Brendan Corkery Continues Passion for Food Service Industry

AKRON, OHIO, UNITED STATES, January 27, 2021 / — The food service and dining industry is one that can be very competitive to operate in. While there are headwinds in this industry, one individual that has continued to be able to succeed is Brendan Corkery. Over the course of his career, he has continued to succeed as a business owner and consistently offers insight to other restaurant owners, which can help them better manage their business and offer great service to their customers as well.

Brendan Corkery Grew Up Loving and Appreciating Food

While most people enjoy food, there are others that truly appreciate it and are passionate about making it. During this childhood, Brendan Corkery developed a keen interest in the field. He has always possessed an interest in cooking and entertaining and decided to pursue a career in the field. Today, he is consistently on the lookout for new cooking trends from all over the world that he can incorporate into his own dining establishments.

Brendan Corkery Focuses on Turning Around Businesses

The food service industry can be quite competitive and retaining a strong customer base always comes with challenges. Due to this, it is no surprise that there are restaurants all over the country that struggle to succeed in this competitive environment. While some restaurant owners would prefer to open up their own establishment, Brendan Corkery has taken over the operations of several struggling restaurants and has been able to turn them around.

Brendan Corkery Shares Insight into Importance of Buying Local

Having quality ingredients to prepare and serve is critical for any business. Many restaurant owners will end up making this mistake of purchasing their products from national foodservice vendors that may end up shipping out old and frozen produce, meat, and other products. While these could be made into a great meal, they will never match the quality that comes with local products. Brendan Corkery has shared a variety of tips about the importance of buying fresh and local produce and where you can find it.

Brendan Corkery Stays Successful During Pandemic

While the COVID pandemic posed a lot of challenges for restaurant owners, those that handled it the right way have managed to stay successful. A restaurant owner that wants to do well during this time needs to provide quality food and a great overall dining experience in any market. While there are challenges that come with having less capacity, tips that Brendan Corkery provides could help any owner weather the storm until things return back to normal.

Brendan Corkery has continued to be a successful restaurant owner even during challenging times. Those that are looking to start a restaurant or want guidance and operating tips should consider reaching out to him. Brendan Corkery has continued to provide advice and guidance, which other owners have been able to use to be successful.

Caroline Hunter
Web Presence, LLC
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Nashville Hot Chicken Now Offering Franchise Opportunities

Nashville Hot Chicken

Nashville style chicken

Drive-Through Location Opening in June 2021 in Bellflower, CA

PACOIMA, CALIF., UNITED STATES, January 27, 2021 / — Nashville Hot Chicken, a casual fast-food restaurant that is rapidly growing famous for its hot chicken dishes, is now offering franchise opportunities nationwide as well as internationally. The new franchise options include several affordable business models, such as store fronts, food trucks and ghost kitchens starting at $15,000. The company is open to accepting franchise fees in cryptocurrencies, an industry first.

Nashville Hot Chicken serves Nashville style chicken tenders and sandwiches. The restaurant was originally launched as a ghost kitchen concept in 2018 in Pacoima, California. One year later, a second location opened as a food truck, which is now permanently located in Hollywood.
In the fourth quarter of 2020, Nashville Hot Chicken became a franchise and began offering profitable franchise opportunities. The rapidly expanding company also began work on their first drive-through location in 2021, which is located in Bellflower, California. The drive-through location is currently undergoing renovations and is expected to open in June 2021.

Founder and CEO Tigran Melkonyan said, “Nashville Hot Chicken’s mission is to expand worldwide, given the scalable nature of our food concept. This can only be done by creating what you wished existed! So here we are, ready to provide a long-lasting relationship and solid long-term support to our franchisees, while growing together as a profitable company. We strive for constant improvement and value innovation and cutting-edge technology.”

