Britain Loves Baking – Acquires Majority Stake in Bakeware Start-Up

Britain Loves Baking announced it has acquired the early stage startup, The Bakers Bundle, just 3 months after its founder provided part of the seed capital

I know we’ve found the right partner for our next phase of growth. We want to keep this category exciting by creating the best and most innovative bakeware and inspiring baking boxes at amazing prices”

— greg wixted

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, May 7, 2021 / — Today Britain Loves Baking announced it has acquired the early stage start up, The Bakers Bundle, just 3 months after its founder provided part of the seed capital to get the project off the ground.

The idea for The Bakers Bundle came about when its founders, who trained as chefs and food production managers, tried to source professional quality chocolate making kits. Sounds easy? But in real life, a nightmare. They ended up buying the individual components from 5 different sources. Which took a week to arrive and cost over £100. All this to make some chocolate. They realized that this is the problem that home bakers face. They have the “software” – the recipes, and ingredients; but not the “hardware” to get started.

By combining the recipe and pre weighed ingredients expertise of Britain Loves Baking, with a range of quality home and professional bakeware and free delivery 6 days a week, they have make it convenient for consumers, to buy and create delicious baked and sweet treats as soon as their bundle arrives the next day or same day within the M25. And by sourcing their bakeware direct from manufacturers and producing a Limited range at scale, customers get great quality bakeware at the best value and at times up to 70% cheaper than the major retailers.

So that chocolate making kit that was over £100, was the first in the range and has become their Chocolatiers Bundle Box, not at £24 a box. And yes, that is not just the kit, it’s all the ingredients and 10 chocolate making booklet developed by Britain Loves Baking.
Other Baking Bundles in the range include:
– The Bakers Bundle, 23-piece Bakeware set & 6 Real Bread Recipes and pre weighted ingredients. – £57.00
– The Junior Baker’s Bundle, 25 Piece Kids Bakeware set & Cupcakes Cookies Baking Box – £49.00
– The Cake Makers Bundle, 23-piece cake bakeware, tools and Gin & Tonic Celebration Baking Box – £81.99
– Deluxe Baker Bundle & 35 piece set & 20 Bakes Family Box
– The Ultimate Baker Bundle – 50 piece set & 30 Bakes Family Box
Founder and CEO Britain Loves Baking, Greg Wixted said “I know we’ve found the right partner for our next phase of growth. We want to keep this category exciting by bringing bakers the best and most innovative bakeware and inspiring baking boxes at amazing prices. By bringing buying, e-commerce, manufacturing and product development expertise in-house we will champion innovation and ensure the conversion of the premium baking category to online is irreversible.”

Over the coming month the team will redesign the Ireland Loves Baking site to incorporate The Bakers Bundle offering and their B2B e-commerce solution and ranges included a mixed SME 60 days credit i Independent Grocers, Delis and Food Halls, for more information visit HTTPS://THEBAKERSBUNDLE.COM


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Marley Spoon commits to 100% renewables by 2022

Marley Spoon, the meal kit delivery company, is committing to 100% renewable energy by the end of 2022.

SYDNEY, NSW, AUSTRALIA, May 7, 2021 / — Marley Spoon (ASX:MMM), the meal kit delivery company, is making the switch to 100 per cent renewable electricity in Australia by the end of 2022. One of Australia’s fastest-growing retailers already reached the milestone of operating carbon neutral earlier this year and is revealing its sustainability goals for the future. 

The company’s sustainability objectives for the next five years will focus on four priority areas – carbon reduction, packaging, sustainable sourcing, and food waste. 

“Taking action to minimise our impact on the planet cannot be delayed any longer,” said Marley Spoon Australia CEO, Rolf Weber. “At Marley Spoon, we are committed to significantly decreasing our carbon impact across our operations. Since our launch, we’ve tried to consciously grow without further increasing our footprint and are continuously implementing actions to measure, reduce, and where necessary, offset that footprint.

“Our customers are vocal about their experience with Marley Spoon, and one of our most common pieces of feedback is around packaging and sustainability. It's an issue that affects everyone and customers expect best practices, so we aim to deliver.”

