBAL Certification Centre in Turkey, announces partnership with BeVeg.

IFC is now a BeVeg International Authorized Certification Body

TURKEY, TURKEY, TURKEY, July 30, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — IFC GLOBAL Certification Inspection and Training Services Inc. is an independent and impartial certification body established to provide services for conformity assessment services (system certification, product certification and inspection).

International First Certification (IFC GLOBAL) meets customer needs and maintains customer satisfaction with its highly trained and experienced staff. It aims to provide reliable and fast solutions to its customers and to keep all of its applications meticulously.

IFC is now a BeVeg International Authorized Certification Body

BeVeg helps to prevent and reduce consumable products and services of animal origin, to avoid animal exploitation, and to minimize the possibility of any cross-contamination with animal material. The standard has applications in many areas such as food, cosmetics, alcohol, pharmaceuticals, restaurants and textiles.

BeVeg is the world’s only ISO accredited vegan technical standard, trademark and program, which makes it the most reliable vegan trademark claim on the global marketplace. BeVeg is an ISO/IEC 17065 accredited certification standard built in accordance with ISO/IEC 17067 as a conformity assessment programme and accredited by the National Accreditation Centre (NAC)

BeVeg Law Firm
BevVeg Int'l Vegan Cert
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'Virtual conferences just don't work' says International Lean Six Sigma Institute

ILSSI networking event conference Cambridge

ILSSI networking event conference Cambridge

International Lean Six Sigma Institute Workshop Cambridge

ILSSI Conference Cambridge

The Granta Centre Conference Centre ILSSI Workshop Cambridge

The Granta Conference Centre, Cambridge

International Lean Six Sigma Institute commits to a physical conference in Cambridge, Oct 2021. 'Virtual doesn't work for us !' says Chairman, John Dennis.

The full educational and networking experience of a Lean Six Sigma conference can only be achieved when professionals can greet, meet, exchange ideas in real-time with face-to-face communications”

— John Dennis, Chairman ILSSI

CAMBRIDGE, CAMBRIDGESHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM, July 30, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — The International Lean Six Sigma Institute (ILSSI) has announced that it will move forward with its physical, face-to-face, conference in October, with measures in place to make it as safe as possible for all participants. 'After experiencing several Virtual Online Conferences during the Covid19 Lockdown we polled our members and it was a unanimous decision to go back to a physical conference as soon as possible. Virtual Conferences just don't work very well. We believe that the full educational and networking experience of a Lean Six Sigma conference can only be achieved when professionals can greet, meet, exchange ideas in real-time with face-to-face communications' says ILSSI Chairman, John Dennis. 'We will ensure that all attendees have shown either proof of double vaccination or a negative PCR test.'

The 2021 International Lean Six Sigma Conference will take place in The Granta Conference Centre, Cambridge UK, October 6th-8th 2021. With 16 International Key-Note Speakers and Thought-Leaders, Networking events and Workshops. Keynote speaker and author, Patrick Adams, will be travelling from the USA to present on the subject of Continuous Improvement (Kaizen), while other International speakers include Fatemeh Imiri from Germany, Willem Salentijn from The Netherlands, Salman Mishari from Saudi Arabia, Ahmad Sulaiman from Bahrain and Bob Emiliani also from the USA.

Former Team GB cycling team member, Jenny Davis, from Scotland, now a Lean Coach is also presenting a workshop on achieving optimal performance in business. 'We put a great deal of value on the networking component of our conferences. We organise meet-and-greet receptions mixed in with the speakers and workshops as well as a site-tour of The Welding Institute (TWI) and an evening social event in Cambridge. If previous years are anything to go by, everyone will have a wonderful and unforgettable experience at the conference' says Mr. Dennis.