Nashville Hot Chicken has more than five years of experience in the fast-food industry—with a proven capability in casual, quick service. The company is growing, due to trends in consumer preferences and tastes. Research shows that around 60% of Americans preferred not to cook at home in 2020. The Food Industry Market share was $720 Billion in 2020, but dominated by just a handful of major companies. “The US Food Service market has plenty of room for newcomers,” Melkonyan added. “Let us show you how to build a profitable, sustainable business based on these promising trends and our unique
franchise program.”

Nashville Hot Chicken has three delivery concepts to assist prospective business owners with entry into the lucrative food service market. The ghost kitchen is a digital model restaurant with a delivery only concept, where food is sold exclusively online through delivery apps. The franchise fee for a ghost kitchen is an affordable $15,000. The franchise fee for a Nashville Hot Chicken food truck is also $15,000. To get started with the store front model, the franchise fee investment is $25,000.

The company is blazing a trail in the use of cryptocurrencies. Guests can pay for their orders using crypto wallets. In addition, Nashville Hot Chicken will allow franchisees to pay their franchise fees using Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Ethereum. They are the first franchise ever to accept cryptocurrency in these ways. As such, Nashville Hot Chicken is part of a growing trend of cryptocurrency use in conventional business transactions. Indeed, according to, Bitcoin alone accounted for $6 billion in transactions on a daily basis in 2020.

The menu for Nashville Fried Chicken is simple and consists of spicy chicken sandwiches and tenders as well as French fries. There are six different flavors to choose from to sp
ice up the chicken ranging from regular to very spicy. The heat levels include Plain Jane, Mildy Cyrus, Blazin and Hail Mary. Customers can choose Buffalo Ranch or Backyard BBQ. The menu also includes a shrimp sandwich and coleslaw. Appetizers include cream cheese stuffed jalapeno poppers, golden fried popcorn shrimp served with their signature pink sauce and bite sized mac and cheese bites.

For more information about starting a Nashville Hot Chicken franchise, please visit

# # #

Tigran Melkonyan
Nashville Hot Chicken
+1 323-633-8337
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1008 Hydrogen Water Introduces A New Level Of Hydration

1008 is a new and innovative brand of hydrogen water with plans to shock the bottled water market entirely by offering a new and fresh alternative to hydration.

LA, USA, January 27, 2021 / — 1008 Hydrogen Water is one of the first U.S. based water brands to offer hydrogen infused alkaline water. After extensive testing and researching the benefits of hydrogen water 1008 is set to launch the new water brand this Spring.

But what is hydrogen water? Tap and bottled water already contain hydrogen, but hydrogen water contains additional hydrogen gas. Additional hydrogen gas does not alter the pH level, and since hydrogen gas is odorless and tasteless, hydrogen water can taste no different than your normal alkaline water. Yet the addition of extra hydrogen gas is said to provide an array of health benefits if consumed regularly.

In response, co-owner of 1008 Hydrogen Water, Brooke Duplechain said: "We were shocked when we learned how little our peers knew of hydrogen water and its benefits especially since they are just as active as we are. After learning more about its popularity in Japan, its athletic & anti-aging benefits, we knew we wanted to be one of the brands to help bring this product to the States and spread the word, which is how the idea for 1008 Hydrogen Water was born.”

In Japan, the health benefits of drinking hydrogen water is an open secret. It is known to improve and strengthen immunity, decrease inflammation, improve recovery after injury, improve skin tone and also slow down the aging process; people believe it makes them feel younger and live longer.

Unlike traditional bottled water, 1008 Hydrogen Water comes in a pouch. This pouch’s sleek and innovative design is necessary because diatomic hydrogen is the smallest molecule, which means it can escape through a conventional plastic or glass bottle. With a concave shape and convenient latch hole, the pouch is designed for easy-handling and use, yet it also ensures that no hydrogen gas ever escapes from the pouch when it is sealed.

What’s more, their manufacturing and packaging processes leave a minimal eco-footprint. Their packaging and manufacturing process are BPA-free and recyclable, which minimizes their impact on the planet while at the same time maximizes the health benefits for the customers.