A 2019 study from University of Michigan researchers found that meal kits have a much lower overall carbon footprint than the same meals purchased at a grocery store, despite having more packaging. Average greenhouse gas emissions were one-third lower for meal kit dinners than the store-bought meals when every step in the process—from the farm to the landfill—was considered, according to the study. Now the company is aiming to make further advances in its sustainability commitments and promise to customers. 

Carbon reduction and offsetting
The renewables commitment is highlighted by the meal kit company’s new Sydney fulfilment center, which is powered by renewable energy. The new 14,200 square metre space within Charter Hall’s Wetherill Park development allows for triple the production capacity of the meal kit company, while having a lower carbon footprint. The meal kit company insisted on a 500kw solar power installation on the roof of the new facility to help meet that dramatic decrease in emissions. The typical Australian home uses 3.3-6 kw solar panels.

To counterbalance emissions and reduce their overall environmental impact, Marley Spoon is working with accredited CO₂ offset partner, ClimatePartner, on projects that support the company’s sustainability mission and meet international certification standards set by programs like Verra and Gold Standard for the Global Goals. Through the partnership with ClimatePartner, Marley Spoon is contributing to projects that plant trees in Venezuela and Uruguay, and that provide families in Zambia with clean-burning, efficient cookstoves.

Rolf Weber said: “To date, we've planted over 44,000 trees in Venezuela and Uruguay, supporting the absorption of CO₂ from the atmosphere. We've also distributed 4,000 clean, efficient cookstoves to families in Zambia, who would otherwise be cooking over open fires that cause respiratory and environmental damage by releasing greenhouse gases and soot.

Packaging is a vital part of each box, ensuring ingredients stay fresh. However, Marley Spoon is setting the goal to have all packaging in each box be curbside recyclable by the end of 2025. Currently any soft plastic packaging in a box can be taken to a RedCycle drop off point for example at Woolworths stores. As the network of appropriate recycling facilities and understanding of soft plastic recycling increases, Marley Spoon is working to create solutions that make the process simple and convenient for all Australians.  

Marley Spoon is a member of the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO), which has recognised the company as a market leader in most categories, including industry leadership and delivering outcomes to improve packaging. These recognitions take into account packaging and recycling milestones both in the box and at Marley Spoon’s production facilities. Last year, the company worked with suppliers to replace all shipments of food in cardboard boxes to crates. Nearly 600,000 crates are now being used in rotation amongst suppliers, completely removing single-use packaging from the supply chain.

Sustainable sourcing
Marley Spoon has a ‘local first’ policy and works with local farmers and suppliers wherever possible. The policy means that any new ingredients added to the menu need to be made or grown in Australia. The only time internationally produced ingredients feature in a Marley Spoon box is due to the high quality of certain products from their native regions, e.g coconut milk, chipotle chillies, and gochujang.

In 2020 Marley Spoon began a partnership with Ardmona Tomatoes, reducing the carbon emissions created by international imports, creating new opportunities to serve customers more of Australia’s best, sustainably grown produce and supporting the Australian economy.

Every element is taken into consideration when engaging with potential suppliers, including water, energy, soil management, diversity, carbon footprint and animal welfare. Since launching, Marley Spoon has only served free-range chicken as part of the Better Chicken Commitment, which aims to drive the food industry towards higher welfare practices.

Food waste
Marley Spoon is a retail leader in reducing food waste. The unique supply chain of meal kits means the company orders what they need to fill customer orders, meaning there is no over-ordering and less than 1% of food is wasted and anything that isn’t delivered to customers is donated to food rescue organisation OzHarvest. Last year 325,000kg of food was donated to OzHarvest, providing almost 1 million meals to underserved communities. 
As the company has grown over the past 6 years, it has managed to maintain the rate of less than 1% waste despite increasing the number of orders in 2020 by more than 90%. The incredible result flows both ways as customers receive only the ingredients they need for each meal, so there is no food waste for customers or at the source. 

Rolf continued: “Being a sustainably conscious company is more than just recycling and reducing waste; being a sustainable business or organisation is all about consistently improving. Our business model already helps customers easily act sustainability through reducing food waste and working with sustainability-focused suppliers. As we grow we need to continue to ensure we’re delivering a product that not only fills a need in their lifestyle, but also allows them to easily live their lives sustainably.” 