Anyone interesting in attending the 3rd International Lean Six Sigma Conference in Cambridge can find more information at ilssi.org/events-2021 or contact Juliane Haan at +44191 375 5711

Juliane Haan
International Lean Six Sigma Institute
+44 191 375 5711
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Everyone Should Have These 3 Trees In Their Medicine Cabinet Says Author Dr. Cass Ingram

Author Natural Cures from Wild Tree Resins

Dr. Cass Ingram

Miracles from the far northern forest - spice, pine, birch.

Natural Cures from Wild Tree Resins

Spruce, Pine, Birch tree sap

Spruce Tree

In his new book, Natural Cures from Wild Tree Resins, Dr. Cass Ingram examines tree resin remedies and why they should be in everyone’s medicine cabinet.

The real miracles are found in wild nature, all through the powers of wild raw tree and plant resins. Using these super-potent natural medicines can revive and regenerate your health”

— Dr. Cass Ingram, osteopathic physician, and health researcher

LAKE FOREST, IL, UNITED STATES, July 30, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Dr. Cass Ingram explains the powerful remedies and health benefits of trees from the far northern forest in his latest book, Natural Cures from Wild Tree Resins. Dr. Ingram says among the tree resins covered, three trees stand out and should be in everyone’s medicine cabinet: Spruce, Pine, and Birch. “Readers can use this book to learn how you can take advantage of these potent wild raw extracts to achieve supreme health,” says Dr. Ingram.
Dr. Ingram’s research shows how resins from trees like Spruce, Pine, and Birch can support good health and the value of having them on hand in the medicine cabinet.

• Spruce resin has been relied on through the ages as medicine with an emphasis on the treatment of respiratory disorders, skin
diseases, and wounds. It is also used for a wide range of conditions such as cold sores, eczema, fungal infections, kidney and bladder infections, and others.

• Pine resin as well has a long history of medicinal use. It is well established that it is effective for joint pain, bronchitis, flu, colds, stomach disorders, and as an anti-depressant. It is also used for controlling and reversing stubborn obesity and can kill or inhibit tumor cells.

• Birch is most renowned for its value as a source of the therapeutic mushroom-like growth known as Chaga. Its multiple uses include the treatment and reversal of high blood pressure, cardiac arrhythmia, prostate inflammation, Lyme disease, immune deficiency, tuberculosis, osteoporosis, and reversing aging of the skin.

“The real miracles are found in wild nature, all through the powers of wild raw tree and plant resins. Using these super-potent natural medicines can revive and regenerate your health,” said Dr. Cass Ingram, osteopathic physician, and health researcher. “Wild tree resin extracts are lifesavers. Taking advantage of their healing powers through their extreme potency can promote the best health you could possibly ever imagine.”

Americans today may not know that their ancestors who lived in the northeast, used spruce-based medicines by chewing the tree gum for throat, lung, and stomach trouble. Early dentists urged its use for maintaining healthy gums and preservation of the teeth.

“As today’s demand for natural supplements and medicines continues to grow, these trees can be in your medicine cabinet in the form of extracts, pine needles, cream, teas, capsules, and mixed with honey,” says Dr. Ingram. He has made available a limited number of raw, wild forest complexes. Dr. Ingram says the extracts are raw because cooking or adding alcohol for preservation greatly reduces their value.

All elements for these complexes are hand-selected and hand-harvested from remote areas of the world and are free of all residues of pesticides, herbicides, and noxious petrochemicals says Dr. Ingram.

For more information or to order Natural Cures from Wild Tree Resins and the tree products for your medicine cabinet visit Dr. Cass Ingramat https://purelywild.cassingram.com/shop/ or call 800-295-3737.

About the Author Dr. Cass Ingram

Dr. Cass Ingram is a nutritional physician who received a B.S. in Biology and Chemistry from the University of Iowa (1979) and a D.O. from the University of Osteopathic Medicine and Health Sciences in Des Moines, IA (1984). He is one of North America’s leading experts on the health benefits and disease-fighting properties of wild medicinal spice extracts. The author of more than 20 books on natural healing including Natural Cures from Wild Tree Resins, he has given answers and hope to millions through his lectures and interviews on radio and TV programs across America.