1008 Hydrogen Water is natural and pure, and unlike many other popular brands, what sets it apart is that it has no additives or artificial stimulates. 1008 Hydrogen Water is enhanced using natural processes only and customers will very soon be able to purchase it on their website:, and experience the health benefits of 1008 Hydrogen Water for themselves.

When asked about the brand name, 1008 Hydrogen Water, co-owner Adriana Steverson commented: “The standard atomic weight of hydrogen is 1.008 and the angel number 1008 signals support and encouragement, asking you to only think positive thoughts regarding wealth, abundance, and prosperity".

About 1008 Hydrogen Water

1008 Hydrogen Water recently announced the launch of their very own hydrogen infused alkaline water brand. They have already established relationships with various gyms and grocery store chains in the U.S. 1008 Hydrogen Water is set to become one of the first market players to successfully bring their brand of hydrogen water to the U.S. and global bottled water markets by Spring 2021.

For customer enquiries, please contact:

Adriana Steverson & Brooke Duplechain
1008 Hydrogen Water
+1 832-534-0656

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CIRCULAR ECONOMY EUROPE TALKS: Lisbon, Copenhagen, Hamburg and Genoa to talk about the sustainable cities and economy







– The CIRCULAR ECONOMY EUROPE TALKS is an online event promoted by the European Commission and the FORCE – Cities Cooperating For Circular Economy project.

It is a great honor for us to arrive at this moment of celebration of the great results achieved, to be a creative agency that had the possibility of being part of an international consortium”

— Valdemar Pires, ADDAPTERS.COM CMO.

NYC, NEW YORK, USA, January 27, 2021 / — – The CIRCULAR ECONOMY EUROPE TALKS event is part of the cycle of events promoted by the European Commission and the FORCE – Cities Cooperating For Circular Economy project;
– The project has now reached the end of 4 years of development, with the presentation of innovative digital platforms for smart cities such as the LISBOA ZERO web app.

On the 27th and 28th of January the CIRCULAR ECONOMY EUROPE TALKS takes place online. Open to all who seek to learn more about the European Commission's sustainability initiatives and objectives and how they are being implemented in the cities of Lisbon, Hamburg, Genoa and Copenhagen in key areas for reducing and recovering food waste, plastics, wood or appliances.

The FORCE – Cities Cooperating For Circular Economy project has been developed since 2017. Now comes the time to present the many innovative projects implemented in all cities, namely the results achieved by the digital platform LISBOA ZERO. This platform managed to reach more than 1.6 million meals recovered and donated, avoiding more than 850 tons of food that would otherwise be wasted. This digital platform for managing food donations has made it possible to avoid more than 3 tonnes of CO2 emissions and to recover more than 4 million euros so far.

The CIRCULAR ECONOMY EUROPE TALKS will focus not only on this platform but also on the recovery and recycling of wood, appliances, and plastics in industries such as Real Estate, Art and Design, Packaging, Retail and Social Responsibility. These projects contribute to more sustainable cities, positive impacts on social, economic, and environmental issues, and invite the entire local community, companies and institutions to take part.

Also, the FORCE project – Cities Cooperating For Circular Economy was also the first project launched by the European Commission to involve different cities and contexts, promoting the replication of these actions in the 4 cities involved, sharing the results of the case studies, and testing the strategies innovative. The ambition: expand these strategies and platforms not only across Europe but also in the USA and worldwide.

The identity, organization, and management of the event had the collaboration of the Atlantic digital transformation and innovation agency ADDAPTERS.COM based in NYC and Portugal, also responsible for the development of the LISBOA ZERO platform. "It is a great honor for us not only to arrive at this moment of celebration of the great results achieved but also to be a creative agency that had the possibility of being part of an international consortium, which allowed us to have amazing insights.", Says Valdemar Pires, Agency CMO.

Registration for the CIRCULAR ECONOMY EUROPE TALKS event is open and available at and on social media Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.