“I am a member of Leaders for Climate Action, which I take seriously as an individual and as a business leader. It’s on all of us to contribute and make a difference, so we encourage our teams to find new solutions to a very old problem. We are working closely with our partners like APCO and OzHarvest to ensure that we’re not only making positive changes in our business and for our customers but also the wider global community.”

Jonas Tobias
Marley Spoon
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ActualConversion launches new 'Custom Activities' feature to make '360 marketing view' possible for SMB's

On and Offline activities in one view

On and Offline activities in one view

Through the new Custom Activities feature SMBs can now log, track and score the performance on any activity, including PR, Trade Shows & In-Store promotions.

Making business intelligence easy has always been my mission, and making it possible for a 360 view of on and offline is key for every business. ”

— Adrian Pike – CEO

MONTREAL, QUEBEC, CANADA, May 6, 2021 / — Earlier this week, ActualConversion Inc. announced the launch of their 'Custom Activities' module. This completely new element makes it possible for any business to log, score, track and plan the future of any activity outside of the directly managed digital activities.

"Historically, tracking in-store promotions, trade shows, awards, PR etc has been extremely difficult for any business, especially SMBs… But we managed to find a way to not only log them into our insights platform, but to be able to score them and see their performance alongside all other traditional online activities" said Adrian Pike – CEO

The module includes multiple new areas such as a 'traditional' calendar view, activity card view and input and editing forms for the activities themselves.

"When an activity is completed, it will now appear on the 'Home Dashboard' alongside all other channels activities giving for the first time a simple and easy to understand 360 view of all the marketing activities in one location – Continues Pike.

The new 'Custom Activities' module is currently available for free to all users of the ActualConversion Turnkey Solution.

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Demo of Custom Activities

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Virtual Engineering Meetings for Graphalloy® Bushing Solutions

Eric Ford, VP of Sales & Marketing for Graphalloy®

Eric Ford, VP of Sales & Marketing for Graphalloy®

Due to travel restrictions, these meetings have been a productive way to “visit” customers and help engineer upgrades to the Graphalloy bushing material

YONKERS, NY, UNITED STATES, May 6, 2021 / — Graphite Metallizing Corporation, the manufacturer of self-lubricating GRAPHALLOY® bushing materials, announces virtual engineering meetings for customers who need bearing/bushing solutions in tough pumps, conveyors, ovens, and other extreme applications.

During the past year, Eric Ford, VP of Sales & Marketing for Graphalloy, has been promoting virtual meetings with global sales reps unable to visit customers in-person due to Covid-19 restrictions. The sales reps and customers have responded very positively.

“We are conducting multiple meetings per week now, all over the world,” says Eric. “This solution allows us to present a graphic overview of the Graphalloy product line, including successful applications, while our engineers answer any of the customer’s technical questions regarding design considerations.”

“These virtual meetings benefit our customers by allowing various members of our support team to participate, while the customer can invite multiple members of their team, from various locations, to attend at the same time. It’s much more dynamic and detailed than simply sending emails back and forth. Overall, it creates a great environment to discuss the customer’s various bearing needs and offer Graphalloy solutions that can meet those needs.”

Graphalloy Bushings offer solutions in places where traditional bearing lubricants will not work, including high temperature applications, clean environments, submerged operation applications, and more. The Graphalloy material is self-lubricating, non-galling, and can withstand temperatures from -400°F (-240°C) to +1000°F (+535°C). These qualities also make it a solution for pump bushings and wear rings, especially in low lubricity service and in pumps where dry start, dry running, or flashing are issues.

Graphalloy, a graphite-metal alloy, is available in over 100 grades with specific properties that meet a wide range of engineering solutions and specifications. Graphalloy bearings have operated for 20 years and longer in some applications. Common applications for Graphalloy bushings include pumps, wastewater, ovens, dryers, dampers/louvers, kilns, conveyors, submerged, and more.

FDA acceptable grades of Graphalloy are available for use in food service equipment. NSF® and WRAS grades of GRAPHALLOY material are also available for use in municipal well pumps and water treatment plant applications.

To discuss your application further with Graphalloy sales engineers, contact sales(at)graphalloy(dot)com. For more information about Graphite Metallizing and its products, please visit us online at or call +1-914-968-8400.