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Global Food Pathogen Detection Technology Market Trends, Strategies, And Opportunities In The Market 2021-2030

Food Pathogen Detection Technology Market Report 2021: COVID-19 Growth And Change To 2030

Food Pathogen Detection Technology Global Market Report 2021: COVID-19 Growth And Change To 2030

The Business Research Company’s Food Pathogen Detection Technology Global Market Report 2021: COVID-19 Growth And Change

LONDON, GREATER LONDON, UK, July 30, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — According to the new market research report ‘Food Pathogen Detection Technology Global Market Report 2021: COVID-19 Growth And Change To 2030’ published by The Business Research Company, the global food pathogen detection technology market is expected to grow from $3.77 billion in 2020 to $4.25 billion in 2021 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.7%. The growth is mainly due to the companies resuming their operations and adapting to the new normal while recovering from the COVID-19 impact, which had earlier led to restrictive containment measures involving social distancing, remote working, and the closure of commercial activities that resulted in operational challenges. The food pathogen detection technology market is expected to reach $5.78 billion in 2025 at a CAGR of 8%. Increase in the outbreak of foodborne illness across the world contributed to the growth of the food pathogen detection technology market.

Request For A Sample For The Global Food Pathogen Detection Technology Market Report:

The food pathogen detection technology market consists of sales of food pathogen detection products and related services for the detection and elimination of foodborne pathogens from food. Foodborne pathogens are bacteria, viruses, and parasites that exist in food and are a cause of serious illness such as food poisoning. The food pathogen detection technology market is involved in the development of food testing techniques that are used to identify any bacterial contamination in the food by pathogens and removing them to prevent any unwanted incidents of foodborne illness, toxicity, or poisoning.

Trends In The Global Food Pathogen Detection Technology Market
Genetic testing technology is being increasingly used for the rapid, sensitive, reliable detection of pathogens on the food. Genetic testing techniques identify the problem even when the pathogens are just formed or are in tiny concentration.

Global Food Pathogen Detection Technology Market Segments:
The global food pathogen detection technology market is further segmented based on technology, food type, type and geography.

By Technology: Traditional (Quantitative Culture And Qualitative Culture), Rapid (Convenience, Polymerase Chain Reaction, and Immunoassay)

By Food Type: Meat & Poultry, Dairy, Processed Food, Fruits & Vegetables, Cereals & Grains

By Type: E. Coli, Salmonella, Listeria, Campylobacter, Others (Norovirus And Rotavirus)

By Geography: The global food pathogen detection technology market is segmented into North America, South America, Asia-Pacific, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Read More On The Report For The Global Food Pathogen Detection Technology Market At:

Food Pathogen Detection Technology Global Market Report 2021 is one of a series of new reports from The Business Research Company that provides food pathogen detection technology global market overviews, analyzes and forecasts market size and growth for the global food pathogen detection technology market, food pathogen detection technology global market share, food pathogen detection technology global market players, food pathogen detection technology global market segments and geographies, food pathogen detection technology global market’s leading competitors’ revenues, profiles and market shares. The food pathogen detection technology market report identifies top countries and segments for opportunities and strategies based on market trends and leading competitors’ approaches.

Read Food Pathogen Detection Technology Global Market Report 2021 from The Business Research Company for information on the following:

Data Segmentations: Market Size, Global, By Region And By Country; Historic And Forecast Size, And Growth Rates For The World, 7 Regions And 12 Countries

Food Pathogen Detection Technology Market Organizations Covered: SGS SA, Bureau Veritas S.A., Intertek Group PLC, Eurofins Scientific, Silliker, Inc., IFP Institut Für Produktqualität GmbH

Regions: Asia-Pacific, China, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, North America, USA, South America, Middle East and Africa.

Countries: Australia, Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Japan, Russia, South Korea, UK, USA.