The Adstore USA
+1 6463012006
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LISBOA ZERO | The Circular Economy Digital Tool by ADDAPTERS.COM

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Feasibility Study Reports – Wert-Berater, LLC

SBA Feasibility Studies Call 1.888.661.4449

SBA Feasibility Studies Call 1.888.661.4449

SBA Feasibility Study Consultants - Call Us 1.888.661.4449 - Nationwide

SBA Feasibility Study Consultants – Call Us 1.888.661.4449 – Nationwide

USDA Feasibility Study Consultants - Call Us 1.888.661.4449 - Nationwide

USDA Feasibility Study Consultants – Call Us 1.888.661.4449 – Nationwide

Wert-Berater, LLC is the nation's leading provider of feasibility study reports in 700 industries and 30 sectors nationwide.

Feasibility Studies Nationwide!”

— Donald Safranek

DALLAS, TEXAS, USA, January 27, 2021 / — A Feasibility Study Report (FSR) is a formally documented output of feasibility study that summarizes results of the analysis and evaluations conducted to review the proposed solution and investigate project alternatives for the purpose of identifying if the project is really feasible, cost-effective and profitable

Who uses a Feasibility Study Report?
SBA and USDA lenders often require a feasibility study report in compliance with regulations as part of your loan application for a new or expansion project.

How much does a Feasibility Study Report cost?
To get a quote for a Feasibility Study Report for your project, please contact Wert-Berater, LLC at: or by phoning 1.888.661.4449.

Items needed to get a price for a Feasibility Study Report:
1) Project overview that explains what and where it is.
2) Company name
3) Company address

How long does it take to get a feasibility study?
Generally, 2 to 4 weeks, depending on the project type, location and scale.

What is the Experience of Wert-Berater, LLC?
Since 1998, Wert-Berater, LLC has provided thousands of feasibility study reports on all types of projects. You may view some of our experience at:

Donald J Safranek
Wert-Berater, LLC
+1 888-661-4449

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The CBD Haven Announces Clearance Sale for Top Quality Nuleaf Naturals Products

The CBD Haven Logo cbdonline

The CBD Haven, Inc. – For all your CBD needs.

Industry leading CBD retailer, The CBD Haven, inc. is delighted to announce a clearance sale on Nuleaf Naturals best selling product.

At the CBD Haven, we offer a large selection of brands, such as Relive Everyday, CBDistillery, Nuleaf Naturals, CBDfx, Lazarus Naturals, Plus CBD Oil, Social CBD, Nanocraft CBD. We give you a CHOICE.”

— The CBD Haven, Inc.

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, January 27, 2021 / — Industry leading CBD retailer, The CBD Haven, is delighted to announce a flux of discounts for its products as part of a clearance sale. With inventory running low, customers and CBD enthusiasts are urged to hurry to their online store for a chance at getting top-quality CBD products, including the highly popular NuLeaf Naturals branded products.

With The CBD Haven (, you can easily buy CBD online.

The Nuleaf Naturals 725mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil will be a prized possession due to its high-grade hemp oil that is USDA certified. The 15ml solution carries hemp extract in 50mg/ml concentrations. This is an all-natural, zero preservative or additive product made only from non-GMO hemp plants that are grown in select farms in Colorado, USA.

“You can rest assured you get what you pay for! People choose full spectrum CBD because it contains the full assortment of cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes from the hemp plant. This will help you benefit from the entourage effect. It is also the least processed of all the spectrums,” says a spokesperson for The CBD Haven.

The NuLeaf Naturals CBD products are quality tested in labs for purity. These are the highest grade, purest CBD products one will find in the market anywhere. CBD is a whole plant extract and carries the full spectrum of all naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes. Nuleaf Natural products have thus won many industry awards and are ranked on top of many preferred lists of CBD brands.

The e-commerce platform provides a seamless experience from browsing through a vast selection of CBD products to fast delivery to all 50 states.


At the CBD Haven, we offer a large selection of brands, such as Relive Everyday, CBDistillery, Social CBD, CBDfx, Lazarus Naturals, Plus CBD Oil, Nanocraft CBD and more. We give you a choice of CBD oil, tinctures, CBD gummies, soft gels & capsules, pet oil tinctures, spray and topical. Large selection of hemp-derived CBD. We also carry full spectrum, or if you're looking for CBD oil without THC broad-spectrum, and Isolate CBD products.