Eric Ford
Graphite Metallizing Corporation
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Pure Food Company Now Offering a Free Guide to Improving Gut Health Naturally

An industry leader in products made from real, organic, plant-based food is giving away a free gut health guide.

ROCHESTER, MICHIGAN, UNITED STATES, May 6, 2021 / — Pure Food Company announced today that it is now offering a free guide to help men and women improve gut health naturally..

"Discover four proven strategies for improving your gut health and creating long-term, sustainable changes to your microbiome and, in turn, your overall health," said Scott Christ, owner of Pure Food Company.

Christ explained that the free guide shows individuals how to breathe, move, exercise, and sleep better to create long-term, sustainable changes to one's microbiome and, in turn, their overall health and wellness.

The Pure Food Company, which received recognition as a Five-Star Warrior Airdrop Partner from an organization called HeroGrown for donating over 3,000 bottles of CBD products (worth $250,000, in MSRP value) to help veterans in need, is inviting anyone interested to get a free copy of the guide today.

Scientists, according to Christ, say that our gut houses upwards of 70 percent of our immune system.

"When we're at our optimal health, this immune organ works in peak performance like an efficient fighting machine," Christ revealed, before adding, "However, when our body is under long-term assault from toxic substances, invading bacteria, or injury, our immune system can interrupt normal processes and change how well we regulate our sleep cycle."

For more information, please visit and


About Pure Food Company

As a small, family-owned business trying to compete with mega-corporations who put profits over health, we believe what wins hearts and minds is when products (and the people behind them) are REAL. That's why all Pure Food products are made from real, organic, plant-based food instead of chemicals and junk your body (and our planet) doesn't need.

We use a powerful blend of proven, antioxidant-rich, superfood ingredients that support GI health and immunity.

Contact Details:

PO Box 80882
Rochester, MI 48308
United States

Scott Christ
Pure Food Company
+1 877-692-2381
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Marvelous Foods launches China’s first plant-based coconut yogurt store on Tmall

China snacking startup launches Tmall flagship store for Yeyo, China’s first plant-based coconut yogurt with no added sugar, artificial flavors and sweeteners.

BEIJING, CHINA, May 6, 2021 / — China plant-based snacking company Marvelous Foods has launched a Tmall flagship store for its signature product Yeyo Coconut Yogurt. Yeyo is China’s first plant-based coconut yogurt with zero added sugar, artificial flavors and sweeteners. Its Tmall store is the first-ever plant-based coconut yogurt flagship store on China’s leading e-commerce platform.

Yeyo’s product and brand design is positioned to tap into the premiumization of two rapidly growing categories, China’s USD $17 billion dollar yogurt market and USD $433 billion dollar snacking market. “We created this product to ride the trend of snacking premiumization that’s taking off in tier 1 cities in the health-conscious age of COVID-19,” says founder Christiana Zhu. “With very high new product development rates compared to other categories, snacking offers a great entry point for innovative new plant-based 2.0 products.”

The initial launch features three SKUs priced at 15RMB per 100g unit. The range includes a ‘pure’ sugar-free flavor, plus two yogurt-granola cups designed to provide a convenient and fun snack for on-the-go urbanites featuring seasonal fruit and nut granola toppings that can be added for extra flavor and nutrition.

Yeyo’s new commercial-scale product is a result of extensive formulation R&D in partnership with globally leading ingredients company DSM. “We took onboard many learnings during the artisanal stage of our product over the past years,” says Ms Zhu. “We are proud to have created something which has tested on par or above for taste versus leading dairy yogurts during focus group sessions with our key target market.”

Ms Zhu first created Yeyo to address a personal need for dairy-free, sugar-free yogurt. When Yeyo organically grew into a popular local artisanal brand in Beijing, her sister Athena left her senior management post at Heineken China to help scale it together.

Marvelous Foods received seed-stage investment from Lever VC to create Yeyo’s commercial product. The new product has already reached a revenue run rate of RMB 1.5 million after its first two weeks of launch, and the company is now seeking Pre-A investment to fuel the momentum.

“Plant-based dairy beverage sales grew 800% on Tmall in 2020, so we believe we are in for an exciting 2021. We welcome any investors that would like to tap into this green and growing opportunity in the world’s hungriest market to get in touch.”