Interested to know more about The Business Research Company?
The Business Research Company has published over 1000 industry reports, covering over 2500 market segments and 60 geographies. The reports draw on 150,000 datasets, extensive secondary research, and exclusive insights from interviews with industry leaders. The reports are updated with a detailed analysis of the impact of COVID-19 on various markets. Here is a list of reports from The Business Research Company similar to the Food Pathogen Detection Technology Global Market Report 2021:

Food And Beverage Testing Kits Global Market Report 2021: COVID-19 Growth And Change To 2030

Food And Beverage Services Global Market Report 2021: COVID-19 Impact And Recovery To 2030

Rapid Microbiology Testing Kits Global Market Report 2021: COVID-19 Growth And Change To 2030

Call us now for personal assistance with your purchase:
Europe: +44 207 1930 708
Asia: +91 88972 63534
Americas: +1 315 623 0293

The Business Research Company
Email: info@tbrc.info
Follow us on LinkedIn: https://bit.ly/3b7850r
Follow us on Twitter: https://bit.ly/3b1rmjS
Check out our Blog: http://blog.tbrc.info/

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PrintPapa offers Cost Effective Direct Mail Marketing for Local Promotion

Direct Mail Marketing Service

Direct Mail Postcard

Direct Mail Brochures

PrintPapa offers EDDM marketing with postcards, brochures, and help businesses reach more audience. Get affordable marketing for your brand.

SANTA CLARA, CA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, July 30, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — PrintPapa brings you an amazing opportunity to boost your brand promotion in the local market. With highly effective and helpful EDDM marketing, you can now reach the doorstep of potential customers and get immediate visibility and assured leads. PrintPapa designs, prints, bundles and then delivers the products to the USPS office. You get the lowest postal charges and maximum ROI.

We got to talk to Paul Nag, one of the co-founders of PrintPapa, about their approach to direct mail marketing. While talking about their work, he said, “Studies have shown that EDDM marketing has proven to be one of the most effective tools to get maximum sales for small and medium local businesses. So, we try to empower you with EDDM postcards and mailers so that your potential customers get to know about you.”

Why PrintPapa

Being in the industry for more than a decade, PrintPapa has always been the most updated online printing company, regularly offering the latest printed marketing tools. They have brought to you direct mail postcards and brochures that will boost your promotion like never before. You can choose from the following:

• Direct mail postcards with multiple size options including 5”x3.5”, 6”x4”, 7”x5”, 8.5”x5.5” and so on
Direct mail brochures come in three different fold options including 4-page tri-fold tabbed mailers, 4 pages half fold tabbed mailers, and half fold direct mail brochure in multiple size options
• Direct mail folded postcard mailers in multiple sizes including 7”x5”, 8.5”x5.5”, 11”x6” and many more
• Bulk direct mail postcards with no mailing address and multiple popular sizes.

While the first three offerings are designed for targeted marketing, the last doesn’t need a mailing address. PrintPapa will take care of it all.
When you are hiring PrintPapa you get:

• Affordable printed tools for any business
• Custom printing and bulk and low ordering options
• Fast turnaround
• Trust of BBB accreditation
• Green printing
• 100% guaranteed satisfaction

So, for more details, visit www.printpapa.com and place your order.

About PrintPapa

PrintPapa is a California-based online printing company offering affordable fast and high-quality printing. You can order brochures, postcards, mailers, catalogs, booklets, banners, business cards, postcards, posters, signs and so on. For more details, visit www.printpapa.com.

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Dotgo Launches RichSMS™ to Deliver SMS Messages Over RCS, While Lowering Costs

Dotgo Launches RichSMS™ to Deliver SMS Messages Over RCS, While Lowering Costs

Dotgo Launches RichSMS™ to Deliver SMS Messages Over RCS, While Lowering Costs

Brands sending notifications and offers as SMS can now deliver them as an RCS message with branding, security, and enhanced customer experience

We built the RichSMS technology to make it very easy for developers to adopt RCS, and experience its benefits, while saving costs”

— Surinder Singh Anand, CTO and VP Product Management, Dotgo®

BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NEW JERSEY, USA, July 30, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Dotgo®, a leading cloud communications provider of Rich Communication Services (RCS) and business messaging solutions, today announced the launch of its RichSMS™ service that allows messages sent as SMS to be delivered over RCS without any software changes. Users receive the same message, along with the brand logo and verified trust mark, in their RCS-enabled phones.