For more information, please visit:

Please don't forget to follow us on:


The CBD Haven Team

Support Team
The CBD Haven, Inc.
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Local Cigar Lounge in Callaway MD, The Toasted Foot Lounge, Offers VIP Memberships

This is the logo for the Toasted Foot Lounge local cigar lounge in Callaway Maryland

Serving the greater Callaway MD area.

Take a look inside the lounge at The Toasted Foot Lounge in Callaway

Plenty of room for social distancing.

The Toasted Foot Lounge, in Callaway, Maryland, offers VIP memberships in 2021. Socially distant outdoor seating is available.

The VIP cigar lounge is a spacious, climate-controlled lounge for customers to unwind. Members get a personalized locker along with other perks.”


CALLAWAY, MARYLAND, USA, January 27, 2021 / — Local cigar lounge and bar, The Toasted Foot Lounge, is offering VIP memberships in 2021. Each membership gives members a 10% discount on purchases. With a staff that has over 30 years of combined experience, this local cigar lounge is a great way for people in the Callaway, MD region to unwind.

This classy local cigar lounge has three spaces inside. The first is the bar. Well stocked, customers can choose from a very wide selection. Bartenders are happy to help people choose pairings from the lounge. They have the experience and expertise needed to customize a pairing for light, medium-bodied, and full-bodied flavors.

The upscale and stylish local cigar lounge is the second space. It showcases oversized, high-quality leather seating that is great for relaxing.

There is a VIP cigar lounge area with a members-only space that includes six (6) large HDTVs. VIP memberships also include:
• A personalized, secure, humidity-controlled cherry locker to store cigars on the premises.
• VIP cigar lounge access for the member and a guest.
• Free cigars every month (1 or 2 depending on locker size).
• 10% discount on retail purchases (cigars, cutters, lighters, humidors, etc.).
• Access to members-only events like tastings, happy hours, wine specials, and socials.
• Priority notification on new arrivals and specials.
• Discounted rates available for 1-year or 2-year leases.

Some restrictions include:
• All members and guests must be 21 or older.
• There is a maximum of 2 people per 12×12 locker or 4 people per 12×24 locker.
• No products that violate federal or state law may be placed in the locker.
• Management reserves the right to open any locker for maintenance or inspection.
• Management has the right to revoke leases for policy violations.
• The Toasted Foot Lounge reserves the right to close the VIP cigar lounge for private events.

The final space is the custom-made humidor, crafted from the finest grade Spanish cedarwood. The humidity level is kept precisely between 67-72% at all times using a state-of-the-art, computer-controlled, humidification system. It holds an enormous stock that will even impress the most distinguished aficionado. New additions to the humidor are regularly posted on Instagram. Following them is strongly encouraged.

This local cigar lounge keeps it casual as they foster a pressure-free environment. Patrons are encouraged to browse, have a seat, and enjoy a pairing from the bar. Free Wi-Fi is available for all.

One visit to the lounge and it is easy to see why people enjoy their memberships. Members can look forward to events like wine and whiskey tastings, “pairings of the month”, seminars on blending, and free giveaways. These updates are regularly made on social media.

Customers can enjoy the comfort of their local cigar lounge in a socially distant way. The space is over 2000 square feet and has plenty of room for distancing.

Visit The Toasted Foot cigar lounge at 20845 Callaway Village Way 2A, Callaway, Maryland 20620. Go to the website at Check out the online store at Follow them on Instagram @TFLounge.

Media Relations
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Perrin Conferences Announces Line Up of 2021 Virtual and National Live Conferences

Perrin Conferences plans familiar and new virtual and live litigation conferences and seeks speakers and sponsors in all areas of litigation interests.

While this year is again expected to be unpredictable, Perrin Conferences is working with the best speakers in the industry to provide the highest caliber of virtual and live litigation conferences.”