About Marvelous Foods

Marvelous Foods is a China-based company sustainably nourishing the world's hungriest market with delicious and innovative plant-powered snack foods. It aims to take on the marvelous USD $433 billion China snacking market opportunity with fun and tasty plant-based innovation upgrades.

Its signature product, Yeyo Coconut Yogurt, is China’s first dairy-free coconut yogurt with zero added sugar, artificial flavors and sweeteners. Yeyo achieved a revenue run-rate of RMB 1.5 million within 2 weeks of launch and its Tmall store is the first-ever plant-based coconut yogurt flagship store on China’s leading e-commerce platform.

Led by Kiwi-Chinese sisters each with 10+ years of experience in China & APAC sales and marketing, Marvelous Foods first emerged out of the founder’s personal needs for dairy-alternative foods, giving the company a unique and authentic grass-roots brand story. It has received seed-stage investment from Lever VC and is now seeking Pre-A investment to fuel the momentum from Yeyo’s commercial launch. Beyond Yeyo, the company plans to bring on other product lines, including dairy-alternative and plant-based protein snacks such as meal replacements and probiotic desserts.

Media Manager
Marvelous Foods

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R4G Sponsors LA Mom to Write Story About Sweet Nicole Borota NJ Mom Entrepreneur

Nicole Borota Mom Entrepreneur Founder of Jersey Cookie Girl #jerseycookiegirl

Nicole Borota Mom Entrepreneur Founder of Jersey Cookie Girl #jerseycookiegirl

Nicole worked as an architect for 15 years, has a keen eye for design that she has brought to her cookie company #jerseycookiegirl

Nicole worked as an architect for 15 years, has a keen eye for design that she has brought to her cookie company #jerseycookiegirl

Nicole Borota Mom Entrepreneur Founder of Jersey Cookie Girl #jerseycookiegirl

Nicole Borota Mom Entrepreneur Founder of Jersey Cookie Girl #jerseycookiegirl

Girls Participate in Creative Contest Winners Land Opportunity to Work With Nicole Borota #jerseycookiegirl #seetheworldforgood

Girls Participate in Creative Contest Winners Land Opportunity to Work With Nicole Borota #jerseycookiegirl #seetheworldforgood

We Help Companies Find Talented Value Driven Professionals and Generate Proceeds to Make a Positive Impact #findtalentedprofessionals #positiveimpact #recruitingforgood

We Help Companies Find Talented Value Driven Professionals and Generate Proceeds to Make a Positive Impact #findtalentedprofessionals #positiveimpact #recruitingforgood

LA staffing agency, Recruiting for Good sponsors a "Celebrating Mom Entrepreneurs" interview by Susan Love Loughmiller of positive role model, Nicole Borota.

We're grateful for Susan's meaningful interview because it inspires girls to pursue their passion and make a positive impact in their life!””

— Carlos Cymerman, Fun Advocate+Founder, Recruiting for Good

SANTA MONICA, CA, UNITED STATES, May 6, 2021 / — Recruiting for Good (R4G) is a staffing agency helping companies find talented tech professionals and generating proceeds to make a positive impact.

Recruiting for Good sponsors LA mom Susan Love Loughmiller's interview and story of Sweet Nicole Borota, NJ Mom Entrepreneur.

According to Recruiting for Good Founder, Carlos Cymerman, "We're grateful for Susan's story about Jersey Cookie Girl Founder, Nicole Borota, because it inspires positive values. Nicole is a talented, passionate leader and role model."


Nicole Borota's story is written by Susan Love Loughmiller, a longtime activist who lives on the Westside of Los Angeles in Marina del Rey. Susan is a former journalist who has worked for numerous non-profits. Susan also worked with Carlos Cymerman at Our Moms Work, a personal community service for moms.

One More Reason to Love Jersey Cookie Girl…My name is Nicole Borota. Previously I was an architectural designer, but now I express myself through the edible art of “cookies.” I personalize the cookie making experience and love collaborating; I co-create cookies from a person’s thoughts and words. The sweet results are very exhilarating and fulfilling.

Created By Recruiting for Good Founder, Carlos, and Inspired By Nicole Borota, Girls See the World for Good is a fun and meaningful creative contest for girls who love to design what tomorrow's cities will look like. Winning entries have an opportunity to design their own cookies with Nicole Borota, owner of Jersey Cookie Girl. And Recruiting for Good will sponsor a cookie party for friends and family to celebrate the winning designer.