RCS, part of the 5G standard, is the next generation of SMS that includes pictures, audio, video, and presence, combined with enhanced security and encryption. RCS messages are delivered into the native messaging apps such as Google Messages and Samsung Messages on Android phones. RCS Business Messaging (RBM) uses the richer and interactive features of RCS to enable branded and secure business messaging. As of today, RCS is available globally with over 600M monthly active users.

RichSMS, built on Dotgo’s patent-pending technology, provides greater security, trust, and branding for business-to-consumer communication, thereby increasing customer loyalty. Developers sending notifications, offers, and one-time passwords over SMS can now opt-in for RichSMS.

Using RichSMS is simple and easy. Developers still send messages using the standard SMPP connection, or an SMS API. Dotgo’s patent-pending RichSMS technology determines if the message can be sent over RCS, and if so, to transform and send it over RCS with branding and trust marks. The resulting message is delivered as an RCS message to the same native messaging app that receives SMS messages. If the user is not RCS-enabled, the message continues to be delivered as an SMS. 

Brands sending long (multi-part) SMS messages can save costs by using RichSMS. Instead of sending (and paying for) multiple SMS messages to deliver the long text message, a brand can use RichSMS to send the entire text as a single RCS message, significantly reducing their messaging costs.

“We built the RichSMS technology to make it very easy for developers to adopt RCS, and experience its benefits, while saving costs,” says Surinder Singh Anand, CTO and VP Product Management, Dotgo®.

“RichSMS represents an innovative use of RCS technology and will help further grow the entire RCS ecosystem. Gupshup is partnering with Dotgo to bring RichSMS and other RCS innovations from Dotgo to its over 100,000 customers,” says Beerud Sheth, CEO of Gupshup, a leader in conversational messaging.

About Dotgo

Dotgo®, a global leader in RCS and other rich business messaging solutions, is the provider of the Dotgo Bot Store®, the world’s first and largest directory of RCS and WhatsApp bots, RichOTP®, and RichSMS™. Embracing the paradigm shift to rich business messaging that is underway, Dotgo is building the cloud communications technology and services needed in a world where every business must have a presence inside messaging apps, just as they have web sites and smartphone apps. RCS, Google’s Business Messages, iMessage, and WhatsApp are fast becoming the de-facto standards for business messaging for brands, offering exciting possibilities for customer engagement.

Dotgo enables brands and developers to transform customer interactions using rich business messaging, and helps mobile operators make RCS business messaging a reality. Dotgo is a Google partner, a WhatsApp Business Solution Provider, and a member of the Mobile Ecosystem Forum. For more information, visit www.dotgo.com. Bot Store, Dotgo, and RichOTP are registered trademarks of Dotgo Systems Inc. in USA and other jurisdictions.

Olisa Pal
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Inoue Perfumery MFG joins BuyChemJapan

Inoue has entered into a product promotion partnership with BuyChemJapan Corporation

Inoue has entered into a promotional partnership with BuyChemJapan Corporation and its online chemical marketplace to promote 100+ of their aroma chemicals

OSAKA CITY, OSAKA PREFECTURE, JAPAN, July 30, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — BuyChemJapan Corporation (President: Masa Oguchi) is pleased to announce that Inoue Perfumery MFG (President: Hiroyuki Inoue) has joined the growing number of Japanese chemical manufacturers who have decided to join the roster of companies who will sell their products via the upcoming online chemical marketplace BuyChemJapan.