— Lynnsey Perrin, President & CEO of Perrin Conferences

WAYNE, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, January 27, 2021 / — Perrin Conferences, the leading national provider of joint plaintiff/defendant litigation conferences and webinars for over 12 years, has announced its lineup of 2021 virtual and live conferences. From the highly attended Cutting Edges in Asbestos Litigation Conference to the popular Opioid, Environmental, Food & Beverage, and Construction Defect Litigation Conferences, Perrin will offer CLE/CE accredited educational and networking events for everyone in the litigation field.

“While this year is again expected to be unpredictable, Perrin Conferences is working with the best speakers in the industry to provide the highest caliber of virtual and live litigation conferences,” said Lynnsey Perrin, President & CEO of Perrin Conferences.

Perrin Conferences is always seeking new speakers and topics to present at conferences and webinars. Submissions for speaking opportunities are accepted on a rolling basis.

Sponsorships are also available, and Perrin Conferences provides a variety of creative marketing opportunities to those interested in reaching their targeted market of in house counsel, defense and plaintiff attorneys, insurance executives, claims adjusters, risk managers, experts and more.

Scheduled conferences include:

• Coverage and Litigation Issues Surrounding Sexual Harassment, Assault and Abuse Claims Conference (March 2021)
• Cutting Edge Issues in Asbestos Litigation Conference (June 2021)
• Opioid Litigation Conference (June 2021)
• Environmental Risk Litigation Conference (June 2021)
• Mid-Atlantic Asbestos Litigation Conference (July 2021)
• National Asbestos Litigation Conference (September 27-29, 2021, San Francisco)
• Food Beverage Litigation Conference (October 2021)
• Construction Defect Litigation Conference (November 10-12, 2021, Fort Lauderdale)
• New York Asbestos Litigation Conference (December 2021)

In addition to national conference and webinar offerings, Perrin Conferences helps plan CLE/CE accredited legal training, education and networking programs for law firms, legal associations, insurance companies, and consulting/expert firms.

For more information about speaking opportunities, training programs, event sponsorships, and to register for any our upcoming conferences, please visit or contact Lynnsey Perrin.

About Perrin Conferences
The leading national provider of joint plaintiff/defendant litigation conferences, Perrin Conferences offers comprehensive and specialized CLE/CE accredited programs both virtual and live in an atmosphere of learning, networking, and sharing. Bringing together preeminent national talent in specialty legal fields, Perrin Conferences ensures its conferences deliver innovative content, networking opportunities and career development. Attendees gain insights that cannot be found anywhere else. Follow the latest news from Perrin Conferences on LinkedIn at or Twitter @PerrinConf. For more information on the company and upcoming conferences please visit

Amy Williams
Perrin Conferences
+1 908-612-3586
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Wing Feast

Family Meal Burger Pack

Pre-Order Your Big Game Feast Now Through February 3

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES , January 27, 2021 / — From party-sized packages to a la carte offerings, Firebirds Wood Fired Grill has football fans covered with its pre-order Big Game Feasts. Pre-ordering is available online now through Wednesday, Feb. 3 and guests may pick-up orders on Feb. 6 and 7.

“We’re offering a variety of pre-prepared Big Game Feasts to celebrate football’s biggest day in a deliciously memorable way, so let us make game day easy – and delicious – for you and your friends,” Firebirds CEO Mark Eason.

Pre-order Firebirds’ Big Game Feast packages that serve 6-8 people and enjoy game day favorites such as chili con queso with chips, chicken wings, BBQ Kobe meatballs, deviled eggs a dessert tray and more. A la carte options are available for pre-order as well. All items come prepared and ready to re-heat.

Guests may also order cocktails, including the restaurant’s signature Double Black Diamond Martini, ToGo from the FIREBAR® at participating locations.

Guests may also order a special game day family meal, available ToGo curbside and delivery, which serves 4-6 people. Available starting Feb. 4, it includes such packages as the Rib Family Meal, Super Bowl Burger Pack and the Hot Dog Super Bowl.