Since 1998, Recruiting for Good has been a purpose driven staffing company. Companies retain our recruiting agency to find talented and value driven professionals who love to use their talent for good in Engineering, and Information Technology. We're generating proceeds to make a positive impact.

Carlos Cymerman
Recruiting for Good
+1 310-720-8324
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Merit Logistics Partners with Relay Payments to Bring Efficiencies & Savings to Freight Unloading Services & Payments

Merit Logistics is a leading provider of flexible warehouse labor solutions that help our clients optimize efficiencies.

Merit transforms its carrier receivables process into one that is fully electronic with Relay Payments, in an industry still operating largely by paper check.

SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO, CA, UNITED STATES, May 6, 2021 / — Merit Logistics, a national third-party warehouse services provider, has partnered with Relay Payments, a provider of secure, instant electronic payments for the transportation and logistics industry, to exclusively accept electronic payments from carriers for its unloading services. After a successful launch, Merit Logistics is now deploying Relay Payments across its nationwide network of client distribution centers. The electronic payment solution allows Merit to run more efficient warehouse operations, accelerate door turn times, and improve throughput for their client distribution centers.

Merit has seen, in addition to saving time on the dock, how replacing paper check payments with a process that is fully electronic will enhance the profitability of their client distribution centers overall. Removing processes that rely on paper has also been welcomed by Merit customers, which include some of the largest grocery and retail chains in the country, because these Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies are increasingly focused on green/sustainability initiatives.

“Merit has joined forces with Relay Payments to streamline payments for our freight unloading services. About 80% of our carrier receivables were previously paper checks,” explains Robert Gunderson, CFO of Merit Logistics. “With the switch to Relay Payments, we will eliminate the direct costs associated with paper check payments. The multi-step manual process of handling paper checks involves phone calls, printed receipts, related expenses, and a host of issues impacting both carriers and us.”

“The savings for Merit are significant,” Gunderson continued, “The speed and efficiency of digital payments also provides a better and faster experience for carriers, helps us to optimize door cycle times, and reduces or even eliminates detention charges for our grocery and retail clients. Transitioning to a fully electronic receivables process for carrier payments has obvious benefits in all directions, and Relay Payments has made this move easy.”

With Relay Payments, drivers can pay from their cab, which enhances the safety and security of the unloading area and creates convenience and efficiencies for drivers. Relay Payments provides an instant, contactless and frictionless way for carriers to pay.

“This is an industry that has historically relied heavily on manual-based payment options to conduct business. We are pleased to partner with Merit Logistics to bring the benefits of Relay Payments to their supply chain partners and the carriers they do business with. Merit saw the clear advantages of instant, electronic payments – to their company, their clients, and the carriers they service at their client facilities,” said Craig Swidler, Director of Partnerships for Relay Payments.

About Merit Logistics, LLC
Merit Logistics is a third-party service provider based in southern California that delivers comprehensive, leading-edge warehouse services and freight handling for the nation’s leading retailers and distributors. The company offers next-generation supply chain solutions and services that are driving peak performance, throughput, and profitability for their clients. An independently owned and operated company, Merit Logistics takes pride in its culture of continual improvement and innovation leadership. Merit’s Meritrax Security division, in keeping with the company’s core values, offers distribution centers and manufacturing plants nationwide a comprehensive and technology-driven approach to security. Please visit

About Relay Payments
Relay Payments is a venture-backed fintech company building an electronic payment network in the transportation, logistics, and supply chain industries. The company creates value for its customers and partners by providing direct, instant payments in an industry historically reliant on cash and checks to conduct business.

Trusted to process more than 250,000 transactions every month, Relay is spearheading the modernization of payments, ensuring America continues to run during COVID-19 and well beyond. Relay works with the largest carriers, freight brokers, and 3PLs in the United States, ensuring their products quickly get to shelves for consumer consumption. Please visit

Bob Shade
Merit Logistics
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Rafael Marrero & Company y la cantautora cubana Lena Burke establecen colaboración conjunta

Lena Burke, portavoz de campaña de subsidios federales para pequeñas empresas

Lena Burke

Rafael Marrero

La reconocida firma de gestión empresarial y la distinguida artista unen esfuerzos para ayudar a empresarios afectados por el COVID-19 y urgidos de capital.