Inoue Perfumery MFG Co., Ltd was established in 1950 as a manufacturer of high-quality perfumes and has since expanded its business into the fields of fragrance and fine chemicals. By developing itself into a one-stop service, doing everything from research to manufacturing to distribution, Inoue has established its reputation as a world-class Japanese brand that handles over 2,000 types of single fragrances. Under this new agreement, chemical buyers around the world can connect with Inoue and its products through the BuyChemJapan Corporation-operated BuyChemJapan marketplace.

BuyChemJapan Corporation is a start-up spun off from Daishin Corporation, a trading company specializing in chemicals. With a deep understanding of the needs and business practices of both domestic and foreign manufacturers and buyers within the chemical industry, BuyChemJapan Corporation can actively promote Japanese competitive chemicals to overseas buyers through its upcoming free online marketplace, which will specialize in introducing chemical products and promoting brand recognition. In a marketplace shaped by the COVID-19 pandemic, companies can no longer carry out traditional sales activities, so the time to shift to digital, online activities has come.

BuyChemJapan marketplace has been designed from the ground up to help simplify the process of introducing the demands of buyers to leading Japanese chemical manufacturers. Buyers can…

Search for the required chemical via a comprehensive set of options and definitions.
Make direct contact with the manufacturer with one click, removing the need to deal with intermediaries.
Request a sample, price quotation or make an order directly from the manufacturer.
Make a fully informed purchasing decision through use of a function which allows for direct comparison of chemical qualities and manufacturers costs (available post launch).
Buy with complete confidence as the marketplace is only partnered with manufacturers who produce chemicals at their own factories.
Any business currently being undertaken can be re-routed through BuyChemJapan, benefiting from the additional transparency and convenience the service provides.

BuyChemJapan Corporation is actively searching for and partnering with a rising number of chemical manufacturers and will launch its marketplace in September 2021 to optimize transactions for both manufacturers and buyers. Watch this space!

If you are an international chemical buyer who wants to negotiate directly with Japanese chemical manufacturers rather than go through troublesome, and expensive, intermediaries, then this is the service for you! Those wishing to be notified of the launch of BuyChemJapan Corporation’s new marketplace can click here and sign up for notification of when the marketplace launches.

Online Marketplace buychemjapan.com (Online early September 2021)
Corporate Website https://en.buychemjapan.co.jp/
Company Email marketing@buychemjapan.com
Telephone 81-6-6371-3730
Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZQJLAxokdnl1SSNvievzSQ
Twitter https://twitter.com/buychemjapan
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/BuyChemJapan
LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/buychemjapan

Yousuke Nishida
BuyChemJapan Corporation
+81 6-6371-3730
email us here

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Happy Mustard Day to All Those Packet Collectors Out There. Keep Your Condiment Packets Safe and Organized.

A binder page with several pockets holds mustard and ketchup packets. The binder page lies on a table next to a hot dog.

Keep your collectible items safe and secure.

A protective flap is being lifted to insert a mustard packet into a clear plastic binder page.

Flaps keep your items in place.

A clear plastic binder page with several pockets, filled with guitar picks.

StoreSMART has pockets and binder pages for a wide variety of collectibles.

Collect those fun little condiment packets? Or any other quirky little items? Either way, it’s a challenge to keep our collectibles organized.

It’s such a fun and unique hobby. I’m glad we’re able to provide a little peace of mind for folks looking to impose order on their collections.”

— Reenie Feingold, founder of StoreSMART

ROCHESTER, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, July 29, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Happy Mustard Day to All Those Packet Collectors Out There! Keep Your Condiment Packets Safe and Organized. Our favorite time of year is approaching fast! Mustard Day, August 7, is right around the corner. This is the day when we can all celebrate the sharp, tangy condiment that we love to use on grilled summer foods.

A lucky few of us also know the joy of collecting those fun little packets they give away at restaurants. The bright, colorful little squeeze packets stir up nostalgia of younger days, or maybe just make us hungry. Either way, it’s a challenge to keep our collectibles organized.