Visit to order online or call a Firebirds near you.


About Firebirds Wood Fired Grill

Firebirds Wood Fired Grill, a contemporary-polished restaurant, is an energetic twist on the traditional grill featuring a boldly flavored, classic American menu in an inviting, fire-centric atmosphere. Signature menu items include hand-cut, aged steaks and fresh seafood hand-fileted in-house and seared over locally sourced hickory, oak or pecan wood in Firebirds’ scratch kitchen and exposed wood-fired grill. The open, stylish, enticing décor incorporates wood-fired themes and entertaining spaces, such as the outdoor patio with seasonal comforts and the award-winning FIREBAR®. Popular specialties include Wine Down Mondays, happy hour, artisan cocktails, craft beer, bourbon, after dinner drinks and Firebirds’ private label wine. In keeping with its mission, “To Serve, Enrich and Exceed,” Firebirds supports ever-growing sustainability efforts throughout its restaurants and partners with Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, with more than $2 million raised for childhood cancer research through the sale of fresh-squeezed lemonade. Visit to become a member of Firebirds’ Inner Circle, make an OpenTable reservation or order ToGo online.

Casey Cargle
Rountree Group
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Professor Dennis Nicolle Ousting Fast Food

Professor Dennis Nicolle with Nominated Australian of the Year Robbie Merritt

Professor Dennis Nicolle with Nominated Australian of the Year Robbie Merritt

Australian Professor says more of us are becoming healthier every day all over the world as we fight Covid.

MELBOURNE, VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA, January 27, 2021 / — "Australia is no longer losing the battle of the bulge over other countries ", Says a very delighted and outspoken Professor Dennis Nicolle from Melbourne Australia.

“Our country was ahead in this battle for decades , but now the country that gave us fast food , is winning the title of most unfit, ” says Professor Dennis Nicolle one of Australia’s most accredited Health and Nutritionist and nine times published author of the best seller series ‘Think and Grow Healthy’.

Professor Nicolle went on to say, “The surprise when speaking to people about health and nutrition in Australia what was awfully popular was to eat more for less no matter how unhealthy it might be," said Professor Nicolle who went on to say, "No one likes being overweight or unhealthy but many wouldn’t hesitate to buy a $5 meal that is made up of a burger, fries and a coke and do the same again a few hours later." Professor Nicolle explained that Covid lock-downs, isolation and curfews in Victoria as locals experienced several waves of Covid-19 outbreaks and border closures may have increased the level of mental health issues but Aussies are battlers and have learnt to be healthier.

Professor Nicolle stated, "It's Your body, your mind, your spirit that leads you to a very poor state of health?”

A common question asked to Professor Nicolle at his University lectures is … “I don’t know why I’m overweight?” The general consensus according to Professor Nicolle to this question and similar is… “People want to be slim, but their food choices lead them to be otherwise. They want to be healthy, but their lifestyles lead them to be unfit and unwell."

After spending several hours with Professor Nicolle, I got to understand his enthusiastic focus on diet is making changes to many throughout Australia . Professor Nicolle explained ,“what fears lead you and prevent you from not changing what passes your lips is simply habit."

Simple rules to changing your lifestyle and eating habits can be found in Professor Nicolle’s latest book ‘Having Actions Belying In Thought’ available on Amazon. It has been said, that without your health all else is lost and after my interview with Professor Nicolle it was clear that he is very outspoken and won’t hold back about Australia no longer being the chubbiest country in the World. Professor Nicolle said, "habits that keep you overweight, are habits you most likely want to change. If not, you’re in trouble or there is much trouble ahead of you, regarding your health that will affect every part of your life and those who may depend on you."

Professor Nicolle is urging Australians to keep on track with the remarkable health regime most have turned to while in lock-down due to Covid-19 restrictions and urge fellow Australians to not mirror the fast food trends of what he now refers to as a plague of 'Obese Nations' and stay focused on fitness.

Robbie Merritt
Poseidon Films
+61 434 003 088
email us here

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