Ahora, con esta subvención de la SBA para el sector del entretenimiento en vivo y el de los restaurantes, unos y otros podremos retomar nuestros proyectos, y salir adelante en mejores condiciones”

— Lena Burke, cantautora cubana

MIAMI, FL, UNITED STATES , May 6, 2021 / — La firma de asesoría empresarial Rafael Marrero & Company anunció hoy el inicio de una colaboración conjunta con la cantautora cubana y ganadora del Grammy Latino Lena Burke, a propósito de los recién lanzados programas de subvenciones federales para locales de entretenimiento en vivo, así como para restaurantes y establecimientos afines afectados por el coronavirus.

«Aparte del peligro que el COVID-19 representa para la salud y la vida de cualquier persona, veo con tristeza y preocupación cómo ha afectado al mundo del espectáculo. Al igual que yo, mis colegas del sector del entretenimiento, como cantantes, actores, bailarines, representantes de artistas, grupos musicales y otros que nos movemos en este medio, hemos sido golpeados económica y emocionalmente. Muchos empezamos el 2020 con planes de presentaciones en vivo y, de un día para otro, nos vimos obligados a cancelar todo cuando declararon la pandemia», dijo la también actriz y presentadora de televisión.

Radicada en Miami, Burke no solo ha sufrido en carne propia el impacto del coronavirus en el mundo del espectáculo, sino que también ha visto cómo el COVID-19 ha perjudicado al sector gastronómico. «Miami se caracteriza por su movida artística y nocturna. Está llena de restaurantes, clubes, bares, cafeterías, puestos de comida… Todos ellos tuvieron que cerrar intempestivamente. Ahora, con esta subvención para el sector del entretenimiento en vivo y el de los restaurantes, unos y otros podremos retomar nuestros proyectos, y salir adelante en mejores condiciones», puntualizó.

La Subvención para Operadores de Locales Cerrados (SVOG) y el Fondo de Revitalización de Restaurantes (RRF), fueron recién lanzados por la Small Business Administration (SBA) para ayudar a estos sectores, ocasión en la que, una vez más, Rafael Marrero & Company estará asesorando a los pequeños empresarios.

«Como siempre, seguiremos ayudando a los emprendedores que se acerquen a nosotros. La pequeña empresa es el motor impulsor de nuestra economía, por tanto, no solo apoyaremos su crecimiento, sino que también gestionaremos su acceso al capital en momentos tan difíciles como estos», señaló el Dr. Rafael Marrero, CEO de la compañía.

Sobre la colaboración con la cantautora Lena Burke, dijo sentirse muy entusiasmado con su participación en estos esfuerzos, pues ella no solo se identifica con los obstáculos que ha enfrentado su sector, sino que, además, es una persona con una trayectoria impecable, muy querida y admirada tanto en el ámbito artístico como en la comunidad latina en general.

El asesor financiero resaltó, además, que su firma consiguió el respaldo de la Cámara de Comercio Hispana del Sur de la Florida (SFLHCC) mediante su presidenta, Liliam López. «Con el apoyo de la SFLHCC, trataremos de que resulte beneficiado el mayor número de empresarios hispanos pertenecientes a estos sectores».

La SVOG está recibiendo solicitudes desde el 26 de abril, mientras que el RRF quedó abierto este 3 de mayo. Todos los potenciales beneficiarios de ambos programas están invitados a participar.

Acerca de Lena Burke

Lena Burke es una cantautora cubana, músico, ganadora del Grammy Latino, actriz y presentadora de TV, descendiente de las artistas míticas de la canción cubana Elena y Malena Burke. En 2003, conoció a Alejandro Sanz, quien fue el artífice de su consagración musical. Cuenta con 4 nominaciones al Grammy Latino, alzándose con el gramófono al “Mejor Álbum Vocal Pop Dúo o Grupo” por su tercera producción musical como parte del trío “Alex, Jorge y Lena”.