That’s where StoreSMART’s 9-Pocket Binder Pages come in. Stop losing or damaging your packets. Keep them safe and secure in these sturdy plastic holders. Compatible with three-ring binders, it’s easy to maintain order in your collection. Each page contains nine pockets, so you can display many different packets side-by-side. Organize your packets with ease; sort them by condiment type, brand, or year!

“It’s such a fun and unique hobby,” says Reenie Feingold, founder of StoreSMART. “I’m glad we’re able to provide a little peace of mind for folks looking to impose order on their collections.”

But what if you don’t collect mustard packets? Whether it’s guitar picks, trading cards, coins, or so much more, StoreSMART is sure to have a pocket that can protect and organize your fun and eccentric collection. Some of their customers use the binder pages to hold silver bars, musical theatre programs, event tickets, and rack cards for travel attractions. StoreSMART has seen it all and they have a binder page for everything. (And if they don’t, they can make one!)

StoreSMART’s Binder Pages for Condiment Packets are crafted of crystal clear 6-gauge vinyl. They have nine pockets per page and you can choose with or without weatherproof flaps. Each pocket has a capacity of 2 5/8" x 3 7/16". The overall size of the page is 8 11/16" x 11 9/16". Proudly manufactured in the USA. Also great for USB flash drive storage!

To obtain FREE samples for review by your publication, contact Stan@Storesmart.com or call 800-424-1011 x 9208. See www.StoreSMART.com/Press for high-resolution publication images.

StoreSMART has been creating and marketing quality products and services for storage, organization, display, filing, and distribution since 1971. The StoreSMART catalog is brimming with new products to help everyone get—and stay—organized. For more information, visit StoreSMART.com or call 800-424-1011.

Contact: Stan Feingold StoreSMART 180 Metro Park, Rochester, NY 14623
800-424-1011 x9208

Stan Feingold
5852489208 ext.

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Bottle of Mezcal Campante overlaying the Mezcal Campante Logo

Mezcal Campante arrives in U.S. Love hard. Sip slow. Savor the moment.

Shirley Leigh-Wood Oakes, CEO/CMO, announces the introduction of Mezcal Campante in the United States. A small-batch premium mezcal from Oaxaca, México.

MIAMI BEACH, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, July 29, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Shirley Leigh-Wood Oakes, CEO/CMO, announced the introduction of Mezcal Campante in the United States. A small-batch premium mezcal made from a unique blend of Maguey Espadín and Maguey Barril agave grown in the nutrient-dense valleys and mountainsides of Oaxaca, México and is Denomination of Origin Protected (“DOP”).

“Our vision for Mezcal Campante is to bring to market a super smooth, easy-to-drink mezcal that is perfect whether it be it on the rocks, straight up, or in a cocktail. Blending the traditions of México and Mezcal making with today’s culture, we have created a drink to celebrate all the small and major moments of life,” says Shirley Leigh-Wood Oakes, Chief Executive Officer, and Chief Marketing Officer, Sociedad Mezcalera LLC.

A contemporary romance, a yen for discovery, and the love for Mezcal as the perfect accompaniment to any moment led life partners, Shirley Leigh-Wood Oakes, and Luca Longobardi, to embark on the quest for the ultimate Mezcal.

A joyful meeting in Oaxaca with José Luis Bustamante to sample and savor his mezcal was the seedling that flourished into the velvety smooth Mezcal being exported from Oaxaca to the U.S. today by the partnership. A simply elegant story filled with passion, and the full embrace of, and commitment to, craftsmanship, culture, and community, the hallmarks of Mezcal Campante.

“Copious tasting, many bottles, and much research later we finally encountered what would become Campante, a privately produced Mezcal created for the intimate sharing between friends and family by our now partner, José Luis Bustamante, and being served to guests at his acclaimed hotel, Hotel Azul de Oaxaca,” continues Longobardi.

“Providing for the people of Oaxaca is essential to me. This small production process serves the small and closely-knit community of Rio Ejutla, Oaxaca,” says José Luis Bustamante, partner.