En 2007, protagonizó la película La Mala que le valió el aplauso de la crítica especializada. En junio del 2020, fue seleccionada como Governor del Capítulo de la Florida para la Academia Americana de la Música que otorga los Grammy. En febrero del 2021, fue seleccionada como animadora invitada del show de TV “De Noche y en Compañía” que se transmite desde Miami, domingos a las 8 P. M., por AméricaTeVé, Canal 41 y ROKU.

Acerca de Rafael Marrero & Company

Con sede en Miami, Rafael Marrero & Company es una consultoría de gestión enfocada en asesorar a emprendedores sobre cómo hacer negocios con el Gobierno de los Estados Unidos. Con el Dr. Rafael Marrero a la cabeza, la firma ha sido reconocida en dos ocasiones por la revista Inc. como una de las 500 empresas privadas de mayor crecimiento de los EE. UU. y como una de las 50 mejores compañías de cultura empresarial.

Acerca de la SFLHCC

La Cámara de Comercio Hispana del Sur de la Florida (SFLHCC) es una organización sin fines de lucro surgida hace 25 años con el fin de brindarle a sus miembros diferentes vías para establecer contactos de negocio y relaciones comerciales. Con más de 1500 miembros, y bajo la dirección de su presidenta, Liliam López, es considerada como una de las cinco principales de su tipo en los Estados Unidos.

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Lena Burke acerca de las nuevas subvenciones de la SBA para restaurantes y locales de música

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Introducing Eclipse Advantage, Delivering Flexible Supply Chain Workforce Solutions

Eclipse IA, On Time Staffing and People Logistics Rebrand Under Eclipse Advantage

MELBOURNE, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, May 6, 2021 / — Eclipse Advantage, a leader in workforce solutions serving the supply chain and light industrial markets in the U.S. and Canada, today announced a company rebrand. The new parent brand, Eclipse Advantage, enables the delivery of flexible supply chain workforce solutions to the marketplace. The Company is composed of Eclipse IA, On Time Staffing, and People Logistics, and will continue serving clients under those brands, as they are presently engaged.

“The purpose of our rebrand is to ensure that we are supporting our clients with a turn-key supply chain workforce that is better for business, while also making it easy for the marketplace to engage with our solutions, whether that is a cost per unit model, an hourly model, a managed supplier program, or a custom hybrid of complementary solutions,” said Peter Westermann, chief executive officer at Eclipse Advantage. “Our three sub-brands will continue to provide scalable supply chain workforce options to help our clients meet their changing demands, especially during peak seasons.”

Since 1999, Eclipse Advantage divisions have provided customized staffing solutions for key industries that keep the economy running—from warehousing and distribution to retail, grocery, and food manufacturing. With 150 locations across the United States and Canada, the Company is able to support a wide range of clients and recruit a nationwide pool of skilled candidates, which has resulted in a network of 20,000 associates, referred to as Industrial Athletes. Their localized, on-site model enables fast ramp-up and true partnership with clients.

“A key driver of this rebrand is ensuring the supply chain and light industrial markets have options for the type of workforce they need, which can change drastically throughout the year based on peak demand and unforeseeable events,” said Brian Kares, president of Eclipse Advantage. “By simultaneously offering a cost per unit model and an hourly staffing model, we ensure the flexibility to meet labor needs throughout the year. The pandemic and its direct impact on the supply chain has proven how critical it is to react quickly to changing circumstances. A hybrid workforce solution will guarantee that the supply chain is able to meet the demands at hand.”

About Eclipse Advantage
Since 1999, Eclipse Advantage, has delivered customized workforce solutions that improve productivity and enable accountability and visibility, all without increasing labor costs, to companies from supply chain Fortune 50 to small start-ups. As a market leader, Eclipse Advantage is committed to creating a better experience for supply chain and light industrial businesses. They offer turnkey workforce solutions in three models: cost per unit productivity pay; on-site hourly staffing; and a managed supplier program, allowing clients to choose the right fit or a hybrid approach. With 150 locations across the U.S and Canada, the Company supports a wide range of clients and recruits a nationwide pool of skilled candidates, resulting in a network of 20,000 associates, called Industrial Athletes. Their localized, on-site model enables fast ramp-up and true partnership with clients. To learn more, visit or follow them on LinkedIn.

Karen Sassi
Eclipse Advantage
+1 610-883-1774

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