“The culture, tradition, and heritage of Mezcal are honored as we refine the distillation process for creating Campante, a smooth Mezcal perfect for sipping, savoring, or blending. We continue to honor and support the arenas of jobs and culture, the cuisine, and the splendid crafts of Oaxaca, which continue to flourish as the brand is exported to the U.S. market,” continues Bustamante.

According to Leigh-Wood Oakes, “we spent a great deal of time perfecting the liquid, finding the right ensemble of agave, strengthening the branding and packaging to bring the brand fully to fruition. The result, a smoother Mezcal that is harmoniously balanced, full-bodied, and compelling.”

Tasting Notes:

• On first impression, licorice from the caramelization of the slow cooking agave and smoked nuances
• An intense tone arises from the slow underground cooking of the piñas in conical stone ovens.
• The cooked agave gives off aromas of vanilla, chocolate, and caramel
• Light herbal tones include rosemary, eucalyptus, mint which provide a freshness
• Floral vapors of lavender and orange blossoms can be distinguished.
• Butter from the slow fermentation in Wood Sabino vats
• As the liquid develops, the imprint on the palate is sweet and silky, the fruity aromas decant to citrus, leaving delicate smoky tones in the mouth.
• “It is perfectly balanced,” says the author of the tasting notes and renowned Mezcal & Tequila expert, Ana Maria Romero Mena.
• A luminous, silver elixir with smooth, deep complexities, smoky tones met with floral sparkles, sweet aromas, and hints of citrus.
• To discover the beauty of Mezcal Campante, let it breathe in the glass for 10 minutes before savoring.
• Mezcal Campante is Vegan, Gluten-Free and Non-GMO, grown, distilled, and bottled in Oaxaca, México.

Master Mezcalero Raúl Rodríguez Reyes is steeped in his familial traditions coupled with the centuries-old art form of making Mezcal. Each moment of the process is carefully considered from harvesting to the plans for the upcycling of the agave fibers into thread and fabric.

In a tradition nearly as old as the country of México, Espadín and Barril, two of 14 varieties in the area, are harvested at peak perfection and the hearts, known as piñas, are placed in an underground oven built from river rocks. This is then covered with Oaxaca’s fertile soil and left to burn undisturbed for days until caramelization occurs and thus the sweet aroma and rich flavor signatures of Mezcal Campante are born.

Mezcal Campante’s cooked piñas are ground by a tahona (a large stone wheel) pulled by two oxen. The mash is then transferred to large wooden vats made of Sabino (aka Mexican Cypress) and left to ferment until Master Mezcalero Reyes determines that it is the exact moment to begin the double distillation process. The copper stills and the process result in the silvery smooth mezcal that is 40% ABV.

Mezcal Campante as a brand believes in savoring the moment and notes that the time is now for the Mezcal category. The essence of the word, “Campante,” is found in all areas of the brand and the corporation. Translated from Spanish to a concept rather than a single word, it celebrates the companionable ease between people. It honors the sacred moments of sharing meals and drinks and friendship so vital in the Mexican culture and so heralded today in the United States as a way of being. The corporate structure is committed to a partnership, one of equality and friendship (and don’t forget the romance) in lieu of hierarchy.

The parent company, Sociedad Mezcalera LLC, was founded in late 2019 by the partners. In 2021, Mezcal Campante was their first product brought to the U.S. market from Oaxaca and has exceeded sales expectations inside the first six weeks with more than 100 cases sold. In April 2021, Mezcal Campante was awarded the prestigious Silver Medal, with 92 points, at the (virtual) New York International Spirits Competition (NYISC).

Mezcal Campante’s global sales and marketing operations are headquartered in Miami Beach. The agave is grown, the liquid distilled and the Mezcal bottled and packaged in Oaxaca, and it is imported and distributed by MHW, Ltd. and Greystone Partners Inc. Currently available in 750ml bottles, suggested retail price is $64.99.